September 05, 2006

What a ridiculous name

I always thought blogs were either for aspiring politicians to air their liberal lefty views on the environment, or geeks to share their love of Manga comics.
Don’t worry, I’ll spare you.
This is just a place to record thoughts on my year abroad in Germany, (as well as a few mini-rants about the world which will inevitably crop up) and maybe improve my writing style? * hopes * I decided that living abroad was too good an opportunity to take and then not have anything to remember it by, apart from a glut of digital photos, meaningless without a date and at least one cursory comment!

I’m out of the country from Sept ‘06 – May ‘07 as a compulsory part of my course. If you’re reading this, parents, (doubtful – the computer’s got to be switched on first) and anyone else hoping to avoid me, now you’ve got your wish.

Every dull detail about what the plane journey was like (including the number of hissing, slithering reptiles I may have spotted in the overhead storage compartment or aisle) and how fast the motorways are (cos ohmigod there’s like, no speed limit?) won’t be related here; my general impression about a nation so often slated by the British will. What I miss about England and also what I like about my new country, as well as anything else amusing.

I don’t expect anyone at all to read this, it’s just that typing is quicker than writing. If I must read my own comments again, at least I won’t have to decipher my scrawl in a notepad. That really would take quite a while, considering someone once told me that I “don’t write normally like a girl should.” Charrrming.

If anyone does bother to get past the third sentence, maybe you’ll find this half-interesting, even slightly funny? Germans are renowned for having no sense of humour, a few people might be under the false impression that I don’t either – I should fit in then :D

Note on the title: “If you were a tree, what would you be?” I was thinking about this question, and thought I’d be a bonsai tree. Needs careful watering and TLC, but overall pretty well-presented.
My housemates went for the cactus option: apparently I’m nasty and spiky, perhaps with a softer middle, but next to no-one’s got so far as to find out yet.

So cactus came to mind when choosing a name, and I’m convinced there’s some truth in talking to plants, it makes them grow better!

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