May 16, 2004

Our new house in Kenilworth (hopefully)

Yesterday we reserved a new house in the St. Joseph's development in Kenilworth. It is only a few minutes from the University, or a nice cycle ride through country roads and past Crackley Wood Nature Reserve. The house also backs onto the Kenilworth Common Nature Reserve, which is a large area of woodland. It is just a short distance from Abbey Fields Park, Kenilworth Castle, and Kenilworth town centre.

The house is a 4 bedroomed 'town-house', on three floors. With plenty of space, excellent fittings (including a fully fitted kitchen), and three bathrooms.

We just have some financial shenanigans to complete now, and we should move in 5 weeks.

I have uploaded more photos , including a few of the nature reserve and of Abbey Fields.

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  1. Steve Carpenter

    Looks fantastic! Congratulations!

    16 May 2004, 11:24

  2. Wow! Contrats, look great, especially the location, very very nice.

    16 May 2004, 13:17

  3. Eddy Young

    Is this a new property? How are property prices around there? Otherwise, the house looks nice.

    18 May 2004, 12:56

  4. Robert O'Toole

    Too expensive! Terrifying price. £337,000. But it is fully fitted, and only a very short cycle ride from the University. I will pay a massive premium for the location and the lack of hassle.

    Prices vary a lot in Kenilworth, between £150,000 for a terrace near to thge centre to £400,000 for some 4 bed houses. Coventry is much cheaper.

    19 May 2004, 09:50

  5. Very nice! So your next project will be a spot of landscape gardening then?!

    21 May 2004, 12:21

  6. Robert O'Toole

    Are you offering to help out then?

    21 May 2004, 12:26

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