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October 19, 2006


Check it out…

What would happen if all the humans disappeared?

It’s a little bit scary… maybe we should just go now?

August 07, 2006

Too good to write about it.

Movie image
The Motorcycle Diaries
5 out of 5 stars

July 31, 2006

Innocent Voices

Movie image
Innocent Voices (Voces Innocentes)
5 out of 5 stars

Director: Luis Mandoki

Starring:Carlos Padilla
Leoner Varela
Jose Maria Yazpick
Ofelia Medina

Mexico, 120 mins.

Innocent Voices was Mexico’s entry into the 77th Academy Awards international films category, even though it had not been released yet. One can see why it was submitted so early. It has a very important story to tell and as a film it is sheer brilliance, doubled with poignancy and such emotion – not expected from Luis Mandoki who normally dabbles within the Hollywood sphere.

Innocent Voices (Voces Innocentes) is based on the true story of screenwriter Oscar Torres’ embattled childhood. It is the poignant tale of Chava (Carlos Padilla), an eleven–year–old boy who suddenly becomes the man of the house after his father abandons the family in the middle of a civil war. In the 1980’s, the government’s armed forces are already recruiting twelve–year–olds, rousting them out of their classes at the local middle school. The scenes are harrowing as Chava’s life is literally turned upside down, with some of his friends taken away by force before his eyes and watching his mother sew dresses well into night to try and feed her children.

If he is lucky, Chava has just one year of innocence left. One year before he, too, will be conscripted to fight the government’s battle against the peasant rebels of the FMLN. Thus, Chava’s life becomes a game of survival, not only from the bullets of the escalating war, but also from the dispiriting effects of daily violence. He hustles to find work to help his single mother pay the bills, and experiences the pangs of first love for a beautiful classmate. Chava’s tiny home village becomes both playground and battlefield. Armed with the love of his mother (Leonor Varela) and a small radio that broadcasts a forbidden anthem of love and peace, and faced with the impossible choice of joining either the army or the rebels, Chava finds the courage to keep his heart open and his spirit alive in his own race against time.

In films, child actors normally serve to arouse sympathy and add a “cutness” factor along with a rather nauseating vulnerability. Starring mostly children, one might think that Innocent Voices would mostly arouse its sympathy from giving the children a silly script to read out with huge bambi eyes. Thankfully, Hollywood is nowhere to be seen and it can be very safely said (coming from someone who hates child actors) that the children in this film give some the best performances ever to be captured on film from their age group. Carlos Padilla is stunning. He is riveting to watch, feisty, caring and thoughtful. This is his film debut and what a debut it is. All the children in the film give the most beautiful performances. Leonor Varela proves that she’s not just a pretty face and gives a very moving performance as Chava’s mother, trying desperately to keep her children alive in the midst of the turmoil. Turmoil is the right word and some scenes in the film really are quite distressing. Chava’s house frequently gets riddled with bullets whilst he and his siblings hide behind a stretched mattress against the wall. There’s nothing quite like telling the absolute truth about a situation.

Innocent Voices is a riveting tale of survival and how even war cannot diminish a child’s indomitable spirit. Fabulously shot and with subtitles for those of us incapable of understanding Spanish, it is very highly recommended.

June 30, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon…

Writing about web page /andrewingram/entry/meme_lol/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

How many keys on your large collection of keyrings?
Probably about 7…cannot be arsed to check.

What curse word do you use the most?

Do you own an iPod?
I own a little iPod shuffle. It's iTunes you really want over the actual equipment.

What time is your alarm clock set for?
5:15am :(
No alarm set for tomorrow though. :D

How many suitcases do you own?
One….and it's bloody good.

Do you wear flip–flops even when it's cold outside?
Hell yes.

Where do you buy your groceries from?
Ummm at uni it's co–op, costcutter, tesco….at home i don't.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
Probably be in it. That way no one can complain.

What was the last movie you watched?
Oo–er…ummm i cannot remember the title of it but it was on tv last week.

Do any of your friends have children?
Nope. Thank goodness.

If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?
A huge trolly of lovely lovely food.

Has anyone ever called you lazy?
Yeah, mostly my dad.

Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?
No. Count sheep.

What CD is currently in your CD player?
Don't own one any more as i use me laptop…

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
I don't like milk.

Has anyone told you a secret this week?
Yes! Mwhaahahahaah…but it's not interesting in the slightest.

When was the last time someone hit on you?
Today, yesterday and probably tomorrow.

What did you have for dinner?
Sea bass, potato wedges, salad and salsa. I get spoiled at home.

Do you wear hoodies often?
Hell yes. I love them.

Can you whistle?

Have you ever participated in a protest?
No…haven't really been stirred enough to actually be arsed to protest about anything yet.

Who was the last person to call you?
My brother.

What is your favourite ride at an amusement park?
None. Anything that spins = Victoria has an encounter with Mr Vomit.

Do you think people talk about you behind your back?
Yes. Natural really.

What area code are you in right now?
HP13 6QY

Did you watch cartoons as a child?
No. I still don't really enjoy them. (Reading them is another thing.)

How big is your local mall?
Not that big…but there are two.

How many siblings do you have?
Two. One sister, one brother – both elder.

Are you shy around the opposite sex?
If I fancy them then yes.

What is your biggest regret?
Not sure. I can be quite rude sometimes but i don't think i've regretted saying anything too much.

When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt?
Ah, probs last weekend.

What movie do you know every line to?
Lord of the Rings trilogy most likely.

Do you own any band t–shirts?
Not band tee–shits…but i have Michael Buble ones and a Jamie Cullum one. :D

When was your last plane ride?
Coming back from America….last septmer. sniff

How many chairs are at your dining room table?

Do you read for fun?

Can you speak any languages other than English?
I like to dabble in the ancient languages….written and read only. I know basically no modern stuff though…barely remember any French.

Do you do your own dishes?
At uni yes…otherwise i help my mum wash up.

What colour is your bedroom painted?
At the moment its off white…yet to be decorated.

Have you ever cried in public?
Hmmm in front of friends…but not really in public since i was small.

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?
Laptop. It's my baby, it's my sugar.

Which do you make, wishes or plans?

Are you always trying to learn new things?
Of course.

Do you shower on a daily basis?
Yes, always. Otherwise i feel minging.

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
I have enough. (Piercings, not tattoos.)

Do you believe that the guy should pay on the first date?
Absol–bloody–utely! Especially if he organised it. To be honest though, i wouldn't let him…i just want the offer (thats what counts.). I'd go halves.

Can you skip rocks?
Aye…like a pro.

Have you ever been to Jamaica?
No…going to Trinidad soon though…

What to snack on at the movie theatres?
I DON'T. And nor should anyone else. However, if i'm hungry or feel the film is going to be shit i may indulge in some minstrels.

