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January 27, 2008

Kat Stark and pole dancing

Despite being a fresher I have heard about Kat Stark probably as much as I have of Joe Kirby. Students here still talk about her (not in an extremely positive way). She seems to be quite a controversial person here at Warwick. For those of you who do not know she was President of the SU in ‘05-’06 (that’s right during the AUT strike) and she is now the NUS Women’s Officer. One of the things she opposed as President of the SU is pole dancing.

I had a look at the OWW program and I saw that she was coming to give a talk on feminism. I did not have any lectures so I felt that I had to go to see who Kat Stark really was. The talk was about feminism which was one of the controversial things during the time she was President. Before going there I went there I dropped in Union South to check out what was going on. And there I saw it, just in front of me, some Dutch hotties (or is it political incorrect to use this term?) pole dancing. Yes that’s right pole dancing going on in the SU at the same time as Kat Stark was giving a talk on feminism.

I found that situation quite hilarious and wanted to ask her what she thought about it unfortunately she had to leave the talk early.

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