November 22, 2004

Union Referenda and Elections

Writing about web page


Voting takes place from 9am tomorrow (Tuesday) until 9pm this Friday.

Voting takes place online at:

Full information is readily available on the site including candidate manifestoes, position descriptions, referendum motions and instructions about the voting process.

If you have an opinion then why not vote?

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  1. By the way if anyone has any problems voting please email Elections group:

    22 Nov 2004, 22:09

  2. Suzi

    Please do vote, it's important that we are quorate, ie. have enough people to vote to make the decisions binding.


    22 Nov 2004, 22:12

  3. Simon Lucas

    Everyone should vote. Now. Immediately!

    22 Nov 2004, 22:23

  4. It should be noted that even if you don't have an opinion you can still vote by abstaining. Simply click 'abstain' in the case of referenda, or place '1' in the NFP box for elections to do this.

    22 Nov 2004, 22:24

  5. Darth Vader

    Vote vote vote!

    23 Nov 2004, 00:52

  6. Luke Skywalker

    Do what my father says. He's a good man underneath it all…

    23 Nov 2004, 00:52

  7. Yoda

    Luke, high you must be. Darth Vader bad is.

    23 Nov 2004, 00:53

  8. Luke Skywalker

    Master Yoda, I am not high. I think that my father is telling the people of Warwick to do what is in their best interests…

    23 Nov 2004, 00:54

  9. Yoda

    F***ing hippy

    23 Nov 2004, 00:54

  10. Al Gore

    Since when did voting change anything?

    23 Nov 2004, 00:56

  11. Robert Mugabe

    Exactly… Who needs this voting rubbish?

    23 Nov 2004, 00:56

  12. George W Bush

    Voting is when a nation does the right thing.

    23 Nov 2004, 00:58

  13. John Kerry

    Smug bastard. By the way, does anyone need a good gardener? Please?

    23 Nov 2004, 00:59

  14. Union of Racists and Fascists

    Do you want to ban us?

    23 Nov 2004, 01:00

  15. The Constitution

    Do you want to spice me up?

    23 Nov 2004, 01:01

  16. Teddy Perriwinkle-Smythe

    Is this vote about fox hunting?

    23 Nov 2004, 01:02

  17. Mike B

    Vote, Goddamit!

    23 Nov 2004, 01:44

  18. The Devil

    What are this Goddamit bloke's policies if I must vote for him?!

    23 Nov 2004, 01:56

  19. Real Daryl

    Voting is what all the cool kids do. As well as smoking and swearing. Do them all.

    23 Nov 2004, 02:21

  20. Real Daryl

    As for the devil's question: go to , then click voting.

    Do it

    Do it

    (hoping you have all seen the starsky and hutch movie otherwise that just sounds silly)

    23 Nov 2004, 02:23

  21. Just thought I'd say the following things:

    Top B, Students' Union, prices, food, drink, Israel, Palestine, Sabbaticals, Cholo, Xananas, library, toilets, linux, fight, sex, death.

    23 Nov 2004, 08:04

  22. Nick Seagrave

    Incidentally there are still 20 minutes until you can actually vote. But still as soon as your clock ticks over 9am go go go go!

    Simon forgot to mention cheap beer!

    23 Nov 2004, 08:47

  23. Vote vote vote!

    23 Nov 2004, 10:21

  24. Elections Group have set up a Polling Station in Cholo we have four voting booths and we have been polling for several hours.

    23 Nov 2004, 13:15

  25. Before we vote couldbe please define exactly what you mean when you say 'fascist'.

    23 Nov 2004, 13:50

  26. Jamie

    I suggest you read the supporting documents on the motions you question. All information is there at
    You must all vote now!

    23 Nov 2004, 14:12

  27. It should be noted that not every term in a motion needs to be defined for a motion to be submitted to referemda. The President interprets Union Policy if interpretation is required.

    23 Nov 2004, 16:04

  28. Brandon, as I understand it, 'Fascist' and 'racist' organisations are designated as such by Union Council.

    23 Nov 2004, 16:22

  29. Colin Paterson

    Can I ask how exactly one is deemed 'likely' to commit racism?

    23 Nov 2004, 18:11

  30. (I have just deleted one comment.)

    It is up to Union Officers to enforce Union Policy and the Union President to interpret it – I hope that helps there is a limit to what I can say without discussing the political arguments which I don't want to.

