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April 10, 2008


My life is simple
every minutes, so plain
I imagine this is not a trouble
for sure I call it a gain

every minutes perhaps is so plain
not of course a bored series like a chain
good and bad comes on turn
luck always knocks my door again and again and again

every minutes of my life is simple
every minutes of my life is a love campaign

Reza -09-04-08

September 29, 2007

Empty Hope

میرود این امان دل یاد تو می ماند و بس
درد نداردم گریز نه راه پیش نه راه پس

ناله به ناله میزنم به زخمه نغمه میزنم
نوای موسقی کنون شکسته بانگ هر جرس

چو جیغ یک شکسته گچ به تخته سیاه دل
همچو هوار مرغ شب به کنج سرد یک قفس

تمام خاطرات تو به صف نشسته تا سحر
کوچ دهم از این دیار دور کنم نفس نفس

گر چه خیال من همه گریز من زعشق توست
لیک گمانه می زنم نماندم به جز هوس

My heart’s patient is all gone; your memories are all to stay
There is no way for sorrows to go , not a way to comeback

I am humming a sad song and playing a sad tune
That goes lauder of any calling sound

It sounds on my hard heart as a broken chalk when it moves painfully on a blackboard
Or like the scream of a bird in the corner of a cold cage during night

I have put your memories in a queue; I have a plan to execute by dawn
To send all of them away, step by step by the tempo of my breath

Tough I am trying to get away from your love
But I guess; I will get only an empty hope.

29Sep- 2007
Warwick University

August 21, 2006

I am so grateful

I used to think dead would come in a secret way
  Through an enemy or a stranger
  Out of an accident in the middle of an adventure
  Falling down from a tall fall, perhaps?
  Visiting a bullet ball, maybe?
  Or by a bite of a hidden dragon baby!
In a dark dark night or end of a rainy day

I used to think dead would come in a moment and go
  In a so sharp second though
  And then The End,
I will fly away like an immigrant flamingo

I was so naive, so fool
  I can feel around the God's messenger
  Your love is so familiar; there is no enemy, no stranger
  Yes I am dying surly but so slowly,
  Like a sad tear running on cheek,
  Drop drop , stop, tick tick
  Now I feel the mixture of being beautiful and awful.
Thanks for your present to me, I am so grateful

University of Warwick
Dedicated to Yasaman

March 15, 2006

Silence of Cornpoppy

Behind the lonliness of these windows
what a row is made of my sorrows!
is any one here to open it to start a different story?
my heart is broken of this glass and so fed up of this curtain

my eyes staring on the road ,asks my heart:
"how long I have to be like this?
leaning against the wall , sitting in curse"

In my heart there is a window
in the color of silence

Reza and nobody else
Midnight 15–03-2006
University of Warwick

پشت تنهایی این پنجره ها
چه به صف آمده غمهای دلم
یک نفر نیست مگر پنجره را باز کند
قصه دیدنم آغاز کند؟

دلم از پرده به جان آمد و از شیشه شکست

چشم من خیره به راه ز دلم می پرسد
آخه باید ز کجا تا به کجا
تا به کی تکیه به دیوار در این چله نشست؟

در دلم پنجره ای رنگ سکوت است

March 03, 2006


Master key of my mind is missing
Is it with you ? tell me please
No need to return , keep it with ease
Good to keep the mind where your love is


January 31, 2006



Once upon a time
My mom gave me wise words
The one who is wealthy
The one who has a lot
is not as generous as the one who is poor
Who gives away something , even small
in a hot or rainyday , with a smile

Now at this time
I am puzzled by this question
The question that sometimes makes me quiet
Sometimes drives me mad

Your honor God,the ones who are unneeding
I am asking you
Are you or mankind the generous one?

روزی چند دیر هنگام
مادرم پندی به یادم داد
آنکه می بخشد زمالامال
آنکه دارد هر چه را بسیار
نیست بخشنده چو محتاجی و پردردی که می بخشد
به روز گرمی و سردی
کمی یا اندکی از هر چه را دارد به لبخندی

حال در این روز این هنگام
مانده ام وامانده در پرسش
که می آید به یادم
گاه می سازد مرا خاموش
گاه می راند به فریادم

ای خدای بی نیاز از هیچ
کیست بخشنده تو یا آدم؟

Reza- Warwick University

November 12, 2005


My voice is missing
come and let me sing
Who can sing a song
just about missing?


October 21, 2005



صبر کن آهسته رو اینجا چه تنها مانده ام
صبر کن آهسته رو از قلب تو جا ماند ه ام
صبر کن آهسته رو دیگر نمی بینی مرا
در میان های و هو بی هوی و بی ها مانده ام

(Translation from Persian)

  • Departure*

Wait , step slowly , how lonely I am left.
Wait, step slowly , out of your heart I am left .
Wait, step slowly , you wont see me anymore
Between noises , how silent , breathless , I am left.


September 17, 2005

Your touch is a poem

Your touch is a poem
Its Monday again , its again Monday
I am back to work , oh what a long day

Its so hard to concentrate when your heart is not there
Its so hard to operate when your mind is nowhere

Its Monday again , its again Monday
I am back to work , but on her runway

My feet have come with me , my hands did the same
My touch is in her room, my soul never came

Its Monday again oh God is it Monday?
Who is kissing me though she does it this way.
Her touch is a poem , what else I could say.
I need to go back home I don't feel ok.

Xiaohua -Reza

University of Warwick

August 05, 2005

shiny beam

maybe its just my dream ,
a narrow light or a shiny beam
glowing drop drop like a shiny night
gloaming all my view around my sight
I am drowning slowly in your eyes
exotix like a drop of water in steam

University of Warwick

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