Who was your favourite teacher?
Mrs MacFarlane – taught both Classics and Latin to me. I was her bitch.

Have you ever dated someone out of your race?
Not as yet. Though i am fancying more and more 'out of my race' guys…hmmm..

What is the weather like?

Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos?
Don't think so.

Do you have an online journal?
This isn't really a journal. So no.

What was your favourite class in high school?
Games, Classics.

Do you enjoy travelling via airplanes?
Ummmm i do and don't. Depends really.

What personality trait is a must–have in your preferred gender?
Wicked sense of humour.

Have you ever been attracted to someone physically unattractive?
Well thats a strange question. But probably not.

When was the last time you slept on the floor?
Hmmm cannot remember that one. I try to avoid sleeping on the floor.

What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
I do like white wine.

Does your closest Starbucks have a drive–thru?
No, this isn't the inner city.

Do you like your living arrangement?
Cannot complain really!

What is your mother's hometown?
Errrm Glasgow and then Manchester.

How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Proof shows i can get on fine with 5, no problems.

Do you eat breakfast daily?
Naaaah…makes me feel ill.

What was the last thing to scare you?
Someone scared me at work.

Are your days full and fast–paced?
They are full and sort of fast if i'm busy.

Did you ever get in trouble for talking in class?
Yeah and i remember being sent of the class. Tehehe.

What is your favourite fruit?

Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?
Hell no. I refuse to be a calorie counter. Just eat the bloody food and be done. Food was designed to be enjoyed, not to be counted.

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

Are you picky about spelling and grammar?

Do you believe in life on other planets?
Ummm i don't think so. Nice idea though.

Have you ever been to Six Flags?
Nope. I don't really do theme parks. Vomit issue again.

Who was the last person to piss you off?
Les parentes issues…but tis kind of sorted now.

Do you believe that God has a gender?

What was the last thing you ate?
A small chocolate heart.

Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex?
I have more girl friends which suggests i get on more with girls as friends. But i have guy friends who i obviously get on well with too.

What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?
Errr nothing?

How did your parents pick your name?
Long story, i shall relate: My parents always liked my name but called my sister Elizabeth, so naturally they wanted to call me Victoria. However, their best friends recently had a child who they called Victoria so they started choosing other names (I was nearly Fiona) but then they could stand it no longer and rang up their friends and asked them what they thought and they said go with Victoria. History was therefore written.

Do you like mustard?

What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
What goes around comes around.

Would you ever sky dive?
Ummm i've parasailed so maybe.

Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?
Back. Otherwise it's no sleepy for me.

What character from a movie most reminds you of yourself?
I've got no idea.

Have you ever bid for something on ebay?
Nah, i just go to amazon.

What do you think of Angelina Jolie being pregnant?
She's one of the million other women who were/are.

Do you enjoy giving hugs?
Hell yes.

Would you consider yourself to be fashionable?
Not fashionable as such but i like to think i have some sort of taste.

Do you own a digital camera?

If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel?

What celebrities have you been compared to?
Anyone who's anyone.

Who is your favourite Star Wars character?
Han–Solo…hot stuff!

Does it annoy you when someone says they'll call but never do?
Yes…and i do it too. Shit happens, man.

What books, if any, have made you cry?
Harry Potter books – wow!
Also, books like Goodnight Mr Tom made me cry when i was younger.

Do you think you're attractive?
Ummmm i think i'm ok.

What are you allergic to?
Some plants and pollen.

Are you a jealous person?
About some things, but i get over it quite quickly.

What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment?

Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat?
Not really. But sometimes i do seriously think i should go veggie…as i'm rather an animal fan.

If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name have been?
Probably either Alexander or Edward. Those were my brother's second name choices so would probs have been handed down to me.

Finished?! Score.

June 17, 2006

The Science of Sleep

Movie image
The Science of Sleep
4 out of 5 stars

Director: Michael Gondry
Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Alain Chabet

106 minutes.

Gael Garcia Bernal never fails to deliver. Coming to the attention of world audiences with his role in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s acclaimed “Amores Perros”, Bernal went on to be nominated for Mexico’s Silver Ariel Award (Mexico’s equivalent of the Oscars). He is perhaps best known for his role in Alfonso Cuaron’s sexy road film “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, Bernal has gained the reputation of a mature actor despite his relatively young age. He is a linguist, speaking in many different tongues throughout his films but what is notable about The Science of Sleep is that it is Bernal’s first film where he is speaks mostly French throughout.

The Science of Sleep can only really be described as ‘weird’ or ‘intriguing’ but these descriptions are designed to put filmgoers off. In this case, don’t let it. The Science of Sleep is weird because it is supposed to be. It is certainly reminiscent of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet) which incidentally (or not so incidentally) was also filmed and co–produced by Gondry. The film is visually very unique, as is the content and outline, intriguing the audience, raising plenty of laughs and is also baffling at the same time. Many will walk out of the cinema and proclaim that it is so strange, barbarian and mind boggling that they didn’t enjoy it and would probably not recommend it. Gondry’s ‘weird’ element in the film though is what makes it so good. It doesn’t have to be fully understood – and this is indeed the point. It is a film about reality, perception, the world of dreams and an individual’s inability to separate his dreams from reality. The point is that our dreams are never truly understood; they are wacky, inexplicable and downright odd and it is this portrayal of dreams that makes the film so special.

Since he was a child, Stephane Miroux (Bernal) has had problems separating his dreams from reality and growing into his twenties has not changed him a bit. His dreams are beginning to take over and ordinary life begins to intrude into his dreamscape. In his mind, Stephane is an authority on The Science of Sleep and he dreams a programme called “Stephane TV” where he is the host and elements from his life become involved, as do his family and friends.

The film opens with Stephane presenting a cooking show on “Stephane TV” where he mixes together random thoughts, reminiscences of the day, memories, love, songs and images. He demonstrates how dreams are prepared. Meanwhile, the real Stephane returns home to Paris and starts a job with a calendar publicist. Stunned to discover that his work provides no scope for creativity, Stephane shows his boss his “disastrology” drawings of earthquakes and plane crashes but his creativity is unappreciated. Soon, Stephane’s dreams are littered with images of the office life he becomes to loathe.

