February 26, 2017

My First PMA in MBE !!

The first PMA, the first 3000 words of scientific essay in English that I have ever done. At first, when I decided to choose question number 1 about continuous improvement, I thought it won’t be that hard to write it. But when I wanted to make my first draft, honestly, I didn’t have any idea how to answer the question in a good way and critical thinking. I read some journals to gain more information about continuous improvement, tried to remember the module that I had in the class and tried to have idea for my draft first. Actually, the presentation that I had in the class, really helped me to understand more about the theory. Because at that time, I already did my research to prepare the presentation from journal especially about the EFQM and SoPK.

After I finished my first drafts, I was really thankful for the feedbacks that I had from my tutor (Paul) because it made me realised what are the things that not related to the question and how to make the PMA better. From all of the research, reading a lot of journals, analysis, and writing for the PMA made me understand more about the continuous improvement, how to implement PDCA cycle and SoPK in an organisation, and also the EFQM “Enablers” criteria that turns out to be related to continuous improvement.

Creating Business Excellence module

One of my passion is to learn more about Operational Excellence in industry because I found it a really fascinating concept that will be very useful for innovation and seeking improvement for excellence process. That is why I am so excited to learn about Creating Business Excellence module. At first, all I know about Operational Excellence is just Lean Six Sigma concept. I thought that was just the most important things that I can apply in the organisations to make it excellence in the business aspect. But after I learn and study about CBE, I know a lot of new knowledge that I can use in my future job. Before I attend this course, I don’t know much about the excellence models like the Deming or Malcolm model which have their own criteria for business excellence and now I find them very helpful and interesting model that can help me to be a better leader in the future. And also about the EFQM model that I think I will try to apply each criteria to get the best result in my work later. Because from my experiences, I realised that there are still some organisations who haven’t applied this excellence concept which actually will help them to achieve their goals. The seminar about the EFQM was really help me to understand more about how to use the fundamental concepts of excellence in organisations, the application of EFQM model and also the RADAR by the explanation and exercises that I got.

The mini projects really help me to learn and understand more about the module because I have to read, analyse and find references from books and journals on my own and then discuss it with my group to know another different perspective. As for the presentation, honestly, I don’t have much experiences to present something using English language. But now I don’t really feel much fear when I did my presentation today because I know that MBE has a safe learning environment which makes me more comfortable and not afraid for making some mistakes. And also, I really like the meeting simulation, because I can learn about how important to make agenda for the general manager before starting the meeting so everyone can tell and share about their team problem. I also learn about how to solve every problem using a critical thinking and hear another different idea from my colleagues.

MBE learning environment is different from my undergraduate degree and I think this kind of learning environment is better because I can learn a lot of new things from the simulation, discussion, presentation and projects rather than just listening to a lecture. This way of learning is more applicative so it makes me easier to remember what I have already learnt in this module.

I also learn a lot about how to make a good learning environment for me as an individual and also as a leader in an organisation. Like The System of profound knowledge by Deming, I understand now about how important to know the variation in the organisations so I can give the best solution in every problems without making more variation. Because being a leader is about how to manage people to do their job right, make improvement by innovation, learning by experiences to know the lack in every action that they did so they can make the process better.

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