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Oh dear, I not very good at writting little thing about myself.

Ok, lets start with the basic things. I spend a lot of the time (arguable not enough) trying to do maths, thus I am a 3nd year mathematician. I’m not very good at it and generally never expect to be, my argument being that some one has to be at the bottom so that others can be at the top (envy envy envy…..).

What else do I do?
I attempt to play various musical instruments each with a varying degree of success. The worst notably being brass (Tenor Horn and Cornet) but its fun trying so I will just have to be satisfied with that.
So correct answer to the above question is: Not must (if your like my mother and father will find it very boaring and won’t for the live of you understand why I do it, question: why did thay buy me my flute?)

Anyway thats it for now.

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