May 15, 2008

No Platform is no more

I was meant to write a more detailed entry about that but I kind of forgot. So we put a motion to referenda to repeal the No Platform policy, we campaigned and it passed.

This Union will not ban Racist & Fascist Speakers

Total Votes: 2053

Votes For: 1020

Votes Against: 954

Abstentions: 79

This motion has carried

Here is the story in the Boar

The facebook group for

The facebook group against

Thanks to all those who campaigned on this motion and also to the 2053 students who voted.

“I do not agree with what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it”

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  1. Voltaire

    Stop misquoting me! It’s funny how in the recent debate about the NUS Conference people were complaining that the 1020 that voted for were not represented. What about the 954 that voted against?

    It’s not good enough that when people who backed this motion are faced with people saying “what about my right not to be discriminated?” they simply stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and say “la la la, freedom of speech…”

    16 May 2008, 15:09

  2. Did I at any point in time in this post say that the quote was from Voltaire? No

    On the NUS conference issue I said on Raw that I would have been ok with a 6-6 split to reflect the fact the vote was close.

    However 1020>954 and given the way democracy works the 1020 get what they want. Call it tyranny of the majority but that’s the way things work, if you want to change it feel free to write a motion to change the Union’s Constitution.

    On your last point, yes there is an issue of balancing rights and the Warwick students have decided which way they wanted to go. It was also argued that repealing No Platform would also help in the fight against racism which goes in the way of the people invoking their right not to be discriminated.

    Re-arguing the merits and demerits of No Platform is now a bit pointless. I do not mind debating but exams now have priority.

    16 May 2008, 16:35

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