Stephane meets his new neighbour Stephanie and her friend Zoe, who mistake him for being an injured piano mover. He takes great pains to disguise the fact that he is the landlady’s son who lives across the hall. Stephane is undeniably first attracted to Zoe but he discovers a kindred spirit in Stephanie who shares his love for handcrafting whimsical and unusual objects. Stephanie, although charmed by Stephane’s sweetness and quirkiness, becomes increasingly confused by his inability to decide what is real and what is not and she makes it very clear that they can only be friends. Later Stephane dreams that he writes a best–selling novel called “I am just your neighbour and a liar. By the way, do you have Zoe’s number?” The initial attraction Stephane had for Zoe is one the major points of the film and Stephanie feels constantly downtrodden by her more attractive and flirtatious friend, resenting Stephane for being attracted to her. However, it is Stephanie who Stephane really wants and he constantly tries to woo her with his marvellous inventions, including a primitive time machine. It does not matter how much Stephane persists, Stephanie is always put off by his inexplicable behaviour. Thus, Stephane turns his dreams to search for the answer to Stephanie’s heart.

What must be noted about this film is just how funny it is. The characters Stephane has to work with are possibly the funniest, stealing the scenes they are in and are all so awful that one can empathise with Stephane and understand why he hates his job. The clever juxtaposition of the two main characters is masterful; Stephane full of quirky, childlike fantasies versus Stephanie who is more mature in mind but not necessarily in body. She also has a very childlike quality to her but is a lot more aware of the world. For example, when Stephane shows her the glasses he has invented to show the world as 3D, she says that life is 3D already. The oblivious Stephane cannot see this.

The film oscillates between dreams and reality and the audience gets lost in “Stephane TV”. There is a point where there is complete silence in the film except a very faint voice–over that actually has the power to make the audience feel as though they are drifting off to sleep – a very clever and apt manipulation of the human senses.

The Science of Sleep is a real mixture of life, perception, animation and craftwork. The use of animation for Stephane’s dream world, although looking very handmade and childlike, looks ahead of it’s time in terms of quality. The difference and non–difference between the two worlds is very effective, but the film is not purely about dreams. The central theme is the relationship betwixt Stephane and Stephanie and the fact that Stephane is indeed a little insane, partly why Stephanie and is not attracted to Stephane (despite Gael Garcia Bernal being extremely easy on the eyes).

Gondry implies that a dream is a like a stew with lots of ingredients being mixed up together, but he also implies that dreams are a science. It is clear that he does not believe that all dreams should be mythologized and made into symbols. Everyone has his or her own associations. Memory has to be explored and dreams have to be interpreted as a science in their own right.

I highly recommend The Science of Sleep for its sheer originality, bilingualism, fantastic acting, hilarious script and the fact that is takes Film to new heights in terms of audience perception, animation and style.

June 13, 2006


This made me laugh out loud when I saw it on the news earlier…

"A teenager who knocked himself out while chasing a Double Gloucester cheese down a hill was among 25 people hurt in a Cheese Rolling competition."

How would you explain this to the nurses in the A&E?!

"One spectator was given treatment after being hit by a runaway cheese."

Um, yes, I was watching some idiots running down a hill after some large cheeses, when one of said cheeses hit me… They're quite hard, those cheeses…

May 30, 2006

Bournmouth Beach Weekend – Bloody Fantastic


So before I begin, I need to explain several things about me, for those who don't know.

1) I have a bit of a secret fear of water. Well alright, it can actually be a fairly paralysing fear, if I think about it too much… This could be an issue when the plan for this weekend was, well, swimming in the sea.

2) I hate running. I honestly, truly despise it and actually cannot think of anything I hate doing more.

3) I like to stay in bed in the mornings.

Those facts in place, let me begin the epic tale of Warwick's adventures at the Bournemouth Beach Weekend, 2006.

The journey to Bournemouth took us significantly less time than it should have because Simon was driving, despite the detour via Southampton and also the somewhat 'interesting' music that lives in the world of Mel and Stu's CD collection… After a briefing about the weekend, we got our T shirts and, since it was a lifesaving weekend, we went to the pub.

I was in a group with Helen, Brum's new Captain/President thingy, I can never remember what they're called, and after a few drinks, we went down to the beach and had a sandcastle building competition… Except that we had to make erotic sculptures instead of castles… and they weren't so much erotic as just plain obscene. Pants and bras were removed and added to the sand, numerous rude parts of the body were fashioned, and some of us were intimately involved with the sculptures – but I think Stu had the more embarrassing role – photos to follow when Mel gives them to me!

So, Simon drove us back to the scout hut, after a small unplanned detour, and we got ourselves settled for a nice long sleep… Or not. Many of us were woken in the night by some mysterious humming, which seemed to be coming from Miss Mel. And then, just when I had fallen back into a nice deep sleep, there was a big bell and lots of whistles! My heartbeat did not slow down for about five minutes, it scared me witless!

Once awake and down on the beach, we were informed that we wouldn't be allowed to have our breakfast unless we went for a bit of a run, starting with all the steps up the cliff. Now, I'm told that the full run was probably about a mile and a half, maybe less, but trust me, it felt like a full marathon. I walked less than half, a true achievement, and I wasn't even last. So I got my BBQed breakfast and very nice it was too, but whether it was worth the pain of running and Blondie telling that I was "doing great" is another matter.

Our first two activities were nice and dry, with foot patrol first and then defib training, which was great fun with Mel. We had lunch and then went off to get into our wetsuits, which was almost as strenuous as the running. The next activity was Malibu Boards, which was great fun – surfing down the waves – until Helen decided to try to sabotage next year's Warwick squad! She was ahead of me when a wave hit her, and when she came off her board, it hit me on the chin. It really wasn't anything serious, but it was funny to watch about ten lifesavers jogging to get me out of the water! Unfortunately, the people on patrol (Stu) were nowhere to be seen…!

Half an hour's break gave me a chance to carry some buckets of sand from the back of the hut to the beach in order to earn my tea on Sunday night, and also to mock Simon, who hadn't done any of his 20 required buckets. The reel and line was next, where a rescuer is attached to a long bit of string, then swims out, gets their casualty and is pulled back in by the rest of their team. The casualty is then lifted up and carried up the beach, causing me more large amounts of pain and bruised ribs.

By the end of the session, it was clear that, although it had been cloudy all day, certain people had still managed to get a bit of a tan. Well, a bit of sunburn, actually. All of Stu's team, plus Simon, had managed to brand themselves with distinctive sunburn right up to their eyebrows, where it stopped dead! Attractive. Tea was fish and chips, then we all went out to Bournemouth Uni's live music event, where Jean joined us. We saw a cool band at the first pub, where Mel knew all of two songs they played, but distracted herself with half a bottle of wine. By the time we left the pub, Rob from St Andrews was at the "shhh–ing" stage of drunken–ness, and I was, well, slightly merry. The second pub was stunningly smoky, so we left quickly and went to The Old Firestation. Mel had disappeared, so me and the boys got some drinks and watched Mohair, who gave Stu a bit of deja vu, but they were really ace! Simon wandered off, so we got more drinks, and then Stu performed another mysterious disappearing act, which he's getting quite good at. So me and Simon had a very interesting little chat… By that point, I was knackered, so I went back to the Scout Hut in preparation for another busy day, while Simon stayed behind for more, ahem, socialising.

