January 18, 2010

England vs Scotland? You must be mad!

The Scotland Secretary Jim Murphy has proposed a football match between England and Scotland. I think this is far from being a good idea. In fact, I think it's awful. It's not the football I am worried about. It's the fans and all this policing I am worried about.

Take one ordinary Scottish football fan, let's say Kenny MacAskill, as an example. He's more famous for being the Scottish Justice Secretary than being your average football fan. From what I have read, he was once arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly before a football match between England and Scotland at Wembley. He was never charged of course, otherwise he would never become the Scottish Justice Secretary as we know it now.

So, OK, I have nothing against Scotland and I like Scotland, but do you really want to see fans like the one in the example above clashing with the police and each other? The NHS will be in absolute meltdown.

Anyway, hey, I would actually like to watch a game of football between England and Scotland myself, but not with some violent football fans!

So what do you think? Is a football match between England and Scotland a 'Culture Exchange' or is it a mad idea and a recipe for disaster?

August 10, 2009

Oh My Beloved Chelsea!!

After the Community Shield yesterday, I've decided to fall in love with my darling Chelsea Football Club once again!

As someone who is from Sutton, Greater London, I have always loved Chelsea FC. During recent years, I have wobbled towards Man Utd mainly because Man Utd has won everything that has been thrown at it except the FA Cup. Now, I have decided that for the next two months at least, I will restart my love affairs with Chelsea and dance to the tunes of its manager and its players! Sorry, Man Utd. Viva La Chelsea.

There is no Midsomer Murders this week (I am gonna miss Midsomer Murders!!!). Instead, there is a friendly match between Holland and England on Wednesday. Please enjoy the match. It will make you laugh so much that you will be dreaming of Amsterdam in your sleep!! (I went to Amsterdam this July and I am still loving it!!)

July 27, 2009

The message is in the football shirt

Do you know that the colour of a football shirt can reveal the state of a football club? Yes, a football shirt can reveal the state of a football club and I have played some experimental games to prove it. Take one experimental game as an example, AKA, Newcastle United. This club has produced some rubbish looking banana-striped football shirt and no fan even wants to buy it. Wearing THIS shirt, Newcastle was heavily beaten by little known Leyton Orient during the weekend. Below are some other discoveries about football shirts. The colour is in BOLD and the explanation then follows.


Super-hot and is on fire. Expect sparks to fly. Also expect some red/yellow cards to be dished out and some pizza-throwing if the match gets to boiling point.


Oh, a complete opposite of red. Cool, calm and sexy, expect a good game.


Call the fashion police! Don't expect to win anything in a yellowy shirt.


Looks very clean. Expect a great game.


Nice colour. Expect to see some Tangoing. Don't expect to win anything in an orange shirt. Orange is a colour of peace.


Watch this space! There is a dark horse somewhere.


Who wears green (Sorry, this sounds terrible)? Anyway, green is a good colour. Sadly, it's rare and it is an endangered species. Let's go green!!

Football shirts can be fun! What does your football shirt reveal about the state of your football club or maybe even you??

March 04, 2009

It's a scary, scary world out here.

We are living in a world where terrorism exists and is making our lives miserable. We often believe that sports can help us escape the harsh realities of life, including terrorism, but this is no longer the case.

What happened yesterday has shocked us all (check out the Cricket sections of every newspaper and sports website to find out what happened. If I tell you what happened, I will probably offend many of you). Suddenly, cricket has become a new front line of the War on Terror. It's no longer a gentle, slow sport in which a player can escape the harsh realities of life and have fun. Cricketers have now become targets for terrorists. Which sport will become terrorists' next target? I don't have a clue. Only time will tell.

The War on Terror is meant to reduce terrorism, but it has not served its purpose. In fact, terrorism is spreading like a cancer. It has just spread to the sports section of our lives. Where will it spread to next? Sadly, no one can tell (except the people behind terrorism, the terrorists themselves).

March 01, 2009

Please don't mix them up….....

If you ask some kid who has watched Inter Milan vs Man Utd this week who Julius Caesar is, he/she will tell you that he is the Inter Milan goalkeeper. For obvious reason, this is wrong, but how do kids get it wrong? It's simple. The Roman guy is spelt JULIUS CAESAR and the Inter Milan goalkeeper is spelt JULIO CESAR. In English, these names almost sound the same, so that's why kids get them mixed up. So next time when your kid-siblings get them mixed up, just tell them that these two guys' names are not spelt in the same way and they are not related.

My questions for you this time are:

  • Have you ever got people's names mixed up?
  • Do you think Man Utd will get through to the next round of the Champions League and why?

Thank you for viewing and smile!

January 09, 2009

The Italian Job

Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday did what I often call the 'Italian Job'.  He drove a Ferrari and had a car crash in a tunnel near Manchester Airport. So what's the point of buying a posh car like Ferrari? The driver is gonna destroy it anyway and it's more expensive than a Ford car.

Anyway, if Cristiano Ronaldo really wants to do the 'Italian Job' everyday he should leave Man Utd and move to some great teams in Italy such as AC Milan and Juventus where he can drive as fast as he can and have a thrilling race with his new football friends everyday. Or, if he doesn't mind quitting football, he can become a racing driver.

