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My names Rich Cowan and I used to be undergraduate.

But now I’ve joined the world of post-graduate studies, doing a PhD in Biological Sciences, in the Structural Biology Group. My PhD is a CASE studentship, which means it’s sponsored by a company, so I get a little top up on top of my BBSRC grant.

What do I spend my time doing. Well I spend far too much time in the Lab (sometimes). Otherwise there’s Revelation and Cell. Rev is amazing, if you want to find out about rev you should check out the website or the blog , or you could just turn up to a rehearsal. Rev rehearses at 7.30pm in the Chaplaincy during term time. There’s no requirements to coming and singing, you don’t even need to be an amazing singer or mover to have fun. If you really want to know what rev is about check out the aims and values. Ask me about them if you don’t understand.

I’m an evangelical Christian, attending Westwood church (St. Johns). Theologically I find myself as a Calvinist. If you want to know more, use the contact form, I’ll be glad to try to explain it all to you, though I won’t claim it’ll be clear.

Please try to be civil and on topic in any comments you make on this blog. I do moderate comments, mainly to remove egregious insults if any appear. If your comment disappears, contact me, and I’ll (hopefully, if I remember) tell you why, and offer some suggestions. Try to think of debates that occur in comments as public debates with speakers and you shouldn’t go far wrong.


Rich Cowan (SoundRich)