Sunday started with sunshine at the window and a total lack of bell, and we all headed off to the beach for an even longer run, up and down and up and down again to earn our sausage sandwiches. Our group did some navigation first thing, which I was rubbish at, ended up on the wrong side of the river, and then we went back in the water with the canoes. That was a bit scary, I was really worried about rolling over with the waves, but it was all good; I stayed upright and surfed the waves.

After lunch we stripped off for lifeguarding skills, and went swimming in the sea sans wetsuits… Brrr. Last activity of the was power boating, when I got to drive the boats very fast! Muchly fun it was too, followed by a nice cold shower, just in case we weren't chilly enough already.

Everyone got dressed and ready for the social, except for a small number of fools who got ready to compete in a reel and line competition, with Stu Warwick, Rob St Andrews, Chris Soton, Kieran Brum and Stu Notts preparing to rescue Rosie Brum from the sea, competing against Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps and Worcester Citizens (although why they were there is a mystery). After the swim out, Kieran was about level with Worcester, but ahead of Bournemouth. Uni started to pull in, staying dead in line with Worcester all the way in, who, by the way, looked like a very large tug–of–war team. Chris, Rob and other Stu managed to get Rosie and a fairly exhausted Kieran to the shallows just before Worcester, whilst Stu did some heroic work reeling the wet, sandy line in, causing a seriously impressive wound to his hand. Uni team ran up the beach, neck and neck with Worcester, and just barely crossed the line ahead of them! A fantastic victory for the Unis, finishing waaaay ahead of Bournemouth.

A quick clear up and a first aid job on Stu, it was time for a bit of Beach Pants. Apparently, this is an actual event in the International Lifesaving Rules… Only not with pants, obviously. The idea is that the competitors lay face down on the sand, and on the signal, they jump up, turn round and run towards some pants. The person who ends up without a pair of pants is eliminated, and the winner is the last one with pants. The pants did manage to get themselves hidden quite well as the game progressed, whilst I was out in the first round! Stu gave up in the first round of the boy's competition, and Simon went out in the second round. Possibly the funniest moment was when Chris Stock, the most competitive man on the planet, went out with four rounds to go and was truly and honestly devastated… Poor guy.

So then, onto the inevitable drinking games. The first was a wheelbarrow race in teams, where one person got pushed by another towards a washing–up bowl full of some sort of alcoholic mixture, where they had to drink as much as they could before being wheeled back to their group. I say 'wheeled back', I was in the afore–mentioned Chris's group, and, due to a fit of giggles, I struggles to get back onto my hands to go back to the group. Chris decided it would be a great idea to pull me back by my legs, taking half the beach with me. Thankfully, this isn't on film, thank goodness. Anyway, Stu's team pulled off a spectacular victory in that game and we moved on to the next one. This involved running across the beach to down as much skanky White Lightening as possible, then spinning around a torpedo buoy ten times, before running back across the beach… if you could make it that far. I was very proud to stay upright and in a relatively straight line, whilst Kieran went straight onto the floor when he started to run, whereas Stu didn't even begin his run! Our group, despite being nearest the sea and therefore having a greater potential for serious incident, were outstanding and won by a mile.

Kangaroo Court followed; which reminds me, I never got round to asking why it's called that… But anyway. Plenty of people were nominated for misdemeanours, and most were forced to drink a mixture of Guiness and Baileys through a funnel. Mel was put forward for her distinctive humming in her sleep, and consumed two cups of Baileys. Rhi was made to drink for her avoidance of all and any running, and Helen from Brum got her comeuppance for hitting me with her Malibu board! Simon was ridiculed for putting his wetsuit on back–to–front (fool), but his penalty was passed on to Phil. Simon then nominated Stu, suggesting that Stu had been the one who stole the clanger from the bell. This turned out to be untrue, so Stu was allowed to nominate his penalty to four other people. He chose Rhi, other Stu, himself, and me, because he's a git and I blame him for the chronic hangover I had yesterday.

By this time, we were all a bit knackered and decided to leave, so Simon drove us all home. I fairly sure I woke up at least once to check that Simon was ok, but I may be lying. All in all, it was a truly amazing weekend, it was totally fantastic. I got to know people so much better than I did before and even though it was totally knackering, it was worth it to get into a hot shower yesterday morning. Although I'm not sure my leg muscles will ever be the same again…

May 17, 2006


This is bloody hilarious and has been distracting me now for about 20 minutes…

Are you Quite Interesting?

May 09, 2006

Southampton Competition

So, the last uni comp of the year, and Warwick A are ahead in the A league, but catchable, and Warwick B have an outside chance at the B league because Nottingham very kindly decided not to bring their B team…

A late–starting comp meant that we didn't have to leave too early, so we picked Dan up at 9, then went to Kelly's to be truely shocked and amazed to find them waiting on the curb for us! Trust me, this has never never happened before…

It took us a couple of hours to get to Southampton, only to find that Simon, who had left about an hour after us, got there well before us… wonder how he managed that…?!

Once we'd registered we gathered the club together for a presentation from the mysterious black box. Kelly, Jim, Jean and Stu were all awarded the Warwick Lifesaving Tangoman Trophy for Executive Excellence!

Tango Trophy

Kel and Jean with trophies

So then we all got changed and settled down in isolation. The Old Boys were first out, as they were needed as bodies, and then Warwick C went out. Warwick A were next. We stood waiting to go outside for the dry incident, speculating that surely they wouldn't repeat the Warwick incident? Would they?

A quick run up the stairs brought us in sight of, yes, a car plus casualties. Maybe it was the shock of seeing our incident all over again, but apparently, none of us shouted for help, well, not loudly enough anyway. If we had, Blondie would have appeared with a note book and knowledge of where the phone was. Darn it.

Anyway, we treated all the casulaties well, asking questions to find out that the first aid kit was in the glove box, that the boot was locked, the keys had been lost, that another driver had stabbed one of our casualties, and also our casualties' names. Memories of Warwick comp meant that Stu was desperate to get in the boot, although we found out later that there was nothing helpful in there. Jen and Louise developed a new way to treat for shock, in the absence of any other way to elevate our casualties' legs, we made them face each other and brace their legs against each other… On the whole, an odd incident. Warwick B performed somewhat better, helped by Alex's super–loud shouting for help.

