January 10, 2006

1920's speakeasy

Writing about web page http://www.wild-party.co.uk

I've not blogged for a couple of days but that just shows the amount of rehearsing that we are doing. Saturday was a very bitty day. We were in Theatre and just practised odds and ends in the space.

Sunday, for the first time we did a full run of the show which was exciting to watch as well as very useful to see how the show actually fits together….where we come on and off and when everything happens. It sounds simple but you would be surprised how many people did not know the order of the show! Last night we were in the Theatre again and we did 2 runs (almost) of Act 1. We could have fitted 2 in if we had started on time. We were called for 6 to start at 7 but didnt actually start until nearer quarter to 8 which i found very irritating. Everyone is also really tired. The show is very draining both emotionally and physically and I think everyone could actually do with a break. I especially find it difficult due to the nature of my character being evil and serious and never being able to let rip and enjoy myself onstage. The one time i get to smile and enjoy the action is during the rape scene….which I understndably find very difficult. The result is that I am regularly coming out of rehearsals feeling very down.

Tonight however we do not have a long intense rehearsal as we are hosting a 1920's SPEAKEASY in the Cooler. It is open to eveyone so please feel free to come along and have some vaudeville style fun. It starts at 8pm and the band are playing 2 half hour sets inbetween which our lovable James Tarbit will be providing the entertainment. We are doing a short preview of the show at 10pm and apparently there is a casino…... so don your 1920's gear and get along to the cooler tonight.

January 06, 2006

Aches and pains

Writing about web page http://www.wild-party.co.uk

Last night we had a very intense dance rehearsal. We only did 3 numbers (Intro the scene 5/The Juggernaut, Let Me Drown and Wild Wild party) but we went over them in lots of detail and perfected them! They are pretty big important dances so it was good to nail them.

It was particularly useful to nail the Juggernaut as we will be performing it on Tuesday in the Cooler at the 1920's speakeasy! YOu should come…its going to be a fn night I think and a chance to get a sneak preview of the Wild Party. I know that the band is going to be playing so clearly it os going to be lots of fun. Tickets can be bought through Advance or the Union website and cost a measly £3!

So today I have woken up with very achey muscles after giving my all last night, with a particularly bad neck :S Ah well….its all in the name of art, and I have to go and do it again tonight anyway!

The Wild Party
18th – 21st January
Warwick Arts Centre, Main Theatre
Tickets available from the Box Office

January 04, 2006

The first rehearsal of term

Writing about web page http://www.wild-party.co.uk

Tonight was our first rehearsal of the term with officially 2 weeks to go before opening night! Quite excitingly we had our first (semi) singthrough with the band. It was really good to see it all come together and the band were awesome! Highlight of the evening had to be hearing 'Make Me Happy'....ooo goosebumps!

January 03, 2006

The Wild Party….the countdown begins

Anyone who followed my blog last year (anyone..?) will remember that I logged the final 2 weeks in the production of Honk! Back then I was a choreographer, but this time round im actually part of the cast and I will actually be on stage..ooooo

So to mark the occassion and to give the opposite view, I am going to chronicle the build up the The Wild Party from the perspective of a cast member, see how it compares.

As we go into the beginning of a new term there are a lot of rehearsals ahead (although I have heard that the band have already started at 11am this morning!!). It's a difficult show and there is a lot of work to be done….lets see if we can pull it off.

The Wild Party
18th – 21st January (Wed – Sat Week 3)
Main Theatre, Warwick Arts Centre
Tickets available NOW from the Box Office

November 21, 2005

Well Done!

Just wanted to say a big well done to all those involved in Fame last week. As most of you know I thoroughly enjoyed it (both times) and all your hard work truly paid off!

Now onto the next! Luke said that Wild Party rehearsals would step up once Fame had finished and judging by yesterdays rehearsal that is definitely true. I woke up this morning absolutely covered in brusies from learning the 'Let me Drown' dance

…....looks like it's a painful two weeks ahead…..

November 17, 2005

Fame – TODAY!


A reminder to go and see Fame today in the Cooler at 2pm. I haven't seen it yet but my housemates went yesterday and said it was awesome. There is a fantastic cast, a fabulous band and from what I can make a big and exciting stage!

