February 09, 2005

My Retirement

As of 11pm tonight I (John Cross) will no longer be a member of Elections Group nor will I be Returning Officer of the Students' Union.

If you want you can find out what I get up to at "John Cross" Blog.
Hopefully the University can transfer ownership of this blog.

John Cross,
Returning Officer

February 07, 2005

Campaigning in Blogs

To all users of Warwick Blogs please note that according to a temporary ruling of the lections Group candidates may only refer to their own candidacy on their own personal Warwick Blog and no other Blogs. This means that any candidate referring to their candidacy in posts on other Blogs willl face disciplinary action.

[Ruling later withdrawn.]
Note also that non Candidates who are members of the Union are also subject to the Elections Regulations. Finally Union Bodies including Committee, Working Groups, Sports Clubs and Societies are also subject to the Elections and Referenda Regulations.


January 29, 2005

Officer Elections

Polling is from 9am Wednesday to 9pm Friday of this week.

At http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk

All full Union members are advised to vote as early as possible in the Polling period. Please check your Elections Profile now, if it is incorrect it may make it difficult for you to vote for all the positions you are entitled to vote.

If you have any queries please contact:

( I don't want any campaigning messages on my blog.)

January 04, 2005

The New Constitution

Follow-up to University Council from Returning Officer

The following link is to the New Union Constitution if you think that this document is incorrect and does not reflect the changes agreed at referendum and by University Council please let me know.


University Council

The President has informed me that University Council [not to be confused with Union Council]has approved the changes to the Unio Constitution exactly as they were passed at referenda.

This means that the Union's constitution now incorporatres these changes.

The University Council minutes do not seem to be available online.


November 27, 2004

Special Notices

Special Notices

(1)The NUS West Midlands Area Conference(s) Delegate Election has been annulled as the only candidate withdrew.

(2)The changes to the Constitution in the Motion “Reforming Union Democracy” will not take affect until the University of Warwick Council approves them for legal reasons.

(2) The governing body shall in particular take such steps as are reasonably practicable to secure that the following requirements are observed by or in relation to any students' union for students at the establishment—
(a) the union should have a written constitution;
(b)the provisions of the constitution should be subject to the approval of the governing body and to review by that body at intervals of not more than five years;

[1994 Education Act Part II Section 22.]
Note that the governing body of the University of Warwick is University Council (not to be confused with Union Council).

(3) Both Motions will only become Union Policy after the final deadline for complaints has passed and all submitted complaints have been dealt with.

(4)The Officer By-Elections were inquorate except for Welfare Committee Chair and Members.

The ‘results’ for these positions are available from the Returning Officer on request.

John Cross,
Returning Officer

Referenda Results

Follow-up to Union Referenda and Elections from Returning Officer

Please see this page:

November 22, 2004

Union Referenda and Elections

Writing about web page http://www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/portal/voting/


Voting takes place from 9am tomorrow (Tuesday) until 9pm this Friday.

Voting takes place online at:

Full information is readily available on the site including candidate manifestoes, position descriptions, referendum motions and instructions about the voting process.

If you have an opinion then why not vote?

November 03, 2004

Testing the Voting system

12:00 Arrange a second NUS Black Students Conference Election
13:00 Testing the Voting System

November 02, 2004

Counting Union Elections

4 out of 5 stars

This book is published by the Electoral Reform Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Although there are some exceptions in the Elections Regulations this book essentially outlines how all Union Elections must be counted.

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