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April 29, 2013


The Vietnamise war polarised opinions across the western hemisphere, anti-war movements started first in the United States of America and started gathering pace in the late 1960's. Vietnam proved to be a divisive matter for American politics and people alike, the anti-war movement garnering support from all social spheres. The protests and demonstrations ranged from peaceful and organised too extremely violent as such it was a diverse as well as unifying cause. This is why, using documents from the Modern Records centre, and secondary literature I am going to try and assess to what extent American involvement in the Vietnamese war and the anti-war movement shaped the politics of 1960's America.

Throughout the project I am going to be using skills asscociated with analysing primary documents in conjunction with secondary literature as well as experiencing my first sustained interaction with an archive. As such I am also going to document the problems asscociated with the research and the processes involved in the form of a reflective essay, published on the blog.

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