February 10, 2008

More trivial uses of the blog video recorder

So far only one person has been brave enough to perform on Warwick Blogs…

This was recorded directly into the blog entry using the new blog video recorder and a web cam: now a standard feature of Warwick Blogs, thanks to the ingenious Mr Carpenter.

Internet Explorer users may need to click the video twice to play it.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Have you told him lions and tigers are only in Kenya?

    I suppose I better use abuse the new feature then…

    10 Feb 2008, 21:42

  2. Steven Carpenter

    Awww – that’s ace! Now I’m glad we built it :-)

    11 Feb 2008, 08:46

  3. Robert O'Toole

    Tigers in Kenya? Now you are confusing him. His mother is a teacher from Africa. She gets very annoyed when she finds story books that mix up african and indian animals.

    11 Feb 2008, 10:06

  4. Robert O'Toole

    This morning, on several occasions, I’ve used this Lawrence video as a way of getting staff interested in video blogging. It seems to be working!

    Note that I used the camera that is built into a Mac laptop. It seems to get the lighting right every time, with no additional fiddling. Whereas the Logitech web cam was more tricky.

    11 Feb 2008, 10:08

  5. Robert O'Toole

    Should I really be using my son to prove a point? There is a worrying precedent.

    11 Feb 2008, 10:11

  6. Lions and tigers rock!

    11 Feb 2008, 11:54

  7. Tigers in Kenya?

    Ici – but it’s not really suitable material for Lawrence at his age.

    11 Feb 2008, 12:51

  8. Robert O'Toole


    11 Feb 2008, 14:06

  9. nico

    That is splendiferous!

    11 Feb 2008, 15:06

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