April 19, 2005

When you forget your password

When you forget your password:

If you are using a laptop/pc you can use many different type of passwords to secure your data (we are not talking about your data on a server/network, talking about your local data on your laptop/pc’s hard disk).

Windows passwords:
You can make an account and put safety by activating a password for your account(Control Panel /User Accounts gives you enough options do it) but remember if you make more than one accounts, the other user(s) by default will have access to the others’ data but you can change the privacy settings if your hard disk is formatted in NTFS.

  • If you forget your password there are some ways to find access to your data (e.g. using different account that has privilege or connecting your hard disk to a different pc/laptop – perhaps you need to change the ownership of folders/files using administrator account to find full access or set a new privilege).

Bios Passwords:
Depends on the type of your pc, usually there are different types of “On Boot Password” available in Bios setup configuration , in this case as soon as you power on your machine it prompts for a password.

*If you forget your password, usually there are some ways to clear the bios settings (e.g. removing RTC battery for a while, or changing a jumper , or using a loop back connection to the parallel port in some models) .

Hard disk password:
This is the most secure (and most risky type of password if you forget it), in this case , you will have option to put and enable a Hard Disk Password through the bios settings (or some applications) , the information of this password wont go on your Bios /System Board (goes to the hard disk itself) , so if you forget the password you can not clear it through Bios settings.
In this case again as soon as you power on your machine it prompts for a password.

  • If you forget this password, search on internet specifying the right model of your hard disk and if you are lucky you will find something (see link for example) and if you are not lucky, but your data are so important you can call manufacturer (of your hard disk) to find your chance that will be expensive I guess.

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  1. vahid

    khyili vaghte ke nisti!

    02 May 2005, 14:10

  2. Reza Hosseiny

    Oh .. That's much more easier than that .
    You can easily hack the admin password and log in .

    You can also find others' as well .
    Microsoft cleverness (joking) doesn't let you be disappointed any time.

    We talk about it soon ..

    30 Aug 2005, 05:54

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