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January 11, 2006


its a pity blogs couldnt finish after the titles cos i quite like my original ideas for titles i just think what follows is shit but thats alright- cos i do mathematatics. (say it out loud it makes it sound nearly cool)
so at the moment, i'm having a bad week- i smashed my shot glass, i have 4 separate cuts on my hands- how????? not from the glass 1 was a tin lid others i dont know.
today was not gd but too early to explain
iand yet my life is fucking wonderful compared to most- why do humans complain- i dont see the benefit oh wait why popped up again i think its my nemesis- or maybe thinking is tho i dont actually know what nemesis is i think it is like cyrptonite for clark kent but i could be wrong.
just so i let off all my steam- i'm bloody injured again- well not badly i dont think but enough to really piss me off. its because i'm stubborn and all i want to do is play football- and run, swim, gym anything not involve thinking about maths or why? my dad says i get njured cos i'm not fit enough i thought that was well harsh- how can i get fitter if i keep getting injured.
my theory is my injuries are due to netball bloody stupid game- i'll explain y 1 day when im more bored.
random q: what did people do before computers ad the net?
so only 6 mins left to finish this post or the title wont make any sense.
so enough of my complete multitude, mixed, mad (alliteration) statements i'm gonna go to sleep

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