The wet was equally odd, with no apparent scenario in place… Where else, aside from a lifesaving comp, would you come across five or six people swimming in a harbour, two unconscious children and unconscious baby in the water, and a group of special needs kids on the jetty, playing with balls and skipping ropes?!? Our start was a bit slow as we tried to work out how to get the aids from the people on the side, eventually working out that Rhi was the key. Jim sensibly avoided Jon and Simon, and Louise and Jim eventually managed to sweep most of the casualties to the side, and Stu sent Jim back out for the other children. Warwick B were also slow to start, but once they got going, they were very effective, Alex's big mouth helping again to bring in the swimmers, and Dan sensible avoiding Jon and Simon.

The rope throw was just wierd, as Stu missed twice and Jim missed twice, obviously just to build up the tension to let the girls both get their first throws out, finishing with about three seconds to spare.

The swim and tow and gates swims went off without a hitch, and everyone got out to get ready for the Hawaiian social… and the results of course.

After pasta for tea, Warwick B were placed ahead of Brum B, in 9th position, and Warwick A were placed an average 6th place, and Mel and Stu ran off with the results. Some speedy maths revealed that we had (probably) done the double, and won both leagues! With a sense of release more than celebration, we all joined in with Other Stu's circle for red laces…

Gar and Rach

and face paint…


There was also a funnel involved…

The Funnel and Stu

There was a boatrace win to round off the victories, and certain other people also scored…

An ace social, a seriously odd comp, a brilliant weekend.

May 03, 2006


I watched Lost last night, the double bill. I figure I'm quite far behind, and everyone's seen about half a series ahead of me, but I don't care!

I really enjoyed the first series, the first half at least, I thought it was super good. Opening scenes, amazing. Then it started to go a bit downhill when Marcus Bridgestock explained his Lost theory on the radio… Which I have now taken onboard and expanded on.

See, here's the thing. Someone has obviously wandered into the TV people's office (They all share one office, y'know) one morning and said "Right you guys, I've got this fantastic idea for a show. This aeroplane crashes on an island, some people die, some don't, there's a doctor, there's a few sexy girls and an English bloke, and we can film it in Hawaii, woo!"

Then his friend says: "So have you got any sort of plot yet?"

And the first one says: "Nah, but didn't you hear, we get to film in Hawaii!"

"Oh right, well then, let's go! We can write it on the plane on the way over, yeah!"

And there you have it. The people writing the script have absolutely NO IDEA what is going on!!! Nothing is ever going to be explained, because there's no sodding explaination! Still, I can't help watching it, just to see what further absurdities they write in in order to make it all make sense, like the woman who, we suddenly find out, speaks English…

April 30, 2006

Time wasting.

Writing about Shuffle from Dreams of Karl-ifornication

Go to your music player, set it to shuffle/random, and answer the
following questions with the title of the FIRST song that you skip
to each time. No cheating!

If you reached the top of Mount Everest, you would scream:
That certain female.

The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
Our day will come.

Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
Strawberry letter #23

Your message to the world:
The more I see you.

Your deepest secret:
That's alright (mamma)

Your innermost desire:
Hey Porter

Your oldest memory makes you think:
I don't want to be kissed (by anyone but you.)

Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
(Everything I do) I do it for you.

On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
If love is a red dress (hang me in rags.)

Your friends say behind your back:
My Yard.

You say behind your friends' back:

Your opinion of MySpace:
Woo hoo

When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
Full Measure.

If you found yourself lost on a desert island, you'd yell:
You're nobody til somebody loves you.

Right now, your feelings are:

What's your excuse for reposting this bulletin?:
River, Sea, Ocean

Your life's soundtrack:
Call off the search.

Teeheheh! Those actually worked out really well. I thought my shuffle would come up with random answers but some of them work. Good times.

April 21, 2006

Derren Brown – Live!

I went to see Derren Brown last night at the Warwick Arts Centre… was amazing! Seriously, he is a scary guy and he needs to be locked up, but he was super good. I don't really want to say what was in the show, in case anyone else goes to see him, but…

There was lots of scary mind reading stuff, and imagining animals and stuff (which I, along with the rest of the audience, got right, but Jon did not.), and there was some scary sick pain stuff as well.

My favourite thing was the subliminal video he played that made exactly four people in four specific seat numbers feel an overwhelming desire to get up and go on stage. They felt sick, their hearts started racing, their hands got all sweaty and they couldn't breathe properly, based entirely on their seat numbers! How, how?!?!

At the same time, I am a bit worried that I've developed an inexplicable predaliction for the number 14 and the colour blue… Hmmm…

April 19, 2006

My Music

Ok look. I'm really bored. I was going to watch Crocodile Dundee, but now I'm not. So I'm doing this instead, because I haven't got any other questionnaires to do. This one's from Sarah's blog. God I'm bored.

– Amount of music on my computer?
4.34GB That's fairly pathetic I realise, but I just listen to the same stuff over and over again.

– Five most listened-to songs?

1. The Killers – Mr Brightside.
This is one of my favourite songs ever, although it's hard to pick just one song. Just hearing the intro gives me a big lift and I give myself headache dancing to it, such an ace track.

2. Madness – Wings of a Dove
From my one of my favourite films, 10 Things, this is another song that lifts me, and it's a great dancing song.

3. Damien Rice – Cannonball
Lovely song. Granted, makes me cry if I'm a bit down, but it chills me out, it's so beautiful.

4. Greenday – Good Riddance
Reminds me of sailing on the Tall Ships for the first time, one of the best times of my life, total exhilaration and being at peace with the world.

5. REM - Orange Crush
Classic track, classic band, love the greatest hits album.

Oo oo, and baywatch, of course. The original, of course.

– Most embarrassing track/album?

Um yeah. How long do you have?

All of the Robbie Williams albums. But they're allowed, right? I've had them since I was young enough for them not to be embarrassing!

Avril Lavigne. From my youthful rock stage, when I had no shame…

Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Nah, screw it, I'm quite proud of that one!

Hit me with your rhythm stick.
Beat my embarrassment if you can!

April 18, 2006


Writing about I've been tagged from From tractors to reactors

6 weird habits of mine coming up!

1) I line my feet up to the cracks in the pavement and objects which run along the pavement, like lamposts, postboxes, fencing – everything. Whats weird is that I skip steps just so I line up my feet. Whats weirder is that I now do it for others in my head. It's getting quite out of hand.

2) I have a 'clear the plate' policy. I have to try my hardest every meal time to clear my plate. As a consequence, I can now digest a great amount of food in a significantly short space of time. I think it's quite a primal instinct but it's something I cannot help. I also cannot concentrate if my stomach is not full.

3) I'm not a good morning person. Seems stupid to say this as lots of people would argue that they too are not good morning people, but wow…in the mornings life just ain't good.

