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February 09, 2006

My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force

Follow-up to My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force from SoundRich MkII

Fast Attack

The Fast Attack section of the army is about being just that, fast. It tends to be made up of units that are generally able to fight better on the move than the other sections of the army, are typically the fastest in the army, and are often lightly armoured.

There are two fast attack choices in my army. These are my sentinel squadron and my Hellhound flame tank “Asher”

Sentinel Squadron

At the moment there is but one sentinel in my sentinel squadron. Sentinels are lightly armoured walkers that support the infantry. The sentinel is armed with a multi-laser, a rapidly firing anti-personnel and light anti-armour weapon.


I often don’t use the sentinel in games, simply because it’s so lightly armoured

Hellhound – “Asher”

The Hellhound flame tank is a medium tank, equipped with a long range flamethrower.


It’s best used to skirt round the flank, moving fast and avoiding being shot, and then bursting out and shooting with everything it’s got. Against most enemies it’s quite capable of killing a squad per turn.

– next in the series Heavy Support

February 03, 2006

My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force

Follow-up to My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force from SoundRich MkII


Sorry for the long gap between the elites and my troops section but here we go.

Troops form the core of all armies for Warhamer 40,000. They represent our basic troopers, who bear the brunt of the battle. They often represent the most tactically flexible units in your army, able to soak up firepower and hit hard against either troops or enemy armour both at range and in close combat. Troops are essential for winning the battle, since, although they can't do everything as well as the more specialised units can, they have few weaknesses. Also in some battles, they will be the only thing you can depoly at the start of the battle, and so become essential for your battle.

Imperial guard troops units work a little differently to other armies. In other armies, you buy one unit per choice on the force organization chart (a chart that determines how many of each type of unit (HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast attack and Heavy Support) you can have in your army). However, for an Imperial guard army the main troops choice is called an Infantry Platoon. This consists of a command squad (5 men) and 2 to 5 infantry squads (of 10 men each). All these can then be bought upgrades.

Imperial Guard armies also have Conscript Platoons (large squads of more poorly trained but cheaper men) and Armoured Fist Squads (single infantry squads of 10 men mounted in an IFV) available instead of taking an infantry platoon. However to take a conscript platoon or armoured fist squad requires you to take an infantry platoon first, limiting their numbers.

My army at the moment consists of 2 Infantry Platoons with 3 squads and a Conscript Platoon. I plan to add an Armoured Fist Squad in the near future.

Command Squads

Each Platoon is lead by a command squad consisting of a junior officer and 4 men. In my army the Officer is equipped with a boltgun, one man with a grenade launcher and 2 men in each squad form a weapons team equipped with either a missile launcher or an autocannon. The Autocannon is a long range fairly rapid firing weapon, designed for engaging enemy heavy infantry and light to medium armoured vehicles. It lacks the strength to take on the heaviest armour in the games, but makes up for this with its long range and higher rate of fire.
These pictures show the command squads for the two platoons in my army.

Command Squand 36Command Squad 36
Command Squad 49Command Squad 49

Infantry Squads

Each platoon is identical in terms of the infantry squads that it contains. Each contains 3 squads each of 10 men, with a special and heavy weapon. These are a squad with a missile launcher and a grenade launcher

Squad 295 Missile TeamSquad 265

A second squad carries a plasma gun (powerful but prone to overheating!) and an autocannon.

Sqaud 501

A third Squad carries another plasma gun, and a Lascannon (one of the best anti-tank weapons in the game, at least the man portable ones)

Squad 450Squad 450 Lascannon Team

Concript Platoon

The conscript platoon consists of 20 conscripts armed with lasguns and two flamers. They’re cheap, poor shots (BS 2!) and poor morale. But the whole squad costs less than 100 pts, so they’re a good gun fodder.

squad 609Squad 609

These units (Infantry and Conscript platoons) do most of the fighting in my army, both at long range and short range. They also absorb the majority of the points cost of my army, as befits they’re central role. All my games are won or lost based on my use of these units, and their positioning and movement.

-next in the series “Fast Attack”

January 14, 2006

My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force

Follow-up to My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force from SoundRich MkII


Elites choices are powerful, but rare units. They are usually more powerful versions of your basic units, or specialised units in their own right.

My army has but one elites choice at the moment.


I use these models to represent ratling snipers. Ratling snipers for the sniping core of the Imperial Guard. I have modeled these troops and sniper-observer pairs on large bases. In game terms I count each base as 2 snipers. The models were originally going to represent special weapons teams equipped with sniper rifles, but since 6 ratlings only cost 1 pt more than a special weapons team with 3 sniper rifles, I went for the ratlings. Other advantages are the bonus to cover saves, and the fact that ratlings can infiltrate. This way of representing snipers is common in imperial guard armies, as many people don't like the ratling models.

In games, these guys take on tough creatures (since they wound on a fixed roll they're perfect for shooting big monsters). I also use them to disrupt enemy squads, since a squad that takes casualties from a sniper rifle can become pinned, unable to move as they hit the dirt!

– next in the series – “Troops”

January 11, 2006

My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force


HQ or Headquaters is one of the most important sections of your army. Every army (using the normal rules) must have at least 1 and no more than 2 HQ units to lead the army.

In the Imperial guard army HQ units work a little different to in other armies. In most armies you can choose a character and may choose a retinue (a squad that sticks with the character to protect him) to go with him (or her). In the imperial guard you actually buy a whole squad which includes a character. You can then add more units and characters to this squad, all in the same choice. But you can only ever have one unit.

Command Squad

Major Golen

My army is (at 1500pt+ games) lead by Major Golen
The Commander of my army
Major Golen is a Heroic Senior Officer (HSO) who is usually equipped with a power weapon, laspistol, carapace armour and a refractor field. He occsionally caries a Macharian Cross. In lower point (<500pt) games this model is used to represent my army commander, but is given less equipment.

Master Sergeant Mador

Master Sergeant Mador is a member of the command squad who has been upgraded to veteran status and carries the company banner. This useful piece of kit allows nearby squads to re-roll failed moral checks.

The Other Squadies
The other members of the Command Squand
The command squad is also made up of three more standard guardsmen.

Commissar Seljari

Attached to the command squad is Commisar Seljari. He’s a political officer assigned to keep an eye on the major. In fact he’s so strict that if the squad should run away from battle he will execute the Major on the spot!.

Adept Ynwl

Adept Ynwl is a man gifted with powerful psychic powers. In battle he uses these powers in a variety of ways. However he is vulnerable to deamonic possession. If this looks likely Commissar Seljari will execute him on the spot to prevent dangerous possession.

Heavy Weapons Squad 144

The Command Squad can have many different squads attached to it. In my army only one squad is attached, a heavy weapons squad carrying three Missile Lauchers. These weapons launch high explosive or anti-tank missiles out to long range, making the squad one of the most flexible in the army.

Tactics for these units

In my army these units uses are fairly simple. The Command Squad sits in the middle of my army, keeping the army from running off under fire, and helping them pick the correct targets. They also serve as a powerful countercharge unit, able to engage dangerous enemy units in close combat to protect more vulnerable squads.

The Heavy Weapons squad picks a good point to deploy and concentrates on tank hunting, or if no tanks are available, blasting infantry with their heavy weapons

– next in the series: “Elites”

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