August 12, 2004

Mark Radcliffe, Kate Bush obsessive

Writing about web page

You see, i'm not the only one! Radio 2 DJ Mark Radcliffe has undertaken a campaign for Kate to appear in public on his show. That may seem about as likely as Lord Lucan reappearing, but as I can personally testify, he can often be seen playing roulette at the Grand Palms Casino in Gaborone. So it must be possible.

Mark has created a 'bushometer' recording recent sitings and evidence for the existence of this mythical beast. Several explanations for her prolonged absence have been raised, including the fact that she is in hiding due to the policies of her father George W. You can vote on some of these theories at the above web page.

Also – i've never listened to Radio 2 before. Am i getting old?

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  1. Paul Strapps

    I listen to Radio 2 all the time (except the evenings when there's nothing but awful Jazz!!) especially the Jeremy Vine Show 12–2pm, Monday – Friday.

    I'm not old… I!! (actually don't comment on that please!!)

    12 Aug 2004, 10:23

  2. Robert O'Toole

    Kieran, could you please create a privacy system that controls access to entries based upon age.

    12 Aug 2004, 11:20

  3. Radio 2 – that's not scary enough. A couple of months ago I was scanning through the radio channels, and picked the channel with the music I liked most on – then when the channel name check came on I discovered it was Saga! Aaargh. Even after all this time the memory still makes a chill run down my spine. I now keep the radio constantly tuned to Kerrang, just to be on the safe side.

    13 Aug 2004, 12:06

  4. Vicky Theay

    I love Kerrang, when I was younger (younger? shudder) I used to get Kerrang magazine every week until it was eventually hoodwinked by teenagers and became poor person's Smash Hits. Yes, I like Kerrang Radio but have a sneaky and slightly worrying suspicion that this just may be a subconscious attempt by my ego to delay the onset of mid-thirtiesdom.
    Radio two is ok, but I think if I hear Sarah Kennedy say: 'The arms of Morpheous' or 'colleagwee' one more time, I'll fall on the floor in a big heap and scream!

    13 Aug 2004, 19:51

  5. BushBaby

    God I wish he'd hurry up and get her on – I can't sleep until Janice Long just in case I miss any reference to the great one!

    Sarah Kennedy – colleagwee – I love it!! Did you hear it when she was talking about a great new band from Scotland that were doing really well – The Coral. lol!!

    31 Aug 2004, 10:30

  6. Robert O'Toole

    I wish I could stay up that late. I have to listen to it on the net during the week when i get the chance.

    This is a handy site for keeping track of her non-appearances: link

    31 Aug 2004, 19:28

  7. Bush Baby


    You're a young chap surely? You can stay up late – go on – have fun!
    The site you mention for Kates non-appearances (!), is by far the best one I've come across.
    Keep the Kate spirit alive
    BB x

    01 Sep 2004, 16:28

  8. Robert O'Toole

    Someone emailed me anonymously to say that "Have you checked out the Kate site you mentioned? You're mentioned in the Kate/Warwick bit!!" – where am i mentioned??

    01 Sep 2004, 22:36

  9. Bush Baby

    In the Kate News bit, title: kate/Warwick (I think). Here, let me try this:

    Forgive me if you've already seen these. I enjoyed reading them :) – 20k – 31k

    Posts: 93
    (8/31/04 7:02 pm)
    New Post Re: Kate/Warwick Uni stuff Never seen it before.
    Thanks again

    Showing (a little devotion)
    Posts: 2343
    (9/1/04 11:27 am)
    New Post Re: Kate/Warwick Uni stuff Nice to see that Sean's site gets a mention!

    Does that help? Keep up the good work Bob. (Did you hear Radcliffe tonite? He's aware that he's let the Bushometer slip, then he spoke for a little while about how Gilmour discovered her.
    Keep the faith

    02 Sep 2004, 00:15

  10. Nite Stock

    Good site, but needs to be updated more!
    Is Kate bringing out a new album/touring ever again?

    02 Sep 2004, 11:12

  11. Nite Stock

    Hey Bob,

    Give us a comment!

    03 Sep 2004, 01:54

  12. Robert O'Toole

    Hi Nite Stock

    The new CD will be released next week. Only joking! We've been waiting a decade, so a little longer shouldn't hurt. I think it may be nearly complete, so watch this blog for news. As for touring, training the pigs to fly (as part of the extravagent finale to the show) is taking rather longer than expected.

    Rob (calling me Bob make me sound like Blackadder's girlfriend)

    03 Sep 2004, 07:41

  13. Nite Stock

    Bob it is then!
    Who else do you like?
    Did you check out the site?
    What's your fav. song?
    That'll do for now x

    03 Sep 2004, 23:24

  14. Blogger

    New Post Re: Mark Radcliffe Hey, this site mentioned on the Radcliffe message board (this could go on forever…)

    kate bush – helen 7th post – 31 Aug 2004 21:25
    i was just flcking through some web sites and i was on a kate bush site, and did you know that mark and this very forum was the topic of disscusion. some of the postings were actually copied and posted on to it, including one from you celeb,. they were very nice about our leader and would like her to come on to marks show as much as we would!! to add to it all they are all now listening, so listening figures will be up and everyones happy:-) [reply] [Complain about this post]

    re: kate bush – Celebrity Sheep 204th post – 31 Aug 2004 21:36
    Oh, no, that'd be the one where I said there was more chance of Shergar being on the show! All the Kate Bush fans will hate me :( [reply] [Complain about this post]

    re: kate bush – helen 8th post – 1 Sep 2004 21:47
    the very one, and no they didnt seem to hate you! [reply] [Complain about this post]

    re: kate bush – Corleone 1st post – 5 Sep 2004 19:03
    Some time ago (a very long time ago!) when Kate was making the last album, The Red Shoes, she was interviewed briefly by phone on Simon Mayo's morning show on Radio 1 (I think she was "goddess of the day" if I remember rightly!). So, if she knows that Mark would like to speak to her, I'm sure she'd do it, if she had time. The latest news is that her new album is very close to being finished – will be out this year (fingers crossed!), so maybe she's currently snowed under? (That and having a young son to look after)

    Anyway, here's hoping… [reply] [Complain about this post]

    08 Sep 2004, 14:27

  15. Bush Baby

    Rob, speak to your fans!

    12 Sep 2004, 00:42

  16. Robert O'Toole

    Oh no, I have a blog stalker!

    12 Sep 2004, 08:54

  17. Blog Stalker

    Hee! :)

    13 Sep 2004, 14:09

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