4) I like feet. This isn't a habit of mine but I do genuinely like peoples' feet. Even if you have hard skin, wrinkly toes…I appreciate it! Not sure why but I think feet are so cool.

5) Maybe as a result of number 4, I don't wear socks whenever I can get away with it.

6) I have obsessional phases where I'm obsessed about one particular thing. This could be an artist, a film, a play or a tv programme but I do tend to get obsessed with it for a space of time then it goes. Everything I do is about it. MSN is a way of dealing with this. I put all the energy into making up screen names and searching pictures and then it's out of my actual life. I sound like a nutter!

That was quite cathartic!

I tag anyone who wants to do this quiz.

April 11, 2006

No passion for this film.

Movie image
Passion of the Christ.
1 out of 5 stars

I saw this film when it came out and had decided to go and see it because I wanted to see what all the fuss was all about and also to satisfy my curiosity about the Latin and Arbic nature of it. I went with an open mind and hated the film. So why do I bring it up now? Well, it's Easter (which is associated with Christ, obviously…) and also because I walked past a Church today which advertised "Free showing of Passion of the Christ" tonight.

I would actively miss this film even though it's free. I'm actually sorry that I spent good money on seeing it in the first place. This is in no way because I don't agree with the content of the film. If it had been a good film then I would have enjoyed it no matter of the religious content. (I did enjoy the religious infused Narnia!) Fact is, it was a very mediocre and poorly made film.

Apparently in America several people died when they watched the film. They were so moved by it that they had heart attacks. What an embarassing way to die. Moved to death by a poorly scripted and self-important film.

What I particulary didn't like about the film was the naive self-importance which it strutted into the box office with. 'Look at my film' says Mel Gibson 'it's about Christ so no one can slate it or say it's bad.' The scripting was terrible and the plot line was awful. Yes, it's about Christ's life and the lead up to his death but blimey, you'd think that would make a great film. But Gibson decided to go for gore over emtional build-up. After watching the whipping, the nailing and general brutality you do get the picture that yes, things were pretty nasty. We knew that anyway. But in terms of being a film (you were making a film, weren't you, Mel?) it was unneccessary. People seemed to forget that Passion of the Christ is infact a film. It would have been compared to other films at Oscar debates etc and it could not haven stood up to them. Was simply not a good film.

What I suggest Gibson should have done to make a better film would have been to turn the film around. Instead of making the audience squirm in their seats at the sight of blood for 2 hours, he should have told the story of Christ's life. He should have depicted the life of a man, used the stories of all the good stuff Jesus did etc. Then use flash-fowards to show what is going to happen to this man and it is in these flash forwards that the violence and gore could have been used as a contrast. Would have been more effective and more hard-hitting than 2 hours of mindless desensitising gore. It was just horrific and not in an effective way.

The credit for this film needs to stop. It's not enjoyable. If you want to see a good film about Christ's life then see Jesus of Nazareth. Aviod this pretentious guff. The self-importance will make you vom.

So if you see a sign saying 'free showing of Passion of the Christ' don't get tempted by the price. You'll be ripped off.

March 30, 2006

Ready to weep with grief or joy at Hostel?

Movie image
Not rated

USA 2005, 95 mins.

Known to many as the personification of cool, style and violent art forms, Tarantino is starting to set the new trend for directors to become guest directors and guest/small part producers. After guest directing in the superb hit Sin City, it now seems instead of planning his own films, Tarantino is opting for the trendy producing and guest directing. Is the cinematic legend out of inspiration or was he purely helping out his hot buddy Robert Rodriguez on Sin City? (Who incidently has the best band ever called Chingon – put on your speakers -, but that's another highly cool story. Tracks can be heard on the Kill Bill Vol II soundtrack, which Rodriguez scored and the proceeds from the CD go to charity, so it's even better.)

However, as a lover of all things Tarantino I am slightly dubious over the comnig of Hostel which looks nothing short of horrific. True, I've only seen the trailers and read the plot outline on the net, but I believe a lot can be judged from a film trailer. Indeed, I think a film should partly be judged by it's trailer. If you're stupid enough as a director to release a trailer which does your film no justice, then it's your fault if the box office suffers.

Anyway, Hostel looks like another horricfically boring "teens go in search of a fun hedonisitc holiday and end up getting killed in many grusome ways" type of film. We've seen it all before. As such, the IMDB managed to summarise the plot in 3 lines, which I've manged to summarise into 1. I was very shocked to realise that QT actually produced the film. From the trailer it looks as though it has none of the Tarantino style or wit. It just looks…mindlessly violent. Something Tarantino is not. So in contrast to my usual excitment about a Tarantino feature about to come out, I am a little sceptical and get the feeling Tarantino's heart was not in this. In fact, if the film is how I predict, I will be highly dissapointed. It just looks like something we've seen before.

That said, there is a little excitment on the horizon. QT has 2 new films scheduled to come out this year: Grind House and Inglorious Bastards, the first of which is co-directed with buddy Rodriguez. Details aren't out yet but I'm sure these will more promising than this teen horror picture. I hate teen films…nearly always rubbish and always about the same things with some bad acting and supposedly beautiful people. Change the record!

March 29, 2006

Bath Competition

Not only did I have to get up at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning, I also had to drag Jon out of bed to take me to bloody Leam… Not an easy task… And then, Jim was late!!! Grrr…

The mini bus drive was, well actually, stupidly long! There was a wrong turn about half way through which took us onto the small scenic route, and no one told us. Granted, I didn't really notice anyway, because I was trying not to be sick with nerves about captaining, bloody Stu, bloody family commitments, grr.

We eventually found the (very posh) sports centre, which, although very posh, looked as though they'd run out of money half way across the roof, and registered. Warwick were very chuffed to find that the A Team were out 3rd, followed swiftly by Warwick B, proving Jim's theory that the last out jinx is actually on Stu.

Our massive group of helpers were rounded up and sent off, and our small band of competitiors were sent on a stupidly long treck to isolation, which was in a random classroom. The captains, me and Rach, hung around for captain's briefing and wasted time making up incidents for Warwick comp next year and speculating about the full-building dry incident that Bath were obviously setting up…

Once we were out of isolation, we waited for the dry… only to be handed a booklet of paper and given three minutes to read it. Warwick A noted that there were 6 syncro swimmers, repeating this out loud about 6 times… ahem. Most of the booklet was made up of junk emails that I had sent to Mel! We also spotted the parachute jumper, the man with the megaphone, the music and the drunken person. We like this telling us the incident before the incident!

The dry was in a small changing room with 4 separate rooms, an unconcious adult, an epileptic fit, a baby, a drunk person, a cut foot, a phone, a first aid kit and someone who ran in, slipped and broke their pelvis… unless you put the wet floor sign out… Well done Rach!