    23 Nov 2004, 21:23

  31. Its come to my attention that a number of people are not aware how to change their self0-defining status on the Union web site or eventhat there is a need to do so.

    You have to log in to the web site and visit:


    You should definitely check this if you define yourself to be female and/ or black.

    23 Nov 2004, 21:30

  32. For clarification I am a member of the Elections Group – an independent group responsible for running the elections and referenda. We do not write the referenda motions nor do we write the opposing or supporting arguments. We do not approve the Elections and Referenda Regulations but we do try to ensure they are followed.



    24 Nov 2004, 14:27

  33. One more thing some students are having difficulty voting as the Union does not have access to their University data because they ticked a box during registration. If tghis happens to any of you please see us in Cholo and we can sought you out. The earlier you vote the better.

    24 Nov 2004, 14:29

  34. Carly

    I love voting.
    voty voty. I wish I could vote again.

    24 Nov 2004, 16:32

  35. We can't have pople voting twice it just isn't right.

    24 Nov 2004, 20:09

  36. vote early, vote often

    24 Nov 2004, 20:23

  37. We really do need every last vote – I have just checked the Elections Stats page.

    24 Nov 2004, 20:39

  38. I think the union should learn its place – stop creating a problem out of nothing. Or could the union just be searching for easy votes?

    25 Nov 2004, 09:43

  39. Brandon –

    "The Union" doesn't put forward motions for debate. Motions are proposed by students (believe it or not!) Both motions were submitted with a petition of 150 signatures before the deadline, and so were put to referendum. "The Union" isn't encoraging students to vote one way or the other.

    25 Nov 2004, 09:59

  40. I have had to delete anther entry – my blog is not for political campaigning it is for information and discussion of the electoral process. The Union web site has 3 designated fora for discussing the elections and referendum motions.

    Sorry for any inconvenience but I cannot allow the Returning Officer Blog to be used in this way.

    25 Nov 2004, 12:29

  41. Brandon

    On top of what Benny says. The Constitution is the basis on which the Union exists. To make changes to the Union Constitution requires a quorate referendum. One of the referenda is a vote on whether to make changes to the constitution.

    As I've noted on my own blog, this makes it an issue that requires the consideration of every single person who ever uses the Union. The issue of whether the constitution is changed should be decided on the basis that more people have voted one way or the other and not because it is invaid because some people couldn't be bothered to take 2 minutes to vote.

    Anybody who hasn't voted VOTE NOW while you have the chance.

    25 Nov 2004, 12:49

  42. Just out of interest how exactly is the union defining facists? They seem to have been lumped in with racists but there have been numerous facist movements , governments and ideologies that arent racist.
    Its not just the Nazi's you know.

    25 Nov 2004, 19:15

  43. Is it not fascist to oppress fascists?

    25 Nov 2004, 19:58

  44. If its fascist to oppress fascists then presumably the Union would have to ban itself from its own events? Quite ridiculous.

    25 Nov 2004, 23:04

  45. Real Daryl

    Hey guys. We are sooooooo on. Anyone you know, anyone, you have ever spoken to, anyone you have ever chatted with when steaming, anyone you have ever seen, anyone you have ever licked, get them to vote, and get their friends to vote. To paraphrase Kevin Keegan. I would love it if we reached quorum.

    Oh, easy votes? Are you pissing me?

    26 Nov 2004, 00:44

  46. Colin Paterson

    A question:
    If a motion does not reach quorum what happens then?

    26 Nov 2004, 10:45

  47. It is invalid.

    Motion 1 (Reforming Union Democracy) will just die a death. It is a constitutional change and therefore can only be decided by a quorate referendum

    Motion 2 (Ban racists and fascists) would go to be debated at the next meeting of Union Council. It would include the results of the inquorate referendum as and indication of what at least some students at Warwick believe.

    The results of inquorate elections are never released.

    For the Welfare committee if it is inquorate there will be co-options at the first Union Council of next term. (This is because this is a new position so we need somebody to fill them)

    For the by-elections in the incumbents will keep their jobs

    For the NUS elections there is no quorum and so the provisional results of these will be announced no later than Satuday morning.

    Think that just about covers it. For the record as of 9am this morning it looked as if all the referenda would be quorate but not the elections. There is still plenty of time and plenty of voting to be done.

    26 Nov 2004, 11:04

  48. Do you think if we tell people to vote enough this will make it to the top of the hot topics?! I don't understand exactly how hot topics works but this one seems to have been up there for a satisfyingly long time!

