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June 02, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.warwickrev.org

March 07, 2005


Follow-up to INSPIRED!!! from Kari's blog

The concert was wicked, awesome, great, incredible, breathtaking (literarily on my behalf as I got a coughing fit in the last half!), amazing, impressive, etc. (Could almost think I sat here with a thesaurus…).

I wish I could do as Thor and give a review, but I am struggling to find the words! I had such a good time! The dance went well (i.e. Ollie and Rich held me tight enough to avoid me falling down – thanks guys! =D), the drama caused the wanted effect of the audience cracking up laughing, well done Barbershop! And finally: the choir… Amazing guys!

All I can say is: despite being physically exhausted, I was so hyper afterwards that I could not sit still in the Litten Tree (ask Alice or the usual gang I hang out with!).

Has anyone got any photos? I'd love to see some from the actual performance!!!!!!

February 28, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.warwickrev.org



Concert with Revelation Rock Gospel Choir
Coventry Central Methodist Hall
Saturday 5th March, 7.30pm

Tickets: £4.50/£6.00,-

It is going to be wicked!!!

February 14, 2005

My blog

Just occured to me (after a friend claimed that my last entries did not exist) that I should remind people to log in – that way you can see more of my blog like more photos etc!

February 03, 2005


Follow-up to Reigen from Kari's blog

Ok, I have now read the second play by Arthur Schnitzler, and it is official: the German Department must have some sort of secret deal with the producers of Zoloft! Just like 99% of the books we read, one of the main characters died in the last chapter!

A poor innocent girl is left behind – her lover fell in a duell fighting for another woman, a married woman…

I saw it coming – I mean, none of the books we have read have had a happy ending, but it still gets me every time. I think I get too much involved in the books I read!

February 02, 2005


3 out of 5 stars

I just read Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler… A very strange play indeed. It starts off with a prostitute and a soldier, the next scene is with the soldier and a maid, then the maid and a young man, the young man and the young lady, the young lady with her husband, the husband with a pretty girl, the pritty girl with a poet, the poet with the actress, the actress with a count and it ends with the count and the prostitute again. A complete circle of infidelity and sex!

It was written 1896/97, and I can see why it was impossible to perform the play until way into the 20th century! It is basically about people having sex – of course the juicy bits have been replaced with "——-" or Gedankenstriche as the Germans call it.

I talked to one of my friends from my course. She told me the book was very sad because none of the characters really know love, and none of them are happy. At first I just found the book hillarious, but now I am starting to realise that my friend was right. It is very sad indeed! They all have sex, but lack intimacy, friendship, happiness… All the things you want in a relationship. Also, several of the characters keep asking their sex-partner Hast du mich lieb? Hast du mich gern? They lack security.

So I went from giggling to getting very thoughtful, hence blogging about it to get it out of my system ever so slightly before starting the second play by Schnitzler: Liebelei – The title suggests that it might not be much better in terms of cheerfulness!

A good play though! Can be recommended – especially if you have a thing for the Austrian, or should I say Viennese dialect.

January 06, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.ogc.no

5 out of 5 stars

My family decided to do as they were told this Christmas and got me Joy with Oslo Gospel Choir. I absolutely love it!

It is called "Joy" and rightly so – it puts me in a good mood! The cd has a good mixture of gospel, rap, ballads, etc. They have re-newed their sound without losing their characteristics. There are some new rythms that just groove. The music complements the texts, which are Christian without falling too much into worship. "Love is a wonderfule thing" is a beautiful ballad about love, not the icky sticky Hollywood love, but real love.

"A human right" has got lead-singers from Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. It is quite cool that they have several nationalities in a song with such a title!

I can absolutely recommend this cd! Not just because I am an OGC fan, but because it is genuinly a good cd that can cheer me up whenever!

December 27, 2004


Follow-up to Home, sweet home from Kari's blog

I passed my exam!!!! Yay!!!! Got 8.5 out of 9 possible!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

Sorry – just had to announce to the world that I managed to do something useful over the holiday =D

Now all I have to do is write 4–6000 words, read a few books and figure out how the EU works – over the next seven days… Anyone got a brain to lend me?

