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February 15, 2006

Post Valentine's Day Rant (not what you think)

After the “festivities” yesterday of Valentine’s Day I felt a rant coming on. So here we go.

This isn’t your standard commercialisation rant or a singleness rant but something subtly different.

I’m a Christian. A Christian with a very lovely girlfriend. As such I wanted to get her something for Valentine’s Day. Having done this, I of course, wanted a card to go with it. As my artistic skills are a little lacking, I thought I’d buy one. And here in lay my mistake

However, I hadn’t reckoned on the minds of those who come up with these cards, because, I was, quite frankly, shocked by what they showed.

Being a Christian, I’m a no sex before marriage kinda guy.

So, given that unmarried Christain men (and women) must form a significant market out there, is it so difficult to find a Valentine’s Day card that doesn’t outright talk about sex between the card giver and receiver or isn’t either dripping in sexual innuendo, or so horribly mushy that it makes you sick to read it. Why is it so damm difficult, and presumably non-financially viable, to sell a clean, simple card, with minimal messages inside for us to add our own messages. I really don’t want a card that suggests new sexual positions for us (me and my girlfriend) to try.

Come on card makers, there’s a market out there for such cards, both men and women who would like to send a clean card to which they can add their own personal messages.
Well next time I’m making my own card, no matter how rubbish it looks compared to a well drawn and printed shop one, at least I won’t be saddened by the other cards on display and put off getting any card for someone else by the rather sad and pathetic cards on sale.

At least the thought will count.


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