February 02, 2006


i wish….............


January 11, 2006


its a pity blogs couldnt finish after the titles cos i quite like my original ideas for titles i just think what follows is shit but thats alright- cos i do mathematatics. (say it out loud it makes it sound nearly cool)
so at the moment, i'm having a bad week- i smashed my shot glass, i have 4 separate cuts on my hands- how????? not from the glass 1 was a tin lid others i dont know.
today was not gd but too early to explain
iand yet my life is fucking wonderful compared to most- why do humans complain- i dont see the benefit oh wait why popped up again i think its my nemesis- or maybe thinking is tho i dont actually know what nemesis is i think it is like cyrptonite for clark kent but i could be wrong.
just so i let off all my steam- i'm bloody injured again- well not badly i dont think but enough to really piss me off. its because i'm stubborn and all i want to do is play football- and run, swim, gym anything not involve thinking about maths or why? my dad says i get njured cos i'm not fit enough i thought that was well harsh- how can i get fitter if i keep getting injured.
my theory is my injuries are due to netball bloody stupid game- i'll explain y 1 day when im more bored.
random q: what did people do before computers ad the net?
so only 6 mins left to finish this post or the title wont make any sense.
so enough of my complete multitude, mixed, mad (alliteration) statements i'm gonna go to sleep

January 05, 2006

three year olds

why do we drink? why do we stay up half the night even though we have a nine oclock and have to do some exercise? is it because we cant cope or are depressives or is it just that 3 year olds r the cleverest people on the panet when they say why?

why does alcohol give a headache? why do we do 53 exams in 3 years just pleases our perfect minds? maybe i understand the point of blogs/ or diaries even though blogs r diaries of a call for help? it all seems so pathetic when we have the ability and capabilities to do so? hat help do we need or more better deserve? i shall prob. delete this in the morning but so is life. all i can say is i havent improved from a 3 year old of simply why?????

January 01, 2006

& then

so winter holidays are soon to end- they were too short too say the least or maybe i just like my home comforts- london is a wonderful place.
xmas was gd, went for my ritual xmas day run, which was lovely and my knee seems to have nearly completely mended. got a few new things in the sales- thanks dad. some nice and useful presents, inc. 2nd series 24 from my bro so i cn waste away another 24 hrs watchin a shit totally unbelievable american drama.
i watched loads of films over xmas some gd but some v. bad: i watched eyes wide shut which wasnt that gd and a spanish film cant remember name of which was gd. then there was bravados and sherlock holmes, eiger sanction (sorry about shit spelling) and man of fire- none of which are particularly reccommendable.
then there was new year which was gd and then to come my farewells to london and my return up north for a 3hr exam- why would any1 do maths- no why do they have to work maths students so much- for the non-geniuses amongst us its too much work.
so whats to come, drinking, working, finding somewhere to live next year, football maybe a bit of swimming and running well we will see.
can i think of anything interesting to say no as per usual.

December 21, 2005

Uni to Home

So firstly, arsenal may be doing shit at the mo- which undoubtly we r but i have had 7 years of the best football the world has ever seen and thats not an exaggeration, so we shouldn't really complain.
i'm home which has been surprisingly gd, still seem to get on with my parents- always will- weird huh, though they did go off to the isle of wight. i spent 5 straight nights out which was tiring but my boyfriend came which was great to spend some time together- time is hard to find since he has a real job! my london friends seem to be really happy and i am so jealous of the ones who r off travelling shortly- i really want to see the world can't wait to take a gap year when i finish uni. i think i want to work abroad yet i'm so shit at languages that might be difficult- i struggle enough with english!
i worked out my 3hr exam which is on my first day back at uni in new year is 2% of my whole degree- how scary! and really can't be bothered to doing much revision ahhhhh its in 2 weeks ah well.
nearly xmas, which i am quietly excited about for the first time in a few years- maybe its the being away from home that has done it.
can't think of any more really boring things today so will prob start writing next time i start to revise.

December 02, 2005


ok firstly i have some how managed to survive my first term at uni- i don't really know how. there have been low points, great times and fucking mental occurances (generally, WWFC but kitchen not far behind). some how beyond my knowledge i managed to make a friend or 2. i didn't get completely pissed except for my first and last night (cheers harriet if u ever read this which u wont 'cos u think blogging is sad- well i agree but then again i am sad)
i've played football which i love i've done some maths which i also love plus a few other things which arent v. important.
so now i'm back home in london yeah but my knee is screwed up i dunno whats wrong but i'm in loads of pain tho i did get free ibroprofen 'cos i'm still 18 yeah
google "something" using i'm feeling lucky its v. funny well in my sad little world it is.

November 23, 2005

introduction to …

never done this before don't really know why i am doing this. the idea seems a bit weird its like a modern diary yet anyone can read it- ah well.
i want to know how to become an honorary ( i can't speel- joke) arts student 'cos then i only have to work for about 3 days a term- sounds better than having at least one test every week since year1, term 1, week1 except for 1.1.7!
football is a bloody and violent sport everytime i play i gain at least 1 ew bruise now both my left and right feet have bruises on- i'm gonna have to learn to score with my head!
unfortunately i am sure i am going to end up wasting lots of my valuable (well not really) time writing on this 'thing'. that reminds me i need to think of a better name- suggestions?

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