December 26, 2004

X–mas concert

Wow, wow, wow!

On 10th December me, Mum and Bigsis went to Tønsberg to see Oslo Gospel Choir's Christmas Concert.

I think there was about 3500–4000 people there – everyone dressed up and looking Christmassy.

They sung lots of well-known Christmas songs such as En stjerne skinner i natt/A star is shining tonight (which Rev performed in Conventry Cathedral the week before), Alf Prøysens Romjulsdrøm, a medley of English Christmas carols, Oh Holy Night, etc. It was so beautiful. I gave up trying to count the number of times I had goose-bumps and chills going up and down my spine. I even had tears in my eyes as the choir and the whole audience stood up singing a Christmas hymn called Deilig er jorden/Earth is magnificent. I think it is more loved and cherished than our national anthem… It's the only song everyone stands up for no matter what.

Anyway… I had such a great time! If OGC comes anywhere near you, go and see them! It is worth having to live on pasta for a week to hear them live!

December 21, 2004

Home, sweet home

I am now sitting in the comfort of my home in Norway watching the sun rise after the year's longest night. Unfortunately it is cloudy – hopefully clouds full of snow!

Speaking of which, we had half a meter of snow – untill two days before I came home! Typical! And me who am getting skiing-boots for Christmas! I went shopping with my Granddad – also known as Bestefar – to make sure my Christmas-present would fit my feet =D That was actually one of the hightlights so far of my holiday.

First I dropped Mum off at work and then drove on to Tønsberg and an island called Nøtterøy, which is where my maternal grandparents are to be found. We had a very nice day in town (despite weather resembling english conditions =S), I got skiing-boots and Bestefar got a bit hug – so we were both very pleased =D

Then the next day I got on the train to Oslo. Being in the process of applying for masters in four countries, I had to take an English language-exam. Three years in England and three years in an IB-school before that was not enough, so off i went to Oslo. My best friend of all times, Brit Ronja, let me crash on her floor for the night as the exam started at 8.00am on the Thursday. I found my way through the pitch-black dark of early morning and got there in one piece – calming my nerves with reading the first book in the discworld series.

The exam was hard – well… Hard in the way that the passages we had to read were way too long compared to the time allotted. Also, we were not allowed to write out our answer, we had to chose between A, B and C, or true, false or given – something I never am able to do in any of my three languages! I think I read too much into the texts. The only part of the exam I am sure I did well on was the oral – the examiner exclaimed that my English was more English-sounding than hers and alos probably better (sorry – had to include a bit of bragging here!). So in two weeks I get the results – fingers crossed!

Right now there is an electrician working in our flat discovering one dodgy plug after another. I do wonder what the people living here before us were thinking of – DIY in electrics is illegal in this country for a reason!!!!

Anyway… Enough ranting… I'll go back to chanting instead (am hoping that those 3–4 inches of snow may grow soon!).

TTFN - Ta-ta for now!

November 21, 2004

Oslo Gospel Choir

Writing about web page http://www.ogc.no


Thought I'd blog about my favourite gospel choir apart from Rev instead of writing my essay on European Integration =P

They are a little bit older than Warwick Rev as they had their ten year anniversary a couple of years ago, which they celebrated by realeasing the cd 'Celebrations'. An excellent cd.

Most of their songs are written by Tore W. Aas, who happens to be their choirmaster. I met him once at a gospel choir festival for teenagers, a very nice guy! Another person that was present was Calvin Bridges, who has worked a lot with the choir along with another big man in the gospel world: Andre Crouch (hope I spelt his name right now!).

On 10th Dec I'm going to see them as they are coming to my home county of Vestfold . I cannot wait! And hopefully my Mum and Sis have taken the hint and bought me their new cd "Joy".

Oh! Rev is currently singing an OSG song: En stjerne skinner i natt/A star is shining tonight.

The lyrics are:


This is the holiest hour
Heaven is now in sight
Listen to bells that are chiming
Christmas has come tonight

Sweet are the voices high above
Singing of peace and of love
All of the world is filled with light
A star is shining tonight

A newborn baby is sleeping
Heaven is near, this night
The Lord has sent us to see Him
Under the star, so bright

Sweet are the voices high above
Singing of peace and of love
All of the world is filled with light
A star is shining tonight

Quietly resting among us
On Bethlehem’s golden straw
Night’s given way, as we’re standing
Watching this child with awe

Here, we can dream about that peace
Which has been lost for so long
Heaven has given us this child
And Earth is filled with song

November 15, 2004

Southern Weekend Away!

