July 03, 2005


Hi guys. Thought I'd put my Belize address up to give you guys an option of writing to me. It is….

Nathan Petrie
Trekforce Expeditions
PO Box 2063
Belize City
Central America
The World

Would be cool to get a surprise letter off someone. It may take a few weeks to get to me. Am going on the 11th July.

June 23, 2005

The End

Gentlemen, its been a pleasure x x

June 13, 2005

Lost phone

Basically i'm retarded and lost my phone about 2ish at school days on saturday, either in the union or outside, or in a taxi!.... so if anyone knows anyone who found/saw a Sony Ericsson T630 (like this one http://www.telefon.de/images/big/se_t630_black_front.jpg ) this weekend, can you let me know asap. my email is liquiddookie69@hotmail.com , or just post summat on the blog.

Cheers boys

June 10, 2005

House party tonight

House party tonight at mine (apparently)

Everyone welcome. No doubt Jules will turn up anyways ;)

Oh, and Daryl's attendance was specially requested by one of my housemates rather drunkenly last nite. You have an admirer Daryl!

My house be here: (north leam)... 5 mins walk from the top of the parade.


May 25, 2005

Football on Fri

Tarkett Pitch booked 2–4

May 04, 2005

The full draw

There you go Daryl, seeing as you asked so nicely.

Round 1

1 Kingsley Masters vs Inter = Inter won 4–0

2 Business School vs Norfolk N Chance = Norfolk N Chance won 3–2

3 Invisible Hand Job vs Medics 2 = 1–1 (Invisible Hand Job won 3–1 on pens)

4 Medics 1 vs Michael Jackson's Schoolboy Error = Medics won 5–1

Quarter Finals

5 Inter vs The Mighty Real Daryl = 2–2 (Inter won 3–1 on pens) :-(

6 Norfolk N Chance vs Brian Little = Brian Little won 6–0

7 Invisible Hand Job vs Westwood = Westwood won 3–2

8 Medics 1 vs Inter Yamam = Inter Yamam won 1–0

Semi Finals

Inter vs Brian Little = Inter won 4–0

Westwood vs Inter Yamam = Inter Yamam won on pens

Final – Inter vs Inter Yamam

April 27, 2005

Quarter–final game

Hi guys

Our quarter final with Inter will be played at 1pm on Saturday 7th May. Hope everyone can make it.



April 23, 2005


We have the indoor hall in WESTWOOD booked for some football from 5–6 on wednesday. Thanks for all turning up yesterday

April 19, 2005

The wonder of Jules

Writing about web page http://www.juleslovesfisting.co.uk

I know this could be all irrelevant if Rootes lose to No Nonsense who they are playing now but I thought I would ask the question that everyone wants to know the answer to (apart from the question as to how jules managed to end up on the fifth floor in the lift when he was trying to go to the 1st) that is if rootes play Real daryl in the quarters, who will Jules play for?

We all know who he should play for but who will he play for?

Answers on a postcard

Extracurricular activities

Writing about web page http://www.scatonmytitslikeitschristmaseve.com

Hey ya''
Squash league will be starting soon so sign up before friday-I ve extended the deadline. Will be starting on monday week 2-will put up fixtures on weekend.

Also, Hugo has booked pitch for 1–3 on Friday for a kick about-know you're all busy but it will be good to get us all playing together again. The more people that turn up, the better, come on guys, i know you have work to do but football comes first.


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