October 07, 2005

A New Leaf

Movie image
A New Leaf
3 out of 5 stars
The first thing that I want to mention about this film is that while the rolling the credits at the end, I noticed it said "jewels courtesy of Cartier". Hehe, anything related to fashion makes me happy.
The plot of this film is quite simple. One man, used to be rich, but one day he realises that he's spent all of his money. To continue the luxury life that he's already quite used to, he decided to marry a rich woman. This part reminds me a little of the Titanic. Very soon he found this "ideal" woman for the position of his wife — who is single, rich and most importantly, naive. Things go very well between them too and after about a week or so, they get married. The climax comes while he is trying to kill his wife. They go into the river for adventure alone on their honeymoon, and they both fell in the water. He can swim and get on the bank quickly, but she can't, and she is brought away by the water and going toward the edge of a fall. He decides to seize this opportunity, but while leaving, he saw some little plant, which is discovered a few days ago by his wife and has been names after his. Without any doubt the finale comes as he turns back to save his wife and live together happily, suppose. The closing shot is quite funny cause it sort of borrowed the cliche scene of the Western genre, they are walking away into the sunset. The difference is, in Westerns, the hero always walks away alone while in this film they've got company.
To me, this is a nice comedy, with conflict, yet not too heavy. The acting is sometimes extraordinary, like thefunny scene while the wife is trying on some greek style gown but it's totally reasonable and seem very natural while considering the characters.
The film paints life, shows distance and intimacy, and provides entertainment.

October 06, 2005

Ne jamais dire jamais

Movie image
Les Choristes
5 out of 5 stars

I've never written a film review before, i've never read a film review, or any type of review, before. So, this is just about how i feel after wathching this film.
I've thought about watching it from a year ago, when i was in france, that's the on show film. But i didn't, which is a pity.
Tonight, I watched it, as a celebration for having completed my class for this week, a preview for weekend. Although it's a little bizarre, since watching this film is the break i take from watching all the other films through this week. But that's after all class, this is leisure. Difference.

There's one line in the film that impressed me a lot: Ne jamais dire jamais. Never say never.
This seems a saying that almost everyone is familiar with, yet no one really bears it in mind. However, if i start that argue i know i may not stop for long… so, let me stick to the film.
I really like the photography of this film, the colour, the tone, plus the lighting, all seem so natural and vital. Sometimes i can really feel that something is changing out there, and something is growing in those hearts. It's kind of funny that being that obsessive about black like me, really love the sheer of colours in that film. Perhaps because for two weeks all the films that I watch were classical B & W, which are great. But, like the kids in "fond d'etang", we got to have some change somehow.
In terms of genre, I think this film may be classified as musical, but there's one big different in that area, esp. while being campared with musical like Chicago, or Moulin Rouge. Music is not the narrative method in this film. They talk when they want to communicate, not sing. But we can't deny the fact that music is the main theme of this film, also like a so-called "red line" that connects the plot and maintains its continuity. And if you have watched that film too, I don't think I even have the slightest need to start all the compliment for the music in this film.
About the acting, there's some particularly attracts my attention. The actor that plays Monsieur Matthews sometimes looks like, from a certain angel, Alfred Hitchcock. They both have this kind and innocent face expression, plus humour.
Pffff… Without a doubt, this is a poor review for a great film. I'll try to do better next time. But one last thing, if you haven't, go check out this film. C'est magnifique!


I finally started to write my blog here cause lately blogcn has been nothing but shit.
This week is not a picnic. Class is good, though. Not being able to talk to him drives me crazy. (this seems a pretty familiar sentence, i think i said so when i was in france last year)

the blog is just not good this way… i think this is just a so-called "ouverture", this place i prefer to use it to write reviews for the films i watch on & off class. just can't express myself thoroughly in any language other than chinese. and the point is, i don't even wanna try to do so.
So… i don't know.
i remember two sentences that joey said on Friends: i gotta do what i gotta do and u gotta do what u gotta do; whatever happens… destiny.
i guess.
we'll see.

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