November 13, 2004


…the unhistorical vapour that has nothing to do with the eternal, the becoming without which nothing would come about in history but that does not merge with history? WiP? p. 112

The actual is the trajectory through chaos, the virtual, and out again. Not present as a loci, and lost in the determination of the loci. The intensive cartography, rising and falling.

…distinuished from every present: the Intensive or Untimely, not an instant but a becoming. Again, is this not what Foucault called the Actual? ...The Actual is not what we are but, rather, what we become, what we are in the process of becoming - that is to say, the Other, our becoming-other. WiP p.112

Present being the loci. The actual is always already somewhere else.

An actual pathway (becoming) is a form. In virtuality all possible (in relation to the past) forms are considered. A form is as much its relation/consideration of other forms, of incompossible and compossible.

Eq. Nietzsche: inactual, untimely, – What is Philosophy? p 111–112

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  1. Chris May

    A pedant writes….

    You can't have a loci. Loci is the plural of Locus. Either you have a locus or some loci.

    Which leads one to the interesting question: When you say 'present being the loci' are you talking about the present being a set of loci ( each instantaneous 'present' is a locus in the phase-space of possibilities )

    Or do you mean the present being a single locus (in which case I don't understand you, but that's hardly likely to be your fault).

    15 Dec 2004, 15:28

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