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February 18, 2009

People I am voting for (provisional)

If you don't care do not bother reading.

My killer question is what is your stance on No Platform, a candidate supporting it will not be on the list of people I am voting for (I might even R.O.N them if I am in a bad mood).

A candidate who says he wants to leave the NUS will be viewed in a positive way.

Other positive things in a candidate:

  • not being politically correct
  • being libertarian
  • believing in the right to property (at least as far as the fruits of one's labour)

So here is my provisional list (nor particular order). If you are not the list, don't be offended, I still love you (unless I did not love you in the first place).

President: Sam or Andrew or Asen

Education: R.O.N if I I am in a bad mood

Communications: Andrew Horder or Issac Newton (depends of their stance on NP)

GFO: Andy Perkins

Welfare: Fran or Sami

Sports: I honestly don't know and I can't be asked to ask each of the candidates for their stance on NP. So it will be Laura or Nicola (because they are girls, yes I know it is a bad reason for voting for someone)

Societies: OJ or James.  

Now for the part-time people

Student sport: Sonny Kombo

Campaigns: Puneet

Democracy Committee: don't know

Executive Committee chair: Chris

Societies Comm: Giles

Anti racism: Sam

Ethics: Leo

If any of the candidates I listed is pro NP please let me know.

February 16, 2009

Union elections fb group

I really should be doing some work but I am not.

If we assume that facebook is everything (not an unreasonable assumption) then it can accurately predict the election results.

So here are the number of people in the fb groups of the candidates for President (and the number of people invited) at around 16:15 on Monday week 7 (day 1).

  1. Mitchell Fung: 215, 1614
  2. Andrew Bradley: 147, 859
  3. Sam Shirley: 106, 876
  4. Asen Geshakov: 70, 206
  5. Andy Glyde: 58, 441

By far Mitchell is the big winner.

I can't be asked to do it for the other positions.

UPDATE: previously I did not find Bradley's group. This has now been corrected.

May 15, 2008

No Platform is no more

I was meant to write a more detailed entry about that but I kind of forgot. So we put a motion to referenda to repeal the No Platform policy, we campaigned and it passed.

This Union will not ban Racist & Fascist Speakers

Total Votes: 2053

Votes For: 1020

Votes Against: 954

Abstentions: 79

This motion has carried

Here is the story in the Boar

The facebook group for

The facebook group against

Thanks to all those who campaigned on this motion and also to the 2053 students who voted.

“I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it”

February 01, 2008

I am running for Executive Committee Officer

Writing about web page

As some of you guys might know the campaigning for Union Officer elections has just started. I am running for Executive Committee officer.

Have a look at my Facebook group and at my manifesto.

This blog will be my campaigning blog and I will posts more details about my policies.



January 27, 2008

Kat Stark and pole dancing

Despite being a fresher I have heard about Kat Stark probably as much as I have of Joe Kirby. Students here still talk about her (not in an extremely positive way). She seems to be quite a controversial person here at Warwick. For those of you who do not know she was President of the SU in ‘05-’06 (that’s right during the AUT strike) and she is now the NUS Women’s Officer. One of the things she opposed as President of the SU is pole dancing.

I had a look at the OWW program and I saw that she was coming to give a talk on feminism. I did not have any lectures so I felt that I had to go to see who Kat Stark really was. The talk was about feminism which was one of the controversial things during the time she was President. Before going there I went there I dropped in Union South to check out what was going on. And there I saw it, just in front of me, some Dutch hotties (or is it political incorrect to use this term?) pole dancing. Yes that’s right pole dancing going on in the SU at the same time as Kat Stark was giving a talk on feminism.

I found that situation quite hilarious and wanted to ask her what she thought about it unfortunately she had to leave the talk early.

January 26, 2008


That's something which happened during the last meeting of Union Council of Term 1. I was meant to write about it but I forgot.

Basically there was a proposal to change some of the names of the Union Officers. It was proposed that the Finance, Democracy and Services Officer (FDSO) be renamed Finance and Governance Officer. However some peopleproposed an amendment to make it Governance and Finance Officer. All of this because the former is "FAG" and the latter is "GAF". There was a 30min to 45min debate on that issue. Quite frankly I find this pathetic.

The rheotoric often used at Council is "we [the student's at Warwick] are the brightest minds in this country". Debating 45 min on such an issue because "some people might make a laughing stock out of it" seems to contradict with that.

The Union should probably spend more time explaining to "normal students" (i.e. students not involved in the SU) what the FDSO, FAG, GAF (or however you wanna call it) does rather discussing the names.

That event highlighted one of the problems with Council: almost everybody agrees on everything apart semantics and therefore semantics seems the only thing we debate about (although there are one or two controversial non-semantical issues).

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