July 04, 2006

Blogs in Learning Research Symposium – agenda first draft

On the afternoon of Friday July 21st we will be holding an informal symposium (for want of a better word) on the topic of 'blogs in learning, teaching and research'. With a couple of years of experience in building and running the world's largest single academic blogging community we have much of interest to say on the topic. I occasionally get requests from other institutions to open up our experiences to discussion. My personal interest in doing so is motivated by the belief that in explaining it to outsiders I improve my own understanding. For this session, we have groups from Manchester Metropolitan University and from Oxford Brookes. I will also advertise a few places to the rest of the University and the learning technology community. My first thoughts for an agenda are listed below. I will open this up to comment from the participants and others who may be interested.

A more final, but still draft agenda can be seen in the e-learning web site.


If you are already an invited participant, then please feel free to comment on whether this fits your interests, and if there is anything missing.

If you want to come to all or part of the session, then please contact me, we might have some spaces left.

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  1. Marcio

    great theme, great iniciative, great issues. In Brazil, the thinking about weblogs are yet in the begining. I have 2 weblogs (catatau.blogsome.com , and sensibilia.blogsome.com ), and tryed to put some academical activities on weblogs, but now, unfortunately, is not the apropriated time, in Brasil. Education goes very bad, and there´s no incentive to things like this

    04 Jul 2006, 18:08

  2. Nillan Fakira

    Hello Robert

    I'm looking forward to attending your session, with my fellow colleagues from Manchester Metropolitan University. We have a very small blog section as used by our International students, using blogs simply to record their experiences at MMU and Manchester in general. As part of my master's dissertation I am researching into introducing and using blogs at MMUBS as a reflective and blended means of learning as my primary goal but also extend the research into the competitive aspect of blogs in higher education. I must say I stumbled on this area (blogging) by chance as part of my research, and since then the interest in blogging from my colleagues has been phenomenal and the momentum to embrace blogging here at MMUBS is rising at an alarming pace. Your agenda for the day looks great, I am looking forward to your presentation on technology issues and staff experiences of using blogging in the educational environment.

    05 Jul 2006, 10:10

  3. Kieron

    Hi Robert I work with Nillan, my interests are how blogging fits into the normal management of IT within a university, I must say how impressed Iam with the stuff I have read about Warwick

    05 Jul 2006, 10:40

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