    26 Nov 2004, 11:06

  49. John Cross(not signed in)

    On occasions results of inquorate elections are released but if there is an Election at Union Council that could be prejudiced then they are not released (at least not until after Council) .


    26 Nov 2004, 12:53

  50. John Cross(not signed in)

    By the Way Polls close at 9pm tonight (Friday – week 9)

    26 Nov 2004, 12:54

  51. Alex Tissandier

    See link for my own argument against banning racists and fascists.

    I think it's wrong that the union would persecute people for having different beliefs, and I voted against.

    26 Nov 2004, 14:24

  52. Interesting: does the Union think it right for one minority (those that, as i have been told, proposed the motion to ban fascists etc) to ban another minority? I don't care if you say that there was a majority vote for it to pass, it is still not acceptable. Can any motion with 150 signatures be put forward and be voted on? And, assuming the vote on fascists wins, can it as easily be repealed by another 150 signatures against the law on banning? Or would these people be banned as they could be construed as fascistic?

    Perhaps there could be quite a dilema here. And i hope the union has thought this through and can provide a satisfactory answer.

    26 Nov 2004, 14:39

  53. Brandon, any motion with 150 signatures is sent to referendum (which, if the 'no platform' referendum goes through will be the only way to repeal it for two years). Anyway, a few more general points: 1.) in practice, if this motion went through, it wouldn't actually change anything as it merely replaces two currently existing policies which do the same thing but which were passed by Council. 2.) 'The Union' has nothing to do with writing the motion or sending it to referendum; motions are written by their proposers and examined by composite working group to check that they make sense and are not ultra vires. It is also not the Union's job to promote one side of the argument or the other, or even to ensure that an argument for or against is actually submitted. The whole point of a referendum is that it is a way for 'the Union' (us) to express our opinion on something; until the results come in, however, 'the Union' keeps its hands well away.

    26 Nov 2004, 15:02

  54. Re: Comments 47 and 48 –

    Just to correct Nick, motion 2 would not automatically go to council if the motion is inquorate – there is no such procedure. However there would be nothing to stop anyone submitting an identical motion to council in the normal way.

    26 Nov 2004, 17:22

  55. joez

    I have been informed that the 2 referenda are over quorum. Because of this all who were going to not vote should vote against!

    26 Nov 2004, 20:49

  56. Too late, Joez.

    26 Nov 2004, 21:06

  57. Unofficial Referenda Results

    These actual results are on the EG Notice Board Level 2 Union Nort and are provisional until the Final Complaints deadline has passed and all outstanding complaints have been resolved.
    The quorum for each motion in this Referendum period was 1,889.
    The number of people voting for at least one Referendum Motion was 2,355.

    Motion 1: Reforming Union Democracy

    FOR 173376.0%
    AGAINST 310 13.6%
    ABSTENTIONS 236 10.3%

    The motion “Reforming Union Democracy” was carried.

    Motion 2: Banning Racists and Fascists

    FOR 1710 74.4%
    AGAINST 410 17.8%
    ABSTENTIONS 178 7.7%

    The motion “Banning Racists an Fascists” was carried.

    Percentages are for guidance only. Percentages are rounded to one decimal place totals will not necessarily be 100% due to rounding.

    To the best of my knowledge there has never before been more than 15,000 voters on any Union referendum motion.

    Please remember I do not oppose or support these motions that is not my job I simply ensure fairness and report the results.

    To those of you that voted thank you very much.

    John Cross, Returning Officer

    27 Nov 2004, 14:26

  58. Sorry I have missed a space out Motion 1 should read: 1,733 (76.0%)

    27 Nov 2004, 14:30

  59. Excellent, quorum!

    27 Nov 2004, 14:30

  60. Incidentally, any word on whether the elections were quorate too?

    27 Nov 2004, 14:32

  61. To answer a question a motion with 150 signatures would have been put to referendum in the auumn election period. The number of signatures may be reduced if Motion 1 passes.

    Proposing motion to overturn the No Platform Policy would not in itself be Racis or Fascist and so it would be brought to referendum.

    The Education Act (1994) provides members of student' unions with certain rights top change the constitution at referendum which cannot be restricted by policy – the Union therefore does not need to worry about a motion being passed which could not possibly be overturned.

    27 Nov 2004, 19:15

  62. This is semi-spam:

    I've written an entry about a proposed counter-motion. Anyone interested, see:

    A counter-anti-fac/rac motion

    29 Nov 2004, 20:42

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