September 05, 2005

New website

Writing about web page

Oh yeah! No summer holidays for us!

As I'm typing, Ali's talking to me working on the new website. Have a look and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

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  1. Its fabulous :D

    05 Sep 2005, 19:23

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Nice work on tarting up the blog too :)

    05 Sep 2005, 19:29

  3. okay, i'll take it that this is work in progress, since,
    It uses framsets (do I have to say more?),
    I think you'll want to add margin:0px to the body CSS rule,
    There is no clear division between the columns of the page, need a border or somesuch,
    doesn't degrade nicely on a narrow window.

    Other than that, looks good.

    06 Sep 2005, 08:16

    • Yep – it's definitely work in progress…the old website was still up and running on Friday! We hope for it all to be in place by the start of term.
    • Thor is now man-in-charge of CSS as he's been chatting away about it every time I get home from work
    • Not sure what you're trying to say about the columns: The central column is a different colour from the two side columns. Do you not think that is a great enough division, are you saying that the column colours are too pale?
    • By degrade nicely, you mean when you resize? Yeah – the central column is the only one that resizes, but I think there are pros and cons of the way it resizes. It means that the menu doesn't become a big long list of letters making it useless, however it does mean that the bit you actually want to read just gets thinner and longer. Thinking about it sensibly though – if you're looking at the website for information who would want it to be in a narrow window? The only time I use narrow windows are when I'm comparing or copy/pasting from one place to another.

    06 Sep 2005, 09:33

  4. Vikki

    Hey guys, lovin the new website. Just noticed that the visitors counter said that there were 113 people visiting the site! Either its not working right or we're seriously popular!

    10 Sep 2005, 11:45

  5. I'll like to say the latter, but it was probably a search engine trawling the site…

    14 Sep 2005, 15:05

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