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October 21, 2005

lake walk

After a long time I hadnít visited the lake (behind roots and Tennis courts), I went for a walk and took some slices of breads to feed ducks. They are so lovely, if they see you are coming with food they all run from all around the lake and they wait politely.

You better make small pieces of bread, but there is a technique: donít throw the pieces one by one, because some of them are stronger and faster and pick all of them and the others just have to watch and its not fair. So keep the pieces in your hand and then throw many of them together in the air and then just watch.

Today it was so cold and rainy, and I realised they had nothing because perhaps no one walked there , so as soon as they found me it was like a rush hour , all running to me . Then I used the above technique and feed them , but I realised a big duck comes very slowly from far away left behind the others and I told myself , oh , see how lazy he/she is. But then after seconds I realised he can not walk , his/her leg was damaged and couldnít walk but he/she was trying so hard and suddenly my heart broke and I start crying (I donít know perhaps it wasnít just because of that , perhaps I was upset from something else ) but I kept last pieces for him/her. And I tried to pass these pieces to him/her , but others start hurting and biting him/her (just like we humans) but he/she found her/his destiny , just like many poor, broken people around the world.

I sat for a minute on my favourite bench (the one I sat together with my many friends, and my parents once when they visited this country) missed all of them and came back to work.

Warwick University



صبر کن آهسته رو اینجا چه تنها مانده ام
صبر کن آهسته رو از قلب تو جا ماند ه ام
صبر کن آهسته رو دیگر نمی بینی مرا
در میان های و هو بی هوی و بی ها مانده ام

(Translation from Persian)

  • Departure*

Wait , step slowly , how lonely I am left.
Wait, step slowly , out of your heart I am left .
Wait, step slowly , you wont see me anymore
Between noises , how silent , breathless , I am left.


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