December 29, 2008

The Alternative Football Awards of 2008

As you know, 2008 is almost over. My blog today gives recognitions to some of most exciting football people of the year.

Most Decorated Player of the year: C. Ronaldo

He has got almost all the individual football recognitions of the year.

Sex Symbol of the year: C. Ronaldo

I think he looks so hot.

The 'Oh dear, what have I done to deserve this?' award: Avram Grant

Grant is extremely unlucky. He and his Chelsea team have had the same number of points as Man Utd before the last Premier League game of last season, reached the Carling Cup final, and reached the Champions League final and they ended with absolutely nothing. Fortunately, Grant has turned from a great manager in Israel to a great manager in Europe. Good luck to him.

The International Team of the Year: Holland

As England wasn't in it, I felt free to choose a team to support during Euro 2008. I have been paying some attention to Holland for four years and I feel they've had more chemistry this year than they ever did.

The 'Tiger Tiger' award : Phil Brown (Hull Manager, if you don't have a clue about who he is)

This award is for anybody involved in football who has created a buzz. You may realise that Hull City is represented by a tiger. Well, Phil Brown is a tiger, considering what he has been doing. In fact, I think 'tiger' is not good enough to describe him. He is more 'tiger' than a tiger, so it should be 'tiger tiger'.

The 'Cry Cry Baby' award: William Gallas

This award is for any football person who keeps on crying like a baby. As you may well remember, Gallas likes to throw tantrums on the pitch and keeps on crying.

The Unsung Hero Award: ?

This award is for any football person who has been working hard all year but still does not get any personal recognition e.g. XX Player of the year. It's time for you to help me to give this award. Who is your unsung hero? After all, not all footballers can hit the headlines or win personal recognitions.

Please send some comments about this blog.

Have a wonderful holiday and a jolly good 2009.

October 10, 2008

England vs Kazakhstan

What does Kazakhstan remind you of? Borat probably.

Before I came to Warwick, I thought the Kazakhstanis were a bunch of Borats. Now, after I have made a few Kazakhstani friends, I realise that the Kazakhstanis are a bunch of beautiful looking people who are wonderful and nice. Let me tell you, they are NOT a bunch of Borats.

Let's talk about the football. I hope England will have a easy game but I don't think this is gonna happen. The Kazakhstanis are a bunch of people who are absolutely crazy about football and they will not give up without a fight.

Watch your back England, because the Kazakhstanis are gonna get you!

September 22, 2008

West Ham / Chelsea vs Man Utd

West Ham

Well done to Gianfranco Zola and his boys for beating Newcastle last weekend. Well done, you sponsorless West Ham. I hope you will do well this season.

Chelsea vs Man Utd

Well, what do you expect when Chelsea plays Man Utd? Here is a list of possible answers:

  • Loads of yellow cards
  • Frank Bruno style punching
  • Protesting against referee's decision
  • Injuries
  • Window Breaking

In the future, we may well see:

  • Pizza throwing
  • Ape like jumping
  • Pitch Invasion

I really, really hope in the future, whenever Chelsea plays against Man Utd, the game won't look like as if it was a game between Man Utd and Arsenal from 4 or 5 years ago. Please!!

September 08, 2008

Team Holland: My Story / Croatia vs England

Team Holland: My Story

When I was young, I had no interest in Holland. I mean, why should anyone be interested in Holland? This was me until the summer of 2004. Something strange happened that year. That 'something' was Euro 2004. During Euro 2004, I realised that there was a group of men in orange who played lovely football and looked really cool as well. They were people from Holland. That's why I have been keeping an eye on Holland for the last four years. It sounds familiar, doesn't it? I mean there are loads of neutral fans out here who are keeping an eye on Holland.

Team Holland is going through changes. The team has their goalkeeper, skipper and coach changed. The changes have not been easy. Take the friendly game against the Aussies for example. The team used to have three goalkeepers and now it has two. In the game, the goalkeeper got a red card, so the other goalkeeper had to get on and a player at the front had to be substituted. At the end, Team Holland lost at home. If that red card counts, the Dutch probably have a goalkeeper crisis this week, though I hope not!

Croatia vs England

For England, Zagreb of Croatia is more like a graveyard than a stadium. It was there when everything went WRONG for England. Paul Robinson's feet missed the ball with a Borat advert in the background. How stupid was that! You see, if you consider the sacking of Steven McClaren as burying alive the Brollyman with sand, by the end of the last Zagreb game, the sand had gone up to his knees.

Here are some tips for Mr Fabio Capello to follow if he wants to lead England to World Cup. Trust me, these work.

Mr Capello should:

  1. Stick to his gun and instinct.
  2. Ignore what the FA says about certain players e.g. Rooney. Some of these players are overrated.
  3. Select his own squad. It's his squad. Ignore what other people say about it.

Mr Capello shouldn't:

  • Work with Brian Barwick! Brian Barwick doesn't understand football. He only cares about the money FA makes from expensive TV deals! That's why some of us couldn't watch the England game on Saturday and will not watch the England game on Wednesday!

Some words for Slaven Bilic. Slaven, Stay in Croatia and don't come to England because you are too cool to come to England!

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