June 28, 2005

count down begins

I've decided to keep an online journal during this summer holiday for various reasons. The prodominant reason being that I started off my summer vacation bored. Horrifically BORED- so bored that I'd sit and watch flies land on my arm, or talk to the spider that had managed to sneak into my bed room. Boredom coupled with manic depression and the excessive chimney choking of herbal goodies all worked in the favour of encouraging this particular enterprise. But I have to say that it has all panned out nicely. It has unleashed the animal in Rechel which up until now had been caged up for twelfty years in the infamous colossal tower of insecurity, and now the animal is out to play! I call her an animal but I dont want you to be thinking along the lines of the incredible hulk, for the animalistic rechel is a friendly tamed beastie who only wants to chat and be happy for as long as possible- because the poor thing is addicted to it. She has been deprived for so long! She went to therapy to see if this constant craving for all things happy could be sorted out and they gave her special guidelines: rather than water try drinking caffine, alcohol, beer… and dont eat healthy you silly woman, ply yourself with chips and lard and deep fried triple processed ham extract. Dont go to the park, sit inside, watch the television and let the characters live life for you… the advisor went on… and on… and for a while it worked. She got on the tube everyday, worked as a subordinate nonentity (in a classy suit), and read the financial times. But the poor thing lapsed! And now she wants the sun shine, the smiles… she craves to hop and skip whilst singing out loud through the park…

And so here I am. Testament to the fact that crazy people have it a lot better and you'll have to give me a lot more than tranquilizer pills to go back to the dull, grey droning beat of sanity. I find it all so amusing! Break convention and automatically you are assumed to be a mentalist. Wear a hoodie and not only are you a mentalist but a crazed underwear stealing, children loving, anarchistic loon. you've gotta love it!

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  • More fun is to be had. We are watching your space. Well I always was. Nooge. by on this entry
  • Hi Rechel! Glad to know I'm not the only bored person at home! by on this entry

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