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May 26, 2005

New S.I. unit created ?

Ok, so I clearly started this blog at the start of revision time when I was in 'work avoidance' mode. This quickly progressed to anxiety, fear, terror, and finally actually doing some work. Hence the lack of interesting blog entries. Only 2 exams left now though, then I can start wasting time on a regular basis again.
So anyway, whilst learning some fluid dynamics I came across several marvellous mathematical models such as the plughole that never actually drains and the Jumbo Jet that had a 26m fuselage. I also came across a cup of tea undergoing spin-down as a result of Helmholtz theorem (it's boring don't worry). This made me think, clearly all physicists want to have a theorem or unit named after them, and I may have found my chance here…....
The new official unit for rate of caffeine consumption is: Dowdalls
1 Dowdall is equal to one cup of tea (made with Tesco tea bags, in a normal half pint mug) consumed every hour.
I will be submitting a paper at some point to those people in France who are in charge of the Standard Internationale crap. Until then, you may as well start using this convention because it is sure to revolutionise the relatively new field of Beverage Physics and you will all look like fools if you aren't up to date with the latest research.
[ I will also be publishing a joint paper with some very esteemed colleagues some time next year entitled: Elementary Bitch Theory and It's Applications]
If anyone would like to make a contribution to either of these fields then please leave a comment.

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