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March 04, 2009

It's a scary, scary world out here.

We are living in a world where terrorism exists and is making our lives miserable. We often believe that sports can help us escape the harsh realities of life, including terrorism, but this is no longer the case.

What happened yesterday has shocked us all (check out the Cricket sections of every newspaper and sports website to find out what happened. If I tell you what happened, I will probably offend many of you). Suddenly, cricket has become a new front line of the War on Terror. It's no longer a gentle, slow sport in which a player can escape the harsh realities of life and have fun. Cricketers have now become targets for terrorists. Which sport will become terrorists' next target? I don't have a clue. Only time will tell.

The War on Terror is meant to reduce terrorism, but it has not served its purpose. In fact, terrorism is spreading like a cancer. It has just spread to the sports section of our lives. Where will it spread to next? Sadly, no one can tell (except the people behind terrorism, the terrorists themselves).

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