April 28, 2005

blog virgin

feeling quite proud of myself… also a little stupid, writing to myself, or potentially anyone….

so here's some stream of consciousness esque babble…..

reading blogs is fun; i like gossip and i've discovered a good way to find out dirt bout t'union, beings no1 phusically talks to me, past civilities (or maybe i don't appear to talk back… who knows?)

i hate my phone. actually, i love him. but he is old and getting decrepit. the menu button has fallen off, he keeps crashing, and u know the noise laptops make when the fones gonna do sth? it keeps doing that, but nothing happens!

i had my last class of the year today – scary! also, kinda sad….. don't think i'll see any of those people again, and there were some pretty cool cats there!

anyway, i should now be writing notes for what i've read today…. but i'll prolly go to bed instead. it was interesting, but still…. btw, is it a bad thing to read a whole chapter and then write notes? should i stop more often?

if anyone does actually read this, add a comment so that i know!

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