March 05, 2006

Been away for a while

apologies for my lack of blogging in recent weeks! i have neglected this blog for my msn space! so as a recap of the past months in bec land see:



January 07, 2006

spanking gud christmas

i thought id give a little overview of my xmas as its midnight and im awake and slightly bored.
I had a bec-tastic christmas!
Santa spoilt me rotten – bless him!

if u dnt wanna read my list of pressies skip past next para!! :-)

I got lots of pennies, straighteners, clothes-my skirts beautiful thank you j , pjs, make up, books, an oil burner – my room smells delicious, some jewellery choccies – a necessity! a fluffy dressing gown, a fantastic stewie remote – cool beans viks! -lots of slipper boots – so cute! A beautiful hat – might put in a pic of me avec hat to show its glory! A disney mug – pooh bear to be precise, sorry if ive forgotten anything but it was a while back!

We had LOTS of snow over xmas upto 6 inches in some places, it was great but mental! My street is a rather steep hill so we fell victim to a fair few skids and bumps on the roads there was 6 accidents in the space of like 15 minutes first bad night! OUCH

The only damper really was the fact that i had 4 essays to do – and 2 still left to do :-s its menat to be the christmas HOLIDAYS guys! wots up with that!!??!!

It did mean that my sis was home from uni as well tho which was …interesting… shes one of those people who generally is lovely but sometimes she opens her mouth n u just want to slap her, it typically happens after about 10minutes of contact, again bless u j for putting up with her and her comments

The icing on the cake formy christmas however HAS 2 be the fact that me n j booked our next hol together – if ur read my last blog u will already know of my excitment! – it will be 2 years this may since we last went away and im so excited and ready for a get away to sun sand and sea, im a proper water baby (you'll have to drag me out j! ) our hotels right on the beach and therefore the red sea aka snorkelling paradise!
i have learnt from my last snorkelling exp! plenty of sum cream on the bum – ouch not the best thing i did

ill also try to get some pics in gallery from my last hol show u guys the gorg beach!


January 04, 2006

bec is back

Bec is back in cryfields and as soon as shes written her 4 essays due in this week will be ready to get back into the swing of things!
Ive bought a few editions for my room, loads of pictures from christmas to make me smile and from my last hol to dom rep – ages ago but still loving it!
Speaking of hols, i booked one a few days ago, im going to Egypt on the 4th sept and CAAAAAAAAAANT WAIT im just going to spend all day every day snorkelling in the red sea – my hotel is beach front – how posh – and drinking my free locally produced alcohol – its also all inclusive! jealous?! you should be mwah haha! ive already bought all my snorkelling gear lol roll on September!
Anyways…back to my wot else ive bought with me! an extra pillow! always a bonus! now i have 3! altho i have forgotten my bear so will have to substitute pillow for bear when lonely lol an ample supply of rice! soups! potatoes! beans! mushrooms and corn on the cob yummy!
Also half of the derby university library as its selection is far superior – no arguements please, o the joys of other ppls lib cards!thanks j!xx
o and if anyone knows of any decent underwater cameras, let me know pls, digital idealy with CHEAP housing if needed!

OR if anyone has one they'd like to sell! let me know!

November 25, 2005


people who have read my blog before – surely there are some? will know of my passion for lost – see entry : lost - i was until i watched it! for further details!
After watching the entire first series during reading week – as promised, i neglected you all by not informing you of its wonders!
you will cry
you will laugh
you will be scared
but most of all you'll be shocked!

i make no attempts to hide my passion for this show – the love of a tv series is new to me but i will happily ruin plot lines for anyone interested in knowing the end or up to a certain episode. Also i have the first 3 episodes of the second series, and MY GOD GUYS it just gets better!
so if your not already hooked! its never too late to start watching! theres still something like the last 6 episodes of the series to watch so get stuck in!

you'll be amazed!!!!!

November 24, 2005

the best quote ever

I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get closer. Then it hit me.


small minds

other ppls fave quotes welcome!

November 08, 2005

Wahoooooo the devilish essay is complete

best get started on the one due in next wed

rebecca would just like to apologise for any small children who could possible have been subjected to her evil cackelling if thats even how u spell it but im thinking its not, but strangely, i dont ... care mwahahahah

November 07, 2005

down day

do you ever just have one of those days when even though nothings gone wrong and theres no reasonable explination you just feel really down.
Im having one today and im hating it.
Im in an antisocial mood and just wanna sit and be miserable,on my own for an hour or so. But no im out socialising and retiring back to write that masterpiece of an essay – im sure!
I cant put my finger on it. Determined to just blame the hormones! grrr bad hormones. Maybe its cz i came back from my reading week at home the other day n im getting a bit home sick!? god knows!
neways im gonna watch a chic flick later with vik n ceri to lighten my mood. Coolius beanius!!!


November 01, 2005


is it just me who is cursed with the ability of falling asleep as soon as they start reading books relevant to their course!?

October 25, 2005

what a day

Well after discovering yesterday that my toe was infact broken you wouldnt think my luck could get much worst. But o yes its worse!
First the A key on my lap top fell off?!?!?! so i have to push a squiggy thing to get an A and its so awkward grrr!
then today i had to hobble 1 shoed to my film studies screening to view the clip the assessment is on, and as im going home tomo – to be pampered – and the office for submission closed @ 5:30 i had 2 and a half hour to write the essay from scratch.
Then i discovered i had no credits to print so had to hobble away to get some credits n hobble back to find the comp room i was using had been locked. So hobbling away i went to find another free comp, by this time it was 5:15, i did manage to get it printed, yey! but by 5:25 – as i was wen i hobbled back, the office was closed!!!! <[sigh]> I left it with the chair of the department who has promised to hand it in for me, bless, so its not all bad!

but my fish is also now dead, RIP george, but being an optimist <[cough]> im seeing it as an excuse to buy a new fishey :-)

Any how, home tomo for a land of pampering – as they now have to as i have a broken bone lol, cant wait!!!

post A & E

Follow-up to broken toe?!?! from Rebecca's blog

and the x ray says….BROKEN eek!

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