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January 11, 2006

My Imperial Guard Army – 362nd Matherian Experiditionary Force


HQ or Headquaters is one of the most important sections of your army. Every army (using the normal rules) must have at least 1 and no more than 2 HQ units to lead the army.

In the Imperial guard army HQ units work a little different to in other armies. In most armies you can choose a character and may choose a retinue (a squad that sticks with the character to protect him) to go with him (or her). In the imperial guard you actually buy a whole squad which includes a character. You can then add more units and characters to this squad, all in the same choice. But you can only ever have one unit.

Command Squad

Major Golen

My army is (at 1500pt+ games) lead by Major Golen
The Commander of my army
Major Golen is a Heroic Senior Officer (HSO) who is usually equipped with a power weapon, laspistol, carapace armour and a refractor field. He occsionally caries a Macharian Cross. In lower point (<500pt) games this model is used to represent my army commander, but is given less equipment.

Master Sergeant Mador

Master Sergeant Mador is a member of the command squad who has been upgraded to veteran status and carries the company banner. This useful piece of kit allows nearby squads to re-roll failed moral checks.

The Other Squadies
The other members of the Command Squand
The command squad is also made up of three more standard guardsmen.

Commissar Seljari

Attached to the command squad is Commisar Seljari. He’s a political officer assigned to keep an eye on the major. In fact he’s so strict that if the squad should run away from battle he will execute the Major on the spot!.

Adept Ynwl

Adept Ynwl is a man gifted with powerful psychic powers. In battle he uses these powers in a variety of ways. However he is vulnerable to deamonic possession. If this looks likely Commissar Seljari will execute him on the spot to prevent dangerous possession.

Heavy Weapons Squad 144

The Command Squad can have many different squads attached to it. In my army only one squad is attached, a heavy weapons squad carrying three Missile Lauchers. These weapons launch high explosive or anti-tank missiles out to long range, making the squad one of the most flexible in the army.

Tactics for these units

In my army these units uses are fairly simple. The Command Squad sits in the middle of my army, keeping the army from running off under fire, and helping them pick the correct targets. They also serve as a powerful countercharge unit, able to engage dangerous enemy units in close combat to protect more vulnerable squads.

The Heavy Weapons squad picks a good point to deploy and concentrates on tank hunting, or if no tanks are available, blasting infantry with their heavy weapons

– next in the series: “Elites”

My Warhammer 40,00 Army – The Matherian 362nd Experditionary Force

Writing about web page

I got quite excited by the arrival of my 2 Stygies VIII Pattern Leman Russ Vanquishers this morning. I’ve decided that it’s time to start blogging about my Imperial Guard army. This is going to be regular feature where I describe how my army grows with time, how it performs on the battlefield and how I’m learning to use it better.

I thought I’d start with a little background for people who just don’t understand any of that first paragraph.
This army is an army for the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop battle game produced by Games Workshop . The Imperial Guard are the human fighters in a far-future dystopia characterized by massive and never-ending war. They are the backbone of the fighting forces of the Imperium of Man, despite being outclassed in just about every area by the other forces they are at war with. But they bring to the battlefield their determination and sheer numbers.

In real terms, the army is made of plastic miniatures approximately 1 inch tall. Each of these miniatures represents an individual solider in the army and may carry all sorts of weapons to battle. These miniatures are mounted on round bases. Also included in the army a model tanks also made from plastic. These miniatures were purchased unpainted and have all been assembled and painted by me.

That’s it for this entry. When I’ve written it I’ll post some of the background to my army (also known as fluff). When I’ve taken some good pics I’ll go through each section of my army giving the background of the units (and some tasty details on how well they’ve performed in games I’ve played). Hopefully eventually I’ll be able to add details on new units as I add them, and post battle reports on my experiences with the force.

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