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April 04, 2006


Follow-up to Raise The Roof from Rev - Joy in our souls!

For anyone who wonders what we look like on stage…

If you wonder what we sound like: come to Newmarket in Suffolk! We're having a concert as Revelation Rock–Gospel Choirs finish their annual week of Rev fun on Saturday 15th April. Alternatively, check this blog again in a few weeks when the CD will hopefully be on sale!

More photos here

December 30, 2005

Southern Region Weekend Away

Writing about web page

Ok, I know this entry is a few months late, but for those who missed it or are considering going next year, here's a quick run-down of a Weekend Away

What is a Revelation Weekend Away?

A Weekend Away gives you a chance to meet people from Warwick and other Revelation choirs in the southern region (Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Royal Holloway and UEA). It is a social weekend which includes workshops on topics such as: arranging, conducting, warmups, music and singing – depending on what your choir has asked for. There is also an 'open forum' which gives you the chance to feedback to your choir and Revelation National.

Which workshops did you have this year?

In no particular order

  • Band arranging by Jamie, ex-Cambridge Rev (a.k.a Hollie's boyfriend and the guy dressed in a skirt and a pink feather boa whilst teaching a song at the Pink Party rehearsal)
  • Dance by Judey, Warwick Rev
  • Drama by Alex Haward, Warwick Rev
  • Choir part arranging by Jens, Cambridge Rev
  • Aims and Values by Naomi, ex-Durham Rev and now National Coordinator
  • Warmups
  • Conducting
What was the best bit?

The chocolate fountain on the Saturday night was my favourite part, but special mention also has to go to Bristol Rev for arranging Alma Church which was a great venue.

What was the worst bit?

Not realising until it was too late that there was eggy bread for breakfast as well as cereal and toast.

If I want to go next year, what do I have to do?

Firstly, listen out for announcements in rehearsals from your National Rep and/or read your Yay! Mail. There will also be further information and a sign-up form on the National Revelation website

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