So if you want a couple of hours of fun this afternoon why not go along and support MTW. Tickets cost £4.50 (available on the door) and dont worry if you can't make it today, the show runs till Saturday!

See you there!

FAME…......I'm gonna live forever!

October 15, 2005

What are you doing at 2.30pm tomorrow afternoon?

If you are at aloose end come and see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, MTW's first weekend show of the year.

For those of that dont know what a weekend show is, it is when we have rehearsed and perform and musical within 48 hours. We had our first rehearsal last night and are performing at 2.30pm tomorrow (sunday) in the Cooler. What's more it is absolutely FREE to come and watch

So come along and spend your afternoon listening to such classics as Any Dream Will Do, Song of The King and Benjamin Calypso!

It will be fun :D

October 06, 2005

Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Well, I am now back at Uni and already busy with lots of MTW projects. We had our welcome social last night at Chicago Rock Cafe and I have to say that it was AWESOME! (Here's to Gurdeep!)

Right, I wanted to all let you know about out first show of the year which is going to be the legendary Joseph and His Amazing Techniclolour Dreamcoat. It is a weekend show and being performed in 48hrs (!) at the end of week 3. Auditions are taking place on Friday for principal parts, but the best thing about the weekend shows are that anyone can be in it as it is an entirely UNAUDITIONED CHORUS! All you have to do is turn up to the Arts Centre Conference Room at 6pm on Friday 14th Oct and you get to be in a show 2 days later….WOW!

I am getting really excited about it – and have been doing increasingly so over the course of the past 2 weeks. I am choreographing with Owain which is exciting within itself! Thats all I have lined up so far this year…but I will have to wait and see after this weekend's auditions for Fame and the Wild Party, how busy the rest of the term is going to be!

Fingers crossed!

June 07, 2005

Multitude of projects

Thought it was about time to start plugging the events I am doing as part of WSAF '05! Its all very exciting and am looking forward to the whole week A LOT!

First of for me is the MTW weekend show 'Liitle Shop Of Horrors' where I am playing a 'media mogul' – an intergral part alongside Pete and Sarah. Weekend shows are always stupid amounts of fun and I have been involved in every one since I cam to Warwick 3 years ago! If you have never seen one – it really is a experience to watch, nothing quite like it!

Then on Tuesday, it is the project I am most scared of! I am performing one of Alan Benett's Talking Heads monologues: 'Her Big Chance'. This is a piece that I have wanted to do for a long time, and have put together this event along with my friend Chris (who is performing 'A Chip In The Sugar') completely off our own backs and separate from any society. Rehearsals have been going well and now I really am going to have to start learning! Each monologue is about half an hour long and we are performing in the Graduate Club at 3.30pm.

Finally, on Thursday it is the MTW Revue 2005 which this year I am directing/choregraphing/producing/generally getting stressed about. We have a fabulous cast who have all been working really hard in our very limited rehearsal period and who sounds ace! The show is about an hour long packed full of songs from shows – and features 2 rather impressive medleys.

Hmmm – quite a lot going on, good job I don't have any course work to do any more really.

May 12, 2005

HONK!....The End (sniff)

Writing about web page http://www.mtwhonk.co.uk

After exaclty a week since our opening performance, I have finaly got around to blogging the final Honk! entry and let all you guys know how it went. Reason for delay is severe exhaustion, post show blues and then real sickness…eeek!

Ah well. Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to anyone who came to watch the show. The audiences were absolutely fantastic at every show. To perform on a stage when the audience are obviuosly enjoying it so much and being so supportive really makes it for the whole cast and team.

All performances went really well – and I can honestly say, even though I sat through all of the shows I never once got bored (can you ever get bored of Honk!?) By the time we got to the Saturday night performance, the cast were milking the comedy that much, that the show was nearly 10 minutes longer than it originally was! (You know who you are!)

We have recieved the really positive feedback form lots of different poeple, ranging from friends and family, students, members of the public and even an original cast member! Yes it is sad that it is all over now but, at the risk of sounding stupidly sentimental, I can honestly say it has been one of the most enjoyable, fun, stressful, and proud moments of my life.

Thanks to everyone for making it FABULOUS!

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