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October 06, 2004

Diving clubs

Writing about web page

Diving Rocks.

Err, hope this works. This is the last trip I went on with RUBSAC the Reading University British Sub-Aqua Club. The website is

I'm the bloke standing up in the far boat.

Now I at Warwick though I have joined WUSAC and went off to Leistershire for my first adventure with them at Stoney Cove last weekend. Awesome, great to be back in British waters after sunny climes. Their website is

The club meets at 7 on Thursday nights in the pool at the sports centre and as well as training for newbies we play Octopush. This is underwater hockey and it's great. come along. Also in Rootes for a few beers 9 onwards.

Dirty Knickers

Writing about web page

Hmmmm.. nice eh?

This is just a little about my summer job. I met this bloke whilst diving in Egypt and he said to me, "do you want to go round all the music festivals this summer and sell Dirty Knickers?"

I said yes. Mostly what I was doing was painting sometimes obscene Henna Tattoos on sometimes quite obscene parts of obscenely drunk girls. I also sold a few pairs of knickers. Here is a picture of my friend who raied my blood pressure a little by pole dancing whist selling her underwear, no the underwear. The photo was taken from the website wear you can order them from.

By the way the summer was madness and it seems a little strange calming down and becoming a Primary school teacher.

OOOHHH EXCITING… Just remembered more pictures should be printed in Nuts magazine Friday 7/10/04

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