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March 01, 2009

Please don't mix them up….....

If you ask some kid who has watched Inter Milan vs Man Utd this week who Julius Caesar is, he/she will tell you that he is the Inter Milan goalkeeper. For obvious reason, this is wrong, but how do kids get it wrong? It's simple. The Roman guy is spelt JULIUS CAESAR and the Inter Milan goalkeeper is spelt JULIO CESAR. In English, these names almost sound the same, so that's why kids get them mixed up. So next time when your kid-siblings get them mixed up, just tell them that these two guys' names are not spelt in the same way and they are not related.

My questions for you this time are:

  • Have you ever got people's names mixed up?
  • Do you think Man Utd will get through to the next round of the Champions League and why?

Thank you for viewing and smile!

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