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October 17, 2011

Reading Memories


Although my memory of learning to read is more than a little hazy, I do recall reading to one of my parents, or with my sister most evenings before bed. At the earliest stage, mum/dad would read to us our favourite books (lots of Roald Dahl, Narnia adventures, Famous Five) where we would both join in with our favourite parts - knowing them off by heart almost! I was never an avid reader, unless it was something like the Beano or some book about football!

When I began reading for myself, the books were usually non-fiction; fact books about football, or reports on famous games/people. That is until I was introduced to the wonderful world of Harry Potter! Following that, I discovered I was successful at school in English and Drama, and became intrigued by all the books that a rather excentric teacher discussed (the sort of teacher that would randomly start quoting Shakespeare or Byron!) Shakespeare then became a passion of mine, opting to read and watch his plays ahead of any other sort of text. I found I was able to link his characters to more modern characters within other texts, and enjoyed boring my dad with such details/theories!

As a young child I vaguely remember loving The BFG, but as I have said, Harry Potter really captured my imagination. This leant me towards Phillip Pullman's dark trilogy and other texts of similar sorts (I suppose I could loosely term them fantasy - Frankenstein, Van Helsing etc.)

Recently I've been reading a lot of philosophical writings due to my degree; Plato, Hume, Descartes (however I do often have a little light relief with various comedians autobiographies.) My taste is varied, and so can make choosing a book difficult, but it's usually influenced most by the mood i'm in, or what I have been recomended from friends and family.


During PP1 I was working as a TA within a Yr5 classroom. This gave me the opportunity to read a wide range of KS2 texts, although not often to the whole class. On the few occasions that I was able to do this, it centred around the play 'Olivia' (adapted from Oliver Twist) which the school was doing as their annual production. This gave me a great opportunity to explore reading techniquies, character development through voices etc. Often the children were in their seats, although sometimes I would take a small group out of the class to work on a particular scene. I was also given a couple of whole school assemblies to lead, which involved reading short stories or (on one occasion) a fable. Drawing on my past experiences gave me the confidence to read enthusiastically, and (hopefully) entertainingly - engaging the children.

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