Writing about web page http://www.warwickrev.org

This weekend, I went for a weekend away with Revelation. It is sad to say, but after three years in the choir, this was my first weekend away with them, and my only regret after doing it was: why didnt I do this earlier?!?

We had lots of fun with singing, workshops, pancakes for breakfast (thanks guys!), Sunday roast, etc. I joined the workshops for arranging music, which might actually help me to learn my alto-parts now as I know some of the reasoning behind it. And then I did one on conducting, which I also found quite helpful, and I now appreciate the job done by other people in the choir. I might even possibly help out more (but I do need a good kick to get me going…).

For those Revvers that didnt go: shame on you! You missed out on lots of fun, good food and falling asleep to Sister Act at half two in the morning! You also missed out on meeting some fantastic people from Bristol and Cambridge Rev. It was cool to talk to Revvers from other choirs as I have always thought of Rev as Warwick Rev 'forgetting' the other choirs. (Suddenly I realised I can apply to more unis than just Warwick for my master =P ).

Anyway, gotta go now – but have a look in the gallery for some photos showing how much fun we had!

October 31, 2004

Halloween Ball

I just got home from Halloween Ball feeling very old and out of date. Being a fourth year really does make you realise how old you are compared to all the freshers that make it to the union on a Saturday night…

Me and my friends regretted the fact that there were no guys in suitable age nor looks. A very gloomy evening indeed.

The bright side though was seeing lots of people in funny comstumes. Some better than others. There were lots of devils and kittens around – must have been a sale on somewhere. Where is your imagination guys?!?

Personally, I tried going as a HULDER - a Norwegian wood-witch, but according to my friend I just looked like I had taken a beating… Ah well… At least I tried! =D

See you guys on Monday at Top B!

October 29, 2004

The fun of being a student…

I am sitting in the computer centre and am supposed to work on a translation that I am to hand in today, but warwick stress has caught up with me, so I cannot concentrate on anything academic. My mind keeps distracting me to upcoming events with Revelation! So you will for example find me at TopB on Monday – my first topB since my fresher days three years ago (god i feel old – and am still only an undergraduate…). So anyone up for moving about to cheesy music?

Then I am going to try out dance and drama on Tuesday, but somehow Boogie Nights last weekend seems to have had a too boogying effect on my knees =S I am never wearing high heels again – at least not in the next couple of days! Hehe… I had a good time though as Im sure some of the guys from Rev can confirm =D

I really need to do this translation… Arg! Anyone wanting to give me the English version of "Schlussstrich und Auftakt: Das Urteil im Polituroprozess"? Its all about the collapse of the GDR, and I cannot make it into English… HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 27, 2004

The umbrella–country

It is raining – again!

Me and Sarah found out on our return from Germany, that there is one rule one has to follow when living in England – the first rule of survival so to speak : NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT AN UMBRELLA!

Therefore it was rather scary on Friday when my umbrella was arrested for unknown reasons and was held in custody at the porter's lodge in Humanities. I stood outside looking at my poor rainbow-umbrella through the glas. The porter had a good laugh at my expense.

I will now look better after my umbrella!

Another piece of useless information from the world of Kari….

October 21, 2004

Pics from Konstanz

I just posted a few pics from my year in Konstanz, Germany 2003–4 for anyone interested. Tried no puting up pics of people as I cannot get hold of them for consent =S

So have a look! Maybe you wanna go?

Town of Konstanz
Konstanz uni

Look at Galleries – Konstanz 2004–3 on this page

October 20, 2004


Eeek… Never done this before… Of course I had to try it while trying to prepare for a seminar and an oral presentation (both tomorrow =S). I just have a concentration problem…

Hm… might find something more interesting to write about later on.

After all the blog talk at Rev (Revelation), I had to see what this was. And now – having mentioned Rev, other Revvers can find me – yay!