August 29, 2007

Adobe Flex in an afternoon – possible course

Follow-up to Cairngorm Flex Quickstart from Transversality - Robert O'Toole

Steve Carpenter and I have spent the last few months becoming expert in the new Adobe Flex web development tool. Flex is used to build rich internet applications that run in Flash 9 or the Adobe Internet Runtime. We would be happy to share our expertise with others at Warwick, and have already had some requests for a course on this topic. There are people who want to just find out about Flex as well as some who actually want to start building applications.

It’s possible. If we do it, then this would be the course material. I reckon (optimistically) that it could be covered in half a day….

1. What is Flex capable of?
   1.1 What is a Rich Internet Application
   1.2 Examples
       1.2.1 Databases (and Hibernate)
       1.2.2 XML and RSS
       1.2.3 Charting
       1.2.4 Video and audio
       1.2.5 The Adobe Internet Runtime

2. The development process
   2.1 Introduction to Eclipse and FlexBuilder
   2.2 Debugging and inspecting
  2.3 The Cairngorm framework

3. Designing an application as a set of user interface views
   3.1 Creating a view as a custom component
   3.2 Indexing views in a ViewStack (and other navigation controls)
   3.3 Using Flex components to build user interface views
       3.3.1 Using containers to control layout (canvas, vbox, hbox, panel)
       3.3.2 Using Flex interface controls (label, text, textarea, button, datagrid, list, tree)
       3.3.3 Binding controls to data

4. Encapsulating data as models and value objects
   4.1 Creating custom classes
   4.2 Using the AppModelLocator
   4.3 Binding view controls to data in the AppModelLocator

5. Making things happen
   5.1 Creating event handlers in ActionScript within views
   5.2 Creating custom events to call actions and to carry data
   5.3 Creating command classes to process events and to update data and views
   5.4 Mapping events to classes in AppController

6. Connecting with external data services
   6.1 Loading xml and other data using HTTPService
   6.2 Coping with security sand box restrictions
   6.3 Creating and using an asynchronous service delegate
   6.4 Accessing and using the results of a service delegate

7. Publishing your Flex application using SWFObject


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  1. Steve Ranford

    Would be useful. Put me down as interested!

    06 Sep 2007, 11:56

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