October 02, 2004

Once upon a time there was a Majeed

Once upon a time there were twelve of my friends and me living together for about 6 months under one roof, all of them so very nice people with no problem whatsoever but one! Three of them had a common name: “Majeed” , so we decided to give them a funny suffix and they converted to “Majeedov” , “Majeedovski” and “Majeedovich” , that not only solved the problem also gave us some fun.

These two weeks of beginning term in the University of Warwick I am so busy (having more than 30 calls a day ) so company decided to give me a hand by calling a nice person coming everyday from London to help me and guess what ? his name is Majeed !

I told him the story and asked him to find a suffix for himself before I decide to give him one by my choice, but in the end I realised his name is Majid (or Majed) but they pronounce it Majeed ! and he had a narrow escape.

Names and alphabets are just a piece of hardware, and this is our art to make a software to bring art and fun to life and find memento in friendship.


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  1. Once upon a time, there were a lot of the same name, 'Taro and Hanako' in Japan. It was so common, even in the textbook in public school. Recently, They were disserpered for the reason of 'too classic'. People's name or villege's name will change, according to people's trend.

    02 Oct 2004, 15:03

  2. I like the saying that names are like a piece of hardware attached to you. When friends give you a nickname, then it's like this piece of hardware is updated and attached to you along with your friendship. Moreover, it requires a very good memory disk to store the stories between friends.

    05 Oct 2004, 16:50

  3. Majid Golpayegani

    we have a famous persian poem by "saadi",he says
    everyone dies but the names are remaining.
    this is very important ,good living and being famous by our aspects and efforts.
    we are HARDWARES GOD created and there are our souls such as SOFTWARES God programmed to communication and connections of these HARDWARES.
    let us reject some VIRUSES from our SOFTWARES and save our HARDWARE conectivity 99.9999 UP!

    06 Oct 2004, 06:00

  4. Majid

    Names are used to recognise people and if you have the same names like Reza has stated then it does get really funny. Some people change their names to fit into society, i know so many people who have changed their name due to jobs. What do people think of this? should you change your name to suit your needs?

    06 Oct 2004, 11:20

  5. Frank

    What is a name? If you were to call a rose a "puddle", it still smells as nice. Why not just be known for who you are.

    06 Oct 2004, 11:27

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