May 14, 2004

Note on 2 aspects of time

"These moments that are given are a gift from time".

The sense that the moment, as opposed to the event which is a different but complimentary aspect of time, is a stalling before irreversibility, before the event. These stallings are a key element of duration as Bergson described. What is the relationship of the two aspects?

Duration is essentially the 'continuation of what no longer exists into what does exist'. Ansell Pearson citing Bergson in Germinal Life, p. 34

The nature of that continuation is not as a deterministic sequence of states, but more like the debris of a previous condition the totality of which is lost in the transition and hence not traceable. The moment is determined by the past and the future, its relation to the event that disurpts it, by a qualitative loss, an untraceable and non-determinstic causation.

That Bergson's method of intuition claims to be ethical it is in its engagement with other durations as such stallings, indeterminacies facing irreversibility. But more, it is in opposition to the tracing of present states back to deterministic causal reifications. The state arrives through its loss, forgetting as Nietzsche claims, of the complex conditions out of which it emerged.

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  1. Steven Carpenter

    "Every old sock needs an old shoe"
    for some odd reason that verse resonates with me. Pure genius.

    14 May 2004, 21:24

  2. John Dale

    It disturbs me that you're ruining great songs for me by conflating them with philosophical ramblings. Please stop!

    15 May 2004, 18:41

  3. Steve Carpenter

    I can't help it- Rob's musings combined with Kate Bush take me to a higher state of consciousness. Or was that Josh Wink?...

    15 May 2004, 21:22

  4. Robert O'Toole

    I really can't help it. But yes, John, you are right, Bergson really is not worthy of being qouted in the same entry. I do mean that!

    Steve – i'm a bit worried about you achieving higher states of consciousness. And on a Saturday night too. Outrageous behaviour.

    16 May 2004, 09:08

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