All entries for Tuesday 14 September 2004

September 14, 2004

ALT–C 2004 boat trip

Follow-up to E–learning Advisor covered in whipped cream, ALT–C 2004, Day 1 from Transversality - Robert O'Toole

This evening we went on the ALT-C boat trip with about 100 other delegates on a boat on the River Exe. It was sunny when we embarked.

And then it rapidly got cold and wet.

After wine and some nice food Rhonda Riachi, Director of ALT, persuaded me to dance with her on the boat's dance floor to some rather funky 70's disco music. She really is a seriously good dancer. I did my best, but probably looked rather sad. However, this clearly gave the impression that it was OK for anyone to join in, and soon the dance floor was full. Chris C, Steve B and Mark Childs joined the fun. At one point the boat started to rock alarmingly. The cream of UK learning technologists could have been wiped out in a maritime disaster. And no one would have noticed!

E–learning Advisor covered in whipped cream, ALT–C 2004, Day 1

Follow-up to Great curry blogged – ALT–C 2004, Day 0 from Transversality - Robert O'Toole

Don't get the wrong idea! It was the result of a feeding frenzy during a break in the ALT conference. Several of these large trays full of utterly delicious cakes were laid out for our enjoyment. We attacked them imediately, eating 3/4 of a tray between us. In the ensuing feast Chris managed to cover my shoulder with whipped cream.

The chocolate and orange cakes were particularly fine.

Great curry blogged – ALT–C 2004, Day 0

Today the elab E-learning Team drove down to Exeter University for the annual Association for Learning Technology conference. After wandering around the town for a while we found an acceptable pub.

Following an incident, the details of which for now will remain unreported (shock all round), we rapidly fled to a nearby Indian restraunt for what can only be described as a great curry.

Finally, we walked in entirely the wrong direction for 30 minutes before finding a taxi to take us back to the halls of residence.