January 11, 2006

My Warhammer 40,00 Army – The Matherian 362nd Experditionary Force

Writing about web page http://uk.games-workshop.com

I got quite excited by the arrival of my 2 Stygies VIII Pattern Leman Russ Vanquishers this morning. Iíve decided that itís time to start blogging about my Imperial Guard army. This is going to be regular feature where I describe how my army grows with time, how it performs on the battlefield and how Iím learning to use it better.

I thought Iíd start with a little background for people who just donít understand any of that first paragraph.
This army is an army for the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop battle game produced by Games Workshop . The Imperial Guard are the human fighters in a far-future dystopia characterized by massive and never-ending war. They are the backbone of the fighting forces of the Imperium of Man, despite being outclassed in just about every area by the other forces they are at war with. But they bring to the battlefield their determination and sheer numbers.

In real terms, the army is made of plastic miniatures approximately 1 inch tall. Each of these miniatures represents an individual solider in the army and may carry all sorts of weapons to battle. These miniatures are mounted on round bases. Also included in the army a model tanks also made from plastic. These miniatures were purchased unpainted and have all been assembled and painted by me.

Thatís it for this entry. When Iíve written it Iíll post some of the background to my army (also known as fluff). When Iíve taken some good pics Iíll go through each section of my army giving the background of the units (and some tasty details on how well theyíve performed in games Iíve played). Hopefully eventually Iíll be able to add details on new units as I add them, and post battle reports on my experiences with the force.

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  1. I take it you play the detestable third edition rules? I used to collect an Imperial Guard army as well as a decent sized Space Wolf one, but gave it up about 5 years ago really. I just cannot stand the third ed rules…

    11 Jan 2006, 18:45

  2. The even more detestable 4th (3.5 really) rules. But there's no sensible way to conduct a battle with an army my size with 2nd ed rules. Besides 4th ed isn't that bad

    11 Jan 2006, 18:51

  3. I don't know the 4th ed rules – I haven't been following Games Workshop for a while. How large an army do you have? We used to have battles of up to 4000 points under second ed without much difficulty…

    11 Jan 2006, 19:46

  4. My 1500pt army consists of around 100 infantry and 3 tanks (1 hellhound, 2 Russes)

    You've got to remeber that basic infantry is alot more important and common in 3rd/4th ed battles than in 2nd ed.

    you could have battles of 4000 pts with no difficulty, by I like the fact that i can now get a six turn games in, with my 1500 pt force in around 2 hours. Not to say that 4th ed is perfect (far from it) but it's nowhere near as bad as people seem to make out.

    the reason i like shorter games is it makes it feasable to play several in an afternoon, which is very helpful with the people I play.

    13 Jan 2006, 12:18

  5. Ahhh – my friends and I had no problem with games lasting the best part of a day. Infantry was important in 2nd ed too, but they ruined the balance in 3rd in my opinion by basically making the sorts of games that I play (using lots of heavy support and high mobility units, namely tanks) to great effect. I never cared much for basic units; the main criticism I have of 2nd ed is that it allowed rather ridiculously strong characters to be created with the right wargear cards. 3rd ed just turned the whole thing into a mass crap infantry bloodbath, with units not particularly mobile in my opinion.

    13 Jan 2006, 13:33

  6. In 4th ed tank maneverability has come back abit, by the classification of heavy weapons mounted on vehicles into main and defensive weapons. Main weapons are S7 and higher, defensive weapons S6 or lower. Now vehicles can fire one main and all defensive weapons if they move upto 6" (12" for fast vehicles). Also ordinince weapons (battlecannons etc) can now be fired on the move, with a penalty to acurracy (scatter 2D6, pick the highest instead of D6"). High maneverabilty is still available to basic units by adding transports (which are less like coffins than they were in 2nd ed). I think the focus on troop units actually helps people build balanced armies that are more fun to play. After all, if you don't like the way the forces are structured, why not alter it with some houserules (say make troops choices elites, fast aatck troops and elites fast attack). If your opponent agrees it makes for really good, fun games.

    13 Jan 2006, 16:30

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