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March 24, 2005


برای دوست عزیزم کمال) ترکیب حروف اول هر خط)

کوچه ای بود و ز من خاطره ای در خود داشت
می دوید یاد تو گاهی ته آن کوچه گهی ناز قدم بر می داشت
اندکی پیش من آهسته نشسته به رخم می پائید
لحظه ای بعد به تندی به لبم بوسه تر می پاشید


There is a road that always reminds me of you
Your memory sometimes runs to the end of it , sometimes slowly walks accross
Sometimes sits beside me slowly staring into my face
And after a moment quickly pours wet kisses to my lips

24-March-2005 Warwick University

December 16, 2004

" Wish "

" Wish "
I wish I was a ring
nice and smooth
deserved to be chosen by you
to share myself in your life
like a truth

days and nights ,nights and days
to just make you happy always in all ways

you could use me in your nice party time
or you could punch to the hardship of life by me ,
even if it would break my head ,
my blue topaz crown , my knee

you could sell me one day in your rainy day
you know what I am trying to say !

and of course I will never ask you
to wear me unless you wish ,
just until the time you think I am the best
I wish you will keep me ,
your honest

and even after ,you can give me to somebody else
as a present I guess
or just to clean your room from any mess
and then I will remind them your heart with my shiny face

but I will never forget your touch on my internal skin ,
and your kisses on my body, my neck, my Chin

just I will miss you then
now and again
and again
a gain

Reza –17th Sep 2003


It must be some kind of liquid
Or it was so shattered by now

It must be so soft though
Or I need to change it somehow

It must be so deep, yes
Or from its bottom for sure
You could see my shy face

It must be so warm, right
Or I couldn’t keep you
Comfortable inside

I should pray my God
For the version of my heart




I never had believed the science
That the earth is a sphere
That the sun is without atmosphere

I never had believed the moon is cold
I never had believed what I was told
That a cold and a hot point
Can make a wind by their joint

Until ,...
Until I felt the storm
When my cold life and your heart
Made my soul so much warm

University of Warwick



Perhaps your room has many signs from me,
Music, books , flowers ,mails, A to Zee
Point to point ,part to part
But there are much more signs from you
All my soul all my heart

Reza- May 2003

I have cleaned my room again

I have cleaned my room again
I have cleaned my room again
On the level, so pitiless

Music tapes, selected magazines
Even my grandpa’s photo,

Sailor of a war-time submarine

I have cleaned my room again
I don’t like any mess

My black shoes from my wedding
Her crown, her velvet gloves

And her expensive white dress

I have cleaned my room again
Now I like everything the less

Who can have fun to play alone
With many cards, or fantasy chess?

I have cleaned my room again
I hope no body would call the press

Because I threw myself again
From myself toward loneliness

Reza-22th July-2004
University of Warwick
With Special thanks to Dave Graham



I have lost my pen (type of donation)
Did anyone find it? (I was in practice around the junction)
If so, please return it

Hang on, hang on
I also have lost my mind (full of expectation)
Did anyone find it? (with an attention)
If so, please turn it (any direction)
Then a bit burn it (better suggestion?)
but for God’s sake don’t don’t return it

I know how to read
I know how to write
I know how to jump
I know how to dive

I know how to be
Without you,





You are a bolt ,I am a nut
you came through me ,we turned a lot

I twist on you ,down to top
though never it was so very tight

I'm from Iron ,you're from velvet
but never my touch ,did you any cut

we are not the same ,not even same type
we are not the best in our made type

we got the same pitch ,X marks a spot
Hugging and dancing ,tipsy tip toe top

I'm a stranger ,you live in your hut (my blinking heart)

we are moving but,
we are not
just we get hot
just we get hot

Reza-June 2003

Hey you

Hey you

Hey you, hey bird
Hey you, hey season bird
Your wings are so nice, so strong
Every time you fetch me and take me to a flight
Its just great, just great

Although you always drop me from the top point
Although is so painful, even more
Although you never know me, is for sure
Although they say “remember the flight, the season bird is going to go”

what is a lonely Tortoise wish?
Is not to fly, not to swim like a fish

what is a lonely Tortoise wish?
Hey you, hey season bird
Hey you, hey bird

(Read it from bottom to top,I think it makes more sense)

Reza- July 2003

Last minutes

Last minutes

The hour hand on my clock (hanging on the wall)
is very slow and a little bit short,
as my father , always in work
but so quiet

The minute hand on my clock
Is more active, and a bit longer
They meet sometimes as long as a minute
As I do sometimes with my father

The second hand on my clock (really is tall)
And he is jumping all the time no-stop
As my lovely son
Meets me more often
Though never it is more than one second

I can’t remember my grand grandpa
I can’t imagine my grand grandson
Just I do pray in my last minutes
They will find a life
Full of love and fun.

Reza 12/03/04
University of Warwick

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