July 06, 2007

Build your own tagxonomy tool

...or “tagsonomy” as Jenny likes to call it. I am planning to create a Flash/Flex tool that will enable people to view and edit taxonomy files, and to use them in querying RSS data sources such as Warwick Blogs and Sitebuilder.

I’m gonna do this….

1) I’m building an RSS tag searching tool to replace the slighty rickety javascript tool that I am using for Renaissance Studies and some other departments.

2) The search tool can load its tagxonomy from an xml file stored on the web.

3) I’m going to add a feature that allows different tagxonomies to be loaded as required. If the xml files are stored in Sitebuilder and tagged as “tagxonomy” then the search tool could even auto-discover tagxonomies for the user to choose from.

4) A tagxonomy file could also be tagged with the unique identifier of a person, group or department (using the web groups codes for these), thus associating the file with the profile.

5) I could allow for the tagxonomy to be edited in the search tool (adding new tags or tag collections for example).

6) The tagxonomy could then be uploaded onto Sitebuilder, if the user has permissions, it could replace an existing tagxonomy, if not they can create their own new tagxonomy.

7) It will also be possible to select a series of tags from the tree, and have an string automatically generated from that. The string can be pasted into any content tagging application. Importantly, the string should include tags that identify the tagxonomy from which the tags where taken.

Best of all, i’ll try to build it as an Adobe AIR desktop application (not sure how Single Sign On will work with that).

I reckon that will take a few weeks to build (as I’m in the middle another big project).

This example will load the tags defined for the Renaissance Studies project:

The use cases that I have discovered so far all assume that the tool appears upon a web page with a pre-defined tagsonomy and a pre-defined source to be searched for matching documents. It would be easy to create a version that can be configured to search any resource that works with tags and keyword queries: Warwick Blogs, Sitebuilder, del.icio.us etc
Does that sound like fun?

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