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March 06, 2007

Los Campesinos! Sky Larkin, Birmingham Barfly 2/3/07

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Los Campesinos! Sky Larkin, Birmingham Barfly 2/3/07
5 out of 5 stars

Los Campesinos! and Sky Larkin

Birmingham Barfly

Friday 2nd March

5 out of 5

After walking through torrential rain to reach the Barfly, support band Sky Larkin are just what I need - summery, playful, and, quite simply, breathtaking. With their saccharine sweet, simple melodies creating the ultimate power-pop, comparable to nothing you have heard before. Combine this with a charismatic front woman capable of stealing Kate Jackson's coveted indie heroine crown, it becomes clear that Sky Larkin are set to cause a stir on the indie scene. From the fairground, carousel melodies of 'Keepsakes' to the Karen O infused vocals of 'Somersault notes,' tonight's set proves that the Leeds scene has more to offer than the Kaiser Chiefs.

Headliners Los Campesinos! are yet another product of the Myspace generation who have found themselves surrounded by hype, and this time it is to be believed. They provide a beautiful, playful simplicity whilst mingling together a myriad of different sounds - twisted guitars, xylophones and violins, think a mixture of the Go! Team and The Polyphonic Spree with a younger edge. The Magic Numbers-esque boy/girl harmonies set this off perfectly, proving that LC! aren't just your ordinary ten-a- penny alternative band.

'It's you, its me, we're dancing' is the show stopper here - a stomper of a track with catchy hooks, shouty lyrics and a hugely energetic performance. Each track is a sparkling gem, twee without being annoying. The only thing lacking here is a little more audience interaction, but this is what LC! are all about - no nonsense, honest punk pop. Perfect.

Yes I am a Witch – review week 9

3 out of 5 stars

3 out of 5

This ironically titled album is Ono's first release since her not-so successful collaboration on the Beatles's 'Love', and needless to say it is much more credible. Here sees a reworking of Ono's hits in a series of collaborations with the indie elite, albeit with varying levels of success. They best tracks are those that take Ono's tracks in a new direction, as pop funk collaboration with Shitake Monkey proves. Cat Powers simple melody and vocals on 'Revelations' are nothing short of spine tingling, yet some tracks simply fail to impress. Anthony of Anthony and the Johnsons simply fails to make the most of his vocal range in 'Toyboat' ,whilst electro infused tracks from Peaches and Le Tigre make a laudable effort yet lack substance. For some this album will prove to be a little too pretentious, yet for some it will no doubt be proven an unlikely pleasure.

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