The wet was interesting, just for being in a 50m pool. The A Team ran out and shouted their stuff, only to be ignored by the people dancing about on the opposite side. Jim sent himself off to the parachute priority, whilst Louise went to deal with the Press bloke (Mark), after turning the music off. Gareth went off round the other side to deal with the swimmers in the water. I sorted the syncro swimmers, then fell over, then went to help lift the child out. The phone call was made and the guitar was used to get swimmers out… a bit random, but… Then I ran round to the other side in order to swear at Simon and get him to clear the pool. Not bad, all in all.

The rope throw was a bit slow, but not too much of a problem as we were one of only four teams to get all 4 in. The rescue medley was ok, but the swim and tow was just silly. Those 100m felt like the furthest I have ever swum in my whole life! It was awful.

A quick change in the super-hot changing rooms and we went for food. The much-awaited results were finaly announced. Warwick B made a fine show, coming 14th on Rach's first go at captaining, and Warwick A were announced the winners.

The fact that the results were cocked up and that we'd actually come second doesn't really matter, to be honest. I'm just as chuffed, I felt so amazing when I thought we'd won, that it was almost worth not winning! Second place is still pretty excellent for my first go at captaining the A and my first in a 50m pool. Oh well.

The social continued in a pub, with a pitcher of Woo Woo all to myself, and Rach and Gareth running an ace circle. Then we went onto a club, which was, um, crap. Rubbish music and stupidly expensive, but alcohol had been plentiful enough to make it ok. Some dancing, polos and photos followed, and then we got a taxi back to the Scout Hut. Which was cold. And damp. And I didn't care by that point.

Simon kicked us all out of bed in the morning to get back to finish his project, and we all slept on the minibus. Taking the right turning meant that we took half the time to get home, and I got to go back to bed.

An ace weekend, all in all.

March 20, 2006

Bored Blog Anon.

Writing about Bored Now – I nicked this idea from another blog! from Alex's Worst Blog Ever.

1. Were you named after anyone? Nope. Though I was going to be called either Charlotte or Fiona until my parents decided on Victoria.

2. Do you wish on stars? What would the point be?

3. When did you last cry? Hmmmm…probably about a month ago.

4. Do you like your handwriting? Yes. It's a bit scruffy but better scruffy than precision perfect.

5. What is your favourite meat? Overall probably chicken. But I love things like cured bacon, salamis etc.

6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf? The James Bond soundtracks?

7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? Oh of course.

8.Are you a daredevil? In some respects, but not in others.

9. How do you release anger? With strong words.

10. Where is your second home? Coventry. Though when I leave (sniff) I'm not sure. Hopefully in another country.

11. Do you trust others easily? Nope.

12. What was your favourite toy as a child? A fun pack of cards, teddy or some board game.

13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless? PSHE. What. Was. The. Point?

14. Do you use sarcasm a lot? I don't know the meaning of the word.

15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? No! It looks awful.

16. What do you look for in a guy/girl? A nice face.

17. Would you bungee jump? Probably not. The idea just doesn't appeal to me.

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No. I should do really as it wears the laces out.

19. What's your favourite ice cream? Belgium chocolate.

20. What are your favourite colours? Green, blue.

21. What are your least favourite things? Annoying people, arrogance, laziness, people who talk in the cinema.

22. How many people do you have a crush on right now? At this moment in time…errmm…the number wouldn't be able to be generated on the computer's keyboard.

23. Who do you miss most right now? Quite a few people actually. Mainly my Mum and a few people who i haven't seen for yonks.

24. What are you listening to right now? Hard-Fi.

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? In your arse.

26. What is the weather like right now? Finding out would involve opening the curtains. So I'm going to hazard a guess: it's like tropics out there.

27. Last person you talked to on the phone? One of my housemates.

28. The "first" thing you notice about the opposite sex? Face.

29. Do you like the person who sent you this? No one sent this to me, I merely chavved the quiz off someone else.

30. How are you today? A little annoyed.

31. Favourite non alcoholic drink? Ummm…coke, water, cranberry & raspberry juice.

32. Favourite alcoholic drink? Hmmm, white wine, Fosters, purple, smirmoff.

33. Natural hair colour? Dark brown.

34. Eye colour? Light brown.

35. Wear contacts? Nope!

36. Siblings? Indeed! One sister, one brother. Both older.

37. Favourite month? I'm quite a fan of december. I love Christmas but hate new years though. June is often a good one except exams. August is normally quite nice except if it's really hot. Errrm, hate March. (What happens in march???!!?!) Ummm…i don't know. Probably december then.

38. Favourite food? Where to begin? :D Prawns, smoked salmon, cheese, salami, garlic sauces, risotto, chocolate, noodles, lemon, lamb chops, pork siroloin, rump steak, fresh basil, pesto…..when i went to italy i was in heaven.

39. Favourite day of the year? Well if it hasn't happened yet, how do i know? I'm not going to say my birthday as that would be false. I'll say christmas.

40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out? Oh hell yes.

41. Scary movies or happy endings? How about neither.

42. Summer or winter? Winter.

43. Do you want your friends to write back? Bloody hell, no.

44. Who is most likely to respond? No one! No one at all!

45. What book/magazine are you reading? Currently I'm reading a book for my course.

46. What's on your mouse pad? I don't have a mouse. I have a inbuilt mousey on my laptop.

47. What did you watch on TV last night? Hmmm. It started with Poirot and then we watched The Hole.

48. Favourite Smell? The smell of revenge. I'm kidding, probably fresh ground coffee or garlic!

49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone? Nah.

50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done? I'm going to take "tiresome" as meaning "you were so tired once you'd completed this task you were a zombie." It was when I travelled from New York to North Carolina on the greyhound bus last summer. Delays! Cancellations! Scary people! Victoria by herself clutching her passport to her chest in desperation of not getting mugged at the greyhound desk at midnight! People trying to con me! Huge suitcase and little me! No toilets! Phone not working! Travelling through the night! Victoria not knowing when to get off the bus the next day! When I finally got to my destination I was a little stressed out zombie.

March 16, 2006

Bet you never thought you'd read…

Well. I have just been swapping insults with my friend from home Verity. Who is a bit mad. And the insults made me laugh so much, I just had to share…

Me: smeg head
Vee: spam features
cheese brain
pumpkin eyebrows
cucumber nose
sprout toes
stilton ears
raison eyes
garlic breasts
pasta bum
salad knees
pizza tummy
haddock thighs
parsnip shoulders
broccolli cheeks
breadcake ears

Obviously, the duplicate use of the word ears meant that Vee lost, she is a loser, she sucks, I rule and she drools.


March 12, 2006

Walk the Line

Writing about web page http://www.walkthelinedvd.com/

Movie image
Walk the Line
5 out of 5 stars

Director: James Mangold
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Patrick.
Time: 136 mins
Twentieth Century Fox.

Described by his contempory, Bob Dylan, as someone who no one else can be, Johnny Cash is one of music's finest legends. Masterful lyrics, new chords and stage charisma are things which define Cash from other similiar musicians. So great is Cash's musical repertoire and so profound is his mark on history, that one would assume that any attempt to try and imitate him would be a disaster.

Despite past films trying to imitate legends to a horrific effect, Mangold's film skirts many of the usual dangers film producers have to dodge when making a film about a legend. Like Ray (2005), the film choses a traditional path to tread, centering on Cash's emotional twists and turns and the effect the music has on him and him on the music. Concentrating mainly on Cash's relationship with June Carter, the film establishes the enduring friendship between them and Johnny's constant hope for more.

The pair sing on tour together and it clear that they are soul mates, made for each other both on and off the stage. However, a sea of woe stands between them: June's divorce, June's new husband and Johnny's addiction to amphetamines. When June has had enough of drugs, the hardship and the social isolation, she leaves the tour – sending Johnyy into a downward spiral of depression, rage and financial problems. His first marriage to Vivian (a simple houswive with none of June's fire and energy but likeable) is in tatters, especially after it is clear that Johnny's romantic intentions lie elsewhere.

The backbone of the film and possible the most important aspect of the feature is the relationship between Cash and his father. His father held the unexpected and untimely death of Johnny's elder brother as Johnny's fault, initiating the guilt and pain Johnny feels about life and his family – something which is reflected in his music. The devil, his father scathes "took the wrong son." It is exactly this missing paternal link which Johnny finds so difficult to get over.

Perhaps the reason Walk the Line missed out at the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Actor (Phoenix) is that the screenplay already existed in the form of Cash's life and imitation is arguably easier for an actor to achieve rather than building a character up from a script. True, Heath Ledger's performance as the ranch cowboy in Brokeback Mountain was nothing short of genius (purely as a performace and also that Ledger is so typecast as being rubbish that he had to work hard to break his mould) and Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance was Oscar worthy, granted. However, Joaquin Phoenix's performance cannot go without mention when discussing the greatest performances from actors 2005/2006.

Typecasted as an actor who is expressionless and perhaps a little camera shy (see The Village), Phoenix is mesmerising. There's a lot to say for an actor or actress who captivates an audience. This is exactly what Phoenix does. His imitation of Cash is incredible. His voice is deep, rustic and harsh. So great is Phoenix's depiction of Cash both on and off stage that one finds oneself believing to be watching Cash and not Phoenix. Phoenix's co-star and Oscar winner, Reese Witherspoon, delievers the performance of a lifetime, stepping away from her usual roles and delieveries and stepping into unfamiliar terrority, and achieving the greatest award. Her singing is sassy, she is funny, adoring and she portrays June's unwillingness to temper her passions and see Cash's self-destruction brilliantly.

Phoenix's performance is magnificant and should not be overshadowed by any other Oscar contender. The film is honest and sound, juxtaposing the musical success and downfall of one man. One could perhaps argue that the film choses to centre more on Cash's life than his music and does imply that Cash simply fell into his musical personality, rather than offering any scope for how his music was born. As a peice of cinema the film is stunning and a joy to watch whether one is a Cash fan or not. It's just as well Bob Dylan references were kept to a low and no Dylan cameos were made as this would have completed lowered the tone.

The accomplished vocal work of Phoenix and Witherspoon does not really get enough attention in the film. Their work is masterful. Phoenix's "on-stage" performances are just sensational. The acting is spot-on on all accounts and the general production is solid. Particular gems are the concert footage and the flashback's into Cash's earlier years. This insight into one of music's greatest legends is flawless and captivating and can watched repeatedly for many years to come.

Fantastic and highly recommended.

March 09, 2006

Social – Amazing, for the most part…

Ok, for future reference, if anyone sees me texting people when I'm drunk, will you plleeeeeeeease remove my phone from my hands and not let me have it back.

Sorry to anyone who did get random texts last night. U lucky few…

March 03, 2006

I Hate Competing

Ready, Set, Go make a fool of yourself as captain of the B Team at the Student Nationals!

Woo, it's going to be (admittedly unobserved, thanks to the second isolation) absolute carnage.

Bugger bugger bugger, why could I get an eye infection?

However, I think we could do ok. We only need to finish four places above Nottingham B and two above Lufbra B (HA!) to top the B Leauge again… Do-able. Nigh-on impossible, but still slightly do-able. Maybe. Equally my maths might be slightly off, in which case we could be screwed.

March 01, 2006

Pub Golf Ruled

Ok, so, here's a bit of a round up of Pub Golf last night…

It was a cheap evening, I managed to spend under a tenner, woo! I was totally sober right up until Kate's house, when the full force of alllllllllllllll that alcohol hit me. All at once. Which was fun… I think it was at Kate's house when I obtained two rather noticable love bites on my back!!! I thiiiiink, (but am by no means sure) that Jean, Sarah and then Simon were, in fact, biting my back. I feel this is a bit weird. I was very drunk. Oo, and me and the girls had yet another ace drunken girly conversation!

And I really can't remember getting from Kate's to the last bar, but I think we lost Stu, Mel, and maybe Jean along the way. What an ace night!!!

February 23, 2006

The All 90's AllNighter!

Got something planned Friday night?
Cancel it.

Plan to watch TV with mates?
Drag them along….

Plan to do work?
It's Friday night….

Something you want to see on TV on Friday night?
Record it.

Out on a date?
Reschedule them.

Plan to just sit on your arse?
YES! Come and do that in L3 TOMORROW!



@ 7:30pm.

In: L3

Member of society – £6
Non member – £9
Outside Guest – £10.

It's films all night. ALL NIGHT! Showings:

Shawshank Redemption
The Usual Suspects
The Wedding Singer
Mystery Film <—- This really is a mystery. Only one person knows what it is in the whole of the University.
The Matrix

Inbetween these immense films are some crazy fun sessions. Quizzes, raffles and the exec handover are just some of things which will be done. It's going to be immense! Food and drink is allowed too!

Tickets are available at any WSC showing or go to Cholo on Friday (tomorrow) and buy your ticket there at the stand.

So can you go 5 times in one night....?

February 19, 2006

Buy a Harrier Jump Jet…

This was in the paper today… It wold be quite funky if you needed a uniform for a dressing up night! Disposal Services Agency

Jon has already decided that he wants a jump jet and a destroyer for his birthday…