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November 30, 2004


November 17, 2004

Watch what you buy :FlexPlay DVD (School girlfriend/wife)

Watch what you buy :FlexPlay DVD

It’s a new type DVD that automatically blanks itself after a certain period of time. It could be quite useful perhaps for DVD- Video shops to give people a way to rent DVDs without applying for membership cards ,or copy restriction. A funny friend says FlexPlays are like school girlfriends while DVDs are like a wife!
But if you want to buy something for xmass and give it to a friend or family , make sure they wont watch it twice!.

November 15, 2004

If your windows 98 (or me or 95) fails to boot

Using an old operating system is not always bad, and sometimes its much easier to get it fixed . So if your windows 98–95-me wont boot (because of a software damage like virus , deleting files , corrupted files and so on) try to follow this recipe:

1-Boot from win98 (or 95 or me ) CD (maybe you need to change boot priority in bios) and choose “Start windows with CD-Rom support”
2- Change drive to C: and change directory to C:\windows
3- Rename to something else like : C:\WINDOWS> Ren win.old
4- Change drive to D: (your Cd-rom drive name) and change directory to D:|\Win98
(or D:\Win95 for Win95 or D:\win9x for WinMe)
5-Run Setup.exe
6- If your hard disk is not damaged , it will check the partitions and offers you a new folder to install Windows (like: windows.000) , change “Windows.000” to “Windows” and click on “next”
(if you don’t change it to “Windows” you wont lose your data but you will lose your applications and drivers.
7-Follow Setup program to the end .
Your windows is ready ! try to remove extra applications and install a good anti virus.

One day will come

یه روز میشه دوباره می آم سراغت آره
رد پا تو می گیرم تو جاده از ستاره
یه روز میشه دوباره می ام تو را ببینم
کنار بوی خوبت توی هوات بشینم
یه روز میشه دوباره برم به گیج غصه
فتیله پیچش کنم ببینی پاش شکسته
یه روز میشه دوباره بیام که نازم کنی
بوسه بهم بپاشی دوباره تازه ام کنی
یه روز میشه دوباره خیال رو قرض بگیرم
هندسه چشات شم فضا را فرض بگیرم
یه روز میشه دوباره ببینی من همونم
خدا کنه که اونروز تنها دیگه نمونم

Reza 15–Nov–2004

November 05, 2004

Silence – Pedro Abrunhosa, a Portuguese musician

Pedro Abrunhosa (, a Portuguese musician ) said:

“Silence is the ultimate form of music. In it I hide myself, I am charmed, and I sleep over the words that will come your way. Silence is my obsession, my way of listening to you. I know that you are there, you can hear me and perceive me. I know you can feel my silences. They are your silences as well.”
(with special thanks to my Friday's flower)

And I would say:

When I am not silent , you are listening to me or you pretend you are listening to me , when I am silent, you are thinking of me or not thinking of me without any pretending. I like silent then , that I am with you or I am not exist .


November 02, 2004

When you lose your mobile

About 7 years ago I was going to make an appointment for one of my relatives with a specialist ,I never knew the specialist and I never had called to that hospital so I found his number from 118 (directory search ) and I called , the secretary picked up the phone and when I said “hello , I would like to make an appointment” , she said “hello , Mr Shahrjerdi” , I was shocked ! and then I found that she was one of my students one year before , but she really had a good memory.

Last Sunday I went to Heathrow and picked up my close friend Majid (Majidovski in my story) , I took him to his hotel close to Victoria station and then we went out to eat something that I realised I have lost my mobile , so I called on my number and somebody with a particular accent asked me £100 to bring my mobile back! I offered him some money but not £100 and he refused and hang off. So , I did suspend my line.

Last night I called hotel to have a talk with my friend , and when operator answered his voice was so familiar ! the person who asked me £100 !!!! but I decided to forget it because I can not do anything to proof it. Hope he will have a good time with my mobile.

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