February 09, 2007

Worcester Sauce (tangy) Twiglets

Follow-up to Marmite from Planned Random Action

After an unusually high number of responses to my marmite thread talking about worcester sauce (tangy) twiglets I’ve decided to try and follow up what has happened to them.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Jacob’s Twiglets are baked wheat snack flavoured with yeast extract (marmite). A few years ago (possibly anywhere up to 10 years) Jacob’s released 2 new flavours of twiglets: Worcester Sauce (which later became Tangy Worcester Sauce) and one that I seem to remember being more garlic and herb flavoured. The latter flavour seemed to disappear fairly quickly as it was probably the case that nobody liked them.

The Worcester Sauce Twiglets were generally well accepted by people and stayed around for a bit longer.

Unfortunately these have also disappeared from shop shelves. Searching the internet has also yielded very few references about them (strangely this blog generally coming out top on google searches).

The only clue to their continued existance is from a tin of Twiglets from Christmas 2006. On the side there is a small panel listing some other products. Included is the Tangy Worcester Sauce Twiglets.

Do you know what happened to Worcester Sauce Twiglets? Have you found any for sale? Can we bring them back?


January 03, 2006


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