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March 25, 2008

The best toy ever

Pop-gun: wooden tube, plunger with handle, string, cork. Hours of fun. Discovered at the Commandery Museum in Worcester.


Flex 3.0 + Spring JDBC + BlazeDS = awesome

Follow-up to Using BlazeDS to invoke server side Java classes from client side Flex Flash applications from Transversality - Robert O'Toole

And for my next trick: accessing the last row in a 10,000 row SQL Server database table, in an instant, from within a Flex 3.0 application via BlazeDS and the Spring JDBC abstraction mechanism. I am quite amazed.

I am investigating the possibility of moving the query layer of a web application off the SQL Server that hosts the data (so as to allow me to more easily move the database to another platform). Last week I mastered BlazeDS for Java remoting. That was easy. So I decided to add Spring to the mix, following this excellent article from Adobe Labs. I’ve never used Spring before, but understand how it simplifies such applications.

It didn’t take long to understand the example from Adobe, and adapt it to query the SQLServer database that I have used.

And when I pressed the ‘query’ button on my Flex app, I was astonished. 10,000 rows appeared immediately as an ArrayCollection. Whereas my Flex/JSON/Java app would request 100 rows at a time, with a new query each time the datagrid page was changed, I can now load every single record and immediately work with it in the browser.

